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Which 'Midnights' vinyl edition looks the best?


'Midnights' vinyl editions…  

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  1. 1. Which one looks the best aesthetically?

    • Moonstone Blue Edition
    • Mahogany Edition
    • Jade Green Edition
    • Blood Moon Edition

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Top to bottom:

Moonstone Blue Edition

Mahogany Edition

Jade Green Edition

Blood Moon Edition


From the front cover to the disc color to the back cover, which vinyl edition of 'Midnight' do you think looks the best?



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Much like the men in hip hop, every single last one’um **** boys. When the clock strikes twelve it is OVER for your faves. 




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In terms of the overall package, definitely moonstone blue / the OG. The real cover is easily, clearly the best, and I love how the blue highlights on the back cover tie into the rest of the packaging and the vinyl itself. 


However… just looking at the literal vinyl, I picked green, my favorite color :-*

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2 hours ago, Shendelzare said:

OG > Jade > Blood > Mahogany

love how we all agree on this :gaycat6:


think target exclusive would place 2nd or 3rd



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