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Golden Hit: Halloween Special 🎃👻 Congrats to Augmented!🩸🩸


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39 minutes ago, Augmented said:


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The irony of this song in particular saving my soul as well :dies:I just want to say it genuinely means so much to me that you all enjoyed it. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own self criticism so it’s so nice to get an outside perspective of what I write and for people to actual like it always means the world :chick3:

Thank you thank you amazing Judges for the lovely reviews and taking the time to read everything and score @Hug @Euterpe @Element @Legend E:heart::heart:
Thank you as well to @fountain for not only hosting but participating with 2 songs as well! Congrats on the second place too omg :hug:(I’d love to read them if u get a chance to post them here or in a dm!)

It’s very well deserved, you’re a brilliant writer so I couldn’t be happier to see you take this :clap3: Here’s to more wins in the future for you too! :razzle:


I definitely had fun playing, didn’t even expect #2 tbh so it was a very pleasant surprise! I want to play properly in a future season but this was a really nice one off for the time being :heart:


I’ll post my songs in a moment. I’d love to read yours too! I have access to the submissions but decided not to actually read them since I was also participating, but now that it’s over if it’s fine with you I’d love to. I’ve been very intrigued reading what you’ve said about it, and by your reviews :jonny4:

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Killer Bees of the Zombie Strain; “Confetti”

My intention with this first song was to have some fun with it and get creative with the theme. The concept behind the song overall is a Halloween night gone wrong; for whatever reason, things begin shifting into more sinister versions of themselves, eg. confetti into killer bees. 

It’s supposed to be more of a fantastical approach to the Halloween theme.



Flowers never looked so pretty, until the petals talked

But I thanked you either way, as they kept with their devil’s chant

And you asked me if I could explain it, while we both walked

So I turned to you and smiled, but of course I said: I can’t

And we ponder over how it might have started, even when

Because things have become strange, neither with suggestions then

As we look around thankfully we see it’s not only us

When a mean girl just got up after she was hit by a bus

And to think about it, we have no idea where we’re headed

But it seems others are coming too, so onwards, unregretted

I just hope wherever it is, that we get there in one piece

Because the world is going crazy, and we see it in these streets


We walk, and walk, and notice that the moon is really cheese

And a guy that dressed up as a rat is crying on his knees

Wishing he could build a rocket that could take him to that heaven

When a woman, now an astronaut, offers her helmet to him

Our steps become unstable, as tyrannosaurs run by

But we’re helped out by some fairies, who are now able to fly

And they ask us: “where you headed?”, and with no answer we shrug

So they drop us, and we fall, but are saved by ladybugs

I guess now we know at least, that not everyone is so nice

Which becomes more clear seeing all the killers clutching knives

But if I’m honest, with you here, somehow I still feel safe

That is the power of someone you love, and being in their space


My hands are getting cold and clouds are forming up above

But a dragon flies by spewing fire, warming both us up

And if it hadn’t then perhaps I would’ve took it as my chance

To get a little closer to you, to make my anxious advance 

In the ground I notice mole hills, where a creature’s made its home

Until I look further and see the zombies waking up to roam 

And with seconds to spare before either of us ends up caught

A witch appears offering us something that cannot be bought

A wish granted, but would we not be fools to trust her mischief?

Or do we have no other option, we can’t take chances on the street

So I look to you ready to talk it out, see what you think

But I can already hear your thoughts, you just smile and wink 


And in an instant, like all else, we have shifted throughout space

Ending up somewhere else different, to us an unknown place

But we look around the room and at least we are not alone

Greeted then by a voice with no source, “congrats, you’ve made it home”

So the monster and the slutty bunny next to me both cry

And I feel what they feel too, so I understand why

There’s a sense to this that’s sinister, the unknown never good

Panicking about what might happen, knowing anything could 

But the lights, the music, the ambiance of a party starts

Slightly calming down the nerves, by dismantling the parts 

And I see it; a great balloon, filled inside with something gold

And when it bursts confetti falls, but it’s killer bees we behold 


So we run, and run, and by the slightest chance we make it out

Though not far enough to silence how the people scream and shout

Partygoers, beautiful confetti, murder in my mind

The unthinkable all around us, no solace we can find

But at least we are together, better that than be apart

And be thankful - despite how loud - for the beating of our hearts

Shaking both skeletal frames that we still find ourselves around

Holding on to one another, unspoken musings abound

Not a need for speech now, only touch, for some things can’t be said

Like the motion of your hand raising up, caressing my head

And I remember: oh no, I remember, what I dressed up as

And the moment earlier, what left your plate and met your mouth

Which I lean into, a descent, and an ending if by fate

And it’s all because of the hostile garlic that you ate

Me as Dracula, oh somehow the most poetic of sights

And my god, how beautiful, the last thing that I do; kiss you




Streetlight Trypophobia 

My intention with this second song was to show a more personal, somber side, looking at the specific thoughts and feelings that I myself had this Halloween and where I was at in life while writing the song. It’s a time capsule song in that way, and this was my Halloween 2022. It’s supposed to be a more literal and emotional interpretation of the theme. 

I would read it more as a spoken word rather than a melodic piece. 


It’s a little scary

When your boyfriend is playing Grand Theft Auto

And the helicopter swoops down

When you’ve been getting so motion sick lately

And the city is cloaked in familiar night

Like it could be real life,

But the streetlights look odd

Because looking from above,

You see it all as circles

Yellowed, too many to count

And the spots that they miss

Trigger something trypophobic

Something uncanny, something sickly

Specks of light, specks of darkness

Why can’t it all just be the same?

What about those missing spaces?

I feel like I am in one

And it’s a little scary

When you’re lying there in bed

With the Christmas sheets on

And the candles lit, with some oil in the dish

But you can’t smell it

The lights are set orange

Instructed by remote or by phone

The options there, but I always go for phone

Because there’s more control

And I feel like I need that

There, next to him

My leg on his

Not knowing what could be coming next, 

But wanting to

Because I’ve been feeling so anxious of the future

Everything we have to work out

Everything I have to work on

To not be a no-one

Trying to do more than just existing

Trying to create

And it’s a little scary

To know that it might not happen

Thinking I won’t achieve anything

As it’s been years

The one thing I would wish to not stay the same

But know could

And it’s a little scary

Being in a world like ours

Being yourself

Or at least just trying to be

As authentically,

-But also as cautiously-

As you can 

And it’s a little scary

When your old cat is getting frail

And she’s lost so much weight

Which is making her weak

And she’s struggling to walk

And she’s struggling to breathe

And there’s nothing you can do about it

But kiss her little head

Because when you start the song she’ll be there

But when the song is done, she’ll be gone

And how could you know that?

And it’s a little scary

No, actually, it is very scary

When you notice old feelings sinking in

And it’s getting cold

And darker outside

And the trees are losing their leaves

And maybe you’re next

So, it’s all a little scary

And yes, I’m scared 

But a reminder: things are fine

You’re here, and safe

And you’re utterly fine

Even if Halloween is coming

It can’t hurt you, it won’t hurt you

Like a game on a screen

It’s streetlight trypophobia

And something will always be coming

But there’s the chance that it could be good

You can’t afford to worry now,

Because you can’t afford to do much

But it’s not the end of the world

No, he’s still flying that helicopter

And the lights are getting a little less unnerving

And maybe our future will, too
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6 minutes ago, Speezy said:

Gworl that was it ? No round 2 :gaycat6:

Nooo this was just a one round special for Halloween :razzle:

But I believe we will be back next month with a similar special for the Holidays, and then Season 3 will start early 2023 (like, very early!) :heart:

I’ll definitely tag you when we’re back!

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2 hours ago, fountain said:


@XO_Life with “Forget-Me-Not”,

scoring 7.5


Your soul has been used by @Euterpe as offering to instigate a new war. This war will be prolonged, lasting decades, and each loss on the battlefield earns you a new foe in hell. 

So I am not even going to hell? :biblio:


Thanks to the judges :heart2:


@argumented congratulations! :heart:

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11 minutes ago, XO_Life said:

So I am not even going to hell? :biblio:


Thanks to the judges :heart2:


@argumented congratulations! :heart:

You will join the rest of us in hell once the war has ended, where you’ll then be confronted by all the fallen soldiers that have forsaken your name :razzle:

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oop i forgot about results :skull: but it looks like everyone else did too :foxaylove2:


im very happy with my placement! for a song in which i wasn’t solely focusing on lyrics, i think #4 is pretty great. also congrats to @Augmented! i’m happy to see you back at #1. and of course thanks to the host and judges, you all did a fantastic job! 

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24 minutes ago, Jackson said:

oop i forgot about results :skull: but it looks like everyone else did too :foxaylove2:


im very happy with my placement! for a song in which i wasn’t solely focusing on lyrics, i think #4 is pretty great. also congrats to @Augmented! i’m happy to see you back at #1. and of course thanks to the host and judges, you all did a fantastic job! 

It was actually kind of refreshing tbh, when I saw nobody else was online I felt like I didn’t need to feel any pressure :laugh:


Thank you for joining legend :heart:

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