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Polgg48/Mhutto6214 albums archived w/ blurb (27/1/2023 week)


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posting random 10 albums of the week i both recommend and not recommend at the same time.

https://rateyourmusic.com/~Mhutto6214 and https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/polgg48/ for live update


3/2/2023 week


the not-so-much calm after storm of releases last week, it's shania twain and raye time along with other neckbeard losers


Evita Manji - Spandrel?


Evita Manji - Spandrel?


another sophie demo toolkit leftover for this atmospheric depressive art pop, overwhelming demo production over vocal processing and laying mixes that sound pretty rough and ambiguous. listen for visual and ambition than contents itself.

fav: Pitch Black, XYZ / Labyrinth, Closer to Midnight       


파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Magic


파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Magic


current talk of the town album with incredible catalog to back up for renown korean shoegaze dream pop. the production visibility clearly shows impressive structures which hard to replicate, not much to dive deep into low effort visual and monotone pacing.

fav: We Shine at Night, Polaris, Blossom 


Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy


Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy


potential album of the album of hipsters sheepies. the blend usage of art pop, experimental, neo-soul and indietronica, as always, is spectacular and out with explosive visuals. sonically tense to produce as otherworldly abstract as much without quality boundaries that continue existing throughout their career.

fav: geronimo, i saw, be your lady


The Go! Team - Get Up Sequences Part Two


The Go! Team - Get Up Sequences Part Two


upbeat gym ready indietronica noise indie pop funky theme unlike much mellow version on their part one. the maximalism sound probably too much for whom not familiar with them while better cohesiveness and enlighten sunshine visual following assigned.

fav: The Me Frequency, Whammy, Train Song






for once, he's showing his age (35) for more genuine contents than regular pop punk with career's retrospective and his relationship. though most tracks are staying trashes by autopilot overdone formula, this is more about transitioning to his brighter future.

fav:  single mothers, shelter, avril's song


Carol Biazin - REVERSA


Carol Biazin - REVERSA


follow up project by brazilian pop chanteuse that serves non-traditional funk element as other brazil acts. for some reasons, tacky image and pretentious demeanor significantly drag down non-flavor music to question whether she takes her career serious or not at all.







coincidence not with dave rowntree earlier week then former blur bandmate graham coxon woah on his new side project with the pipettes's rose elinor dougall. their chemistry here isnt work well, desyncing dynamic progression on this art rock feel forced to be too complex over most coxon efforts, great songwriting but underwhelming result what could this achieve.

fav: Someone Up There, Undine, Can I Call You  


jonatan leandoer96 - Sugar World


jonatan leandoer96 - Sugar World


rapper yung lean reverse alter ego act on traditional pop rock mostly just him and piano. once again, his vocal got charm attractive that relatable on rap beat or over this glam influence like cheering your friend singing off-key on karaoke bars. moods

fav: Blue Light, Nightmare Amusement Park  


Sunny War - Anarchist Gospel


Sunny War - Anarchist Gospel


risky idea when artist relentless thought about exploring more genres and alienate old sound. her new album attempting blue rock with psychedelic soul sort of camp fire beer and wing about that genre, it's pretty loose collection whether track still sound folk or loud mixing on those upbeat ones. inconsistent record and lack of oomph soul spark to make this standout.

fav: shelter and storm, hopeless, whole 


The Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM - Act II


The Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM - Act II


most complain about act i was it being too robotic and merely existed with mediocre lyrics, for act ii, billy's vocal improves emotional wise and good control pacing, the new issue is how inconsistent the album production is, shaky weird choice of structures, errie non-sensibleness melodies that sound not pleasure and questionable. not looking good but act iii in april might change opinions.

fav: To The Grays, Night Waves, Beguiled





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Three Days Grace album is really good <3 

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im listening to Smple Plan now i didnt even know they had new music

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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

6 May 2022





f.e.a.r. (**** Everything And Run) - Stand Atlantic

pop punk not pure but legit album bang so hard, one of reason MGK retire back to rap

fav: switchblade, doomsday, don't talk [to me], cabin fever 




Suki Waterhouse - I Can't Let Go


Lana clone wannabe but more talents than ha

fav: Melrose Meltdown, On Your Thumb, Blessed



Simple Plan - Harder Than It Looks


back on nostalgia mode with decent music again, bunch of fillers but singles are fine.

fav: Ruin My Life, The Antidote, Congratulations





Ibeyi - Spell 31


UK chloeXhalle with alt r&b varieties, harmony on points and serve more interesting music.

fav: Sister 2 Sister, Creature (Perfect), Tears Are Our Medicine




Desire - Escape


sensual 80's dance ala eurythmics, ignore her monotone vocal and its good.

fav: Telling Me Lies, Liquid Dreams, Escape




Belle and Sebastian - A Bit of Previous


upbeat record this time around but irritating to listen, everyone grows old so do them. 

fav: Prophets on Hold, Sea of Sorrow, Unnecessary Drama




Three Days Grace - Explosions


exactly what you think TDG new album going to be, title track serve jimmy neutron realness

fav: I Am The Weapon, A Scar Is Born, Explosions




Emeli Sandé - Let’s Say For Instance


worst case scenario 4th album when her first three are mile league above. My Pleasure bop hard by the way

fav: My Pleasure, Ready To Love, Brighter Days




Halestorm - Back From The Dead


nothing new nothing change, another album from halestorm

fav: Bombshell, Psycho Crazy, Back from The Dead





Midland The Last Resort: Greetings From


surprisingly above average barred their usual cringe/lame lyrics, smooth to go through

fav: Take Her Off Your Hands, If I Lived Here, Longneck Way To Go, Bury Me In Blue Jeans





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I heard some Tank and the Bangas songs but it didn't really grab me. They seem interesting though.

Maybe that Emeli album has a few good songs...

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On 5/22/2022 at 7:29 AM, potent said:

I heard some Tank and the Bangas songs but it didn't really grab me. They seem interesting though.

Maybe that Emeli album has a few good songs...

definitely not easy for non-urban listeners, you could listen to "Big" in album and thats all the album is about. otherwise, as for emeli, im a fan of "real life" but a lot of peeps in music section album there love it so much.




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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

13th May 2022




The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention

they all said best radiohead side project, yes indeed. thom and johnny go back to pablo honey/the bends era

Fav: Pana-vision, Open the Floodgates, Waving a White Flag




Tank and the Bangas - Red Balloon

Hardcore Urbanism, award bait album and not for daily basis but fun for exercise at local park/gym.

fav: Why Try, Oak Tree, Big (feat. Big Freedia), Heavy




Leikeli47 - Shape Up

I heard Azealia Bank, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Doechii, Bree Runway influences but who are you girl?

fav: Zoom, Done Right, Jay Walk




Misery Index - Complete Control

sweating like waterfall even i stand still waiting at bus stop, crazy drumline

fav: Necessary Suffering, Infiltrators, Administer the Dagger




State Champs - Kings Of The New Age

they are pretty cocky from interview but why not? they are good and sum41 is a fad

fav: Outta My Head, Act Like That, Some Minds Don’t Change




Bear's Den - Blue Hours

adult contemporary pop, not cringey, not aware that they are boring but "On Your Side" floor me

fav: On Your Side, Shadows, Title Track




Moon Tooth - Phototroph

melodic hard rock, guitar riffs here are insane even lead vocal is michael bolton impersonator

fav: I Revere, Grip on the Ridge, Carry Me Home




Luke Steele - Listen To The Water

"Empire of the Sun" lead vocal goes solo, imagine you got stripped down "We Are The People" for 14 tracks straight.

fav: My Boy, Dark World, Get Out Now




Giant Walker - All In Good Time

Beginner guide for metal with thin non-screamo female vocal, choice and a half but production is not all bad

fav: Katoomba, Left to Wreck, Past the Peak




Kevin Morby - This Is A Photograph

another storyline album this week apart from kendrick and ethel cain, i dont care any of that his vocal does thing to me :gaycat4:

fav: Stop Before I Cry, Bittersweet, TN, A Coat of Butterflies


kevin pic for example




:clownny: my taste sometimes...






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(20th May week)


On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

posting random 10 albums of the week i both recommend and not recommend at the same time.

for singles, i dont care i listen to generic pop girls/boys and cheesy tastes. 




Everything Everything - Raw Data Feel


robotic autopiloting album up until mid slowdown and turned into solid indie pop second half, not disappointing

fav: Leviathan, My Computer, Software Greatman




Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak


yeehaw dude flexes his solo songwriting on 2hrs journey over romantic theme and he cheated her at the end, bold.

fav: Tishomingo, Sun to Me, Someday (Maggie's), '68 Flashback, Billy Stay




Charlie Hickey - Nervous At Night


vanila AC pop boy, rather boring instrumental choices and mid lyrics, his vocal is lovely and should be in band or duo next.

fav: Gold Line, Month Of September, title track




Train - AM Gold


nope, not total garbage, pat monahan back on the road with few decent songs here and there if you tolerate his vocal.

fav:  Running Back (Trying to Talk to You), Ain't No Easy Way, Easy On The Eyes





Boldy James & Real Bad Man - Killing Nothing


third release from Griselda record this year and outright the worst one (Benny, Conway). pretty chills and punches

fav: Cash Transactions, Bo Jack (Miller Light), Hundred Ninety Bands




Tess Parks - And Those Who Were Seen Dancing


indie poprocker goes express her experience over non-themed album, queue this next to lykke li and you will find a god

fav: Suzy & Sally's Eternal Return, DO YOU PRAY?, Saint Michael




Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky


grumpy mature aunty spill bars on rather slow post punk music, wait till she repeat lines and make you gagged

fav: Jealousy, Rotten, The Rip




Amaii - I've Seen Better Days



fav: Supermarket california roll, Sirens, hey! cool bike 




Static Dress - Rouge Carpet Disaster


ignore those crappy mixing and you got decent metalcore album in a while, seriously rent new studio please

fav: ...Maybe!!?, Di-sinTer, Fleahouse




Rojuu - Starina


guests from skylar gray, rosalia, t.a.t.u., spanish digicore rap goes overproduction mess while slow down toward end

fav: Luna De Diseño, Rae raVe, Sol oCulto







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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

27th May week




Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos


it is what it is, just drowning in mediocre sea never soar above ever, second half picks the pace though.

fav: Kick, Lifeless, Open Your Eyes




Madison Rose - TECHNICOLOR


upgrade version of "Pink Noise- Laura Mvula" yet exhausting towards the end with same structure/BPM all tracks

fav: Holographic, Dancin' till We Die, Lost My Mind (To The DJ)




Decapitated - Cancer Culture


very cute and cohesive, pretty much generic mainstream death metal as you can get but they ticked all boxes

fav: Hello Death, Iconoclast, Suicidal Space Programme





Wilco - Cruel Country


reductive and laughing stock attempt on big thief acclaim and result as messy alt-country album, sad actually.

fav: Ambulance, Bird Without a Tail / Base of My Skull, A Lifetime to Find, Hearts Hard to Find




Just Mustard - Heart Under


her vocal makes this record above the rest from being generic shoegaze album, impressive and one noted

fav: all the tracks sound the same so...




Dehd - Blue Skies


just so bad, high school level of indie rock where edgy and visuals matter the most, nostalgia guys yall know?

fav: Clear, Empty in My Mind, Window




HAAi - Baby, We're Ascending


aussie chick pull the hell up on her ambient vocal trance project, annoying dialogue but i sobbed on midway till the end.

fav:  I've Been Thinking A Lot Lately, Purple Jelly Disc, Tardigrade




Liam Gallagher - C'MON YOU KNOW


another contender for worst album of the year, no words.

fav: Better Days, Everything's Electric




Jeshi - Universal Credit


vibing with non-drill UK hip hop well its existing in 2022, solid rhyming/lofi pretentious beat, the lad can go mainstream next.

fav: Killing Me Slowly, Hit By a Train, Generation




WhoMadeWho - UUUU


indietronica band back with slice of melodic techno, giving fall/winter album feel and strong chill wind along cup of coffee

fav: Silence & Secrets, Everyday, Summer (nope not at all no)




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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

3rd june

On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:



No Pressure - No Pressure


The Story So Far side project, purest pop punk no ballad/slow while not too crazy like Otoboke Beaver, feeling chore at the end

fav: Too Far, One Way Trip, Stuck Here




Vory - Lost Souls


work better as EP instead of fillers from track 10 onwards, kanye prestige got himself few generic beats on generic outcome.

fav: I.J.S, Do Not Disturb, Chanel Fix




Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Dear Scott


the main is tolerate pop rock singer/songwriter with middle snooze, the live side is clearly lively and shine his talents.

fav only on main, old song on live: Freedom, The Ten, American Kid




Astronoid - Radiant Bloom


as album title said, brighten your day with this post-metal album to lighten your mood. disappointing last few tracks.

fav: Eyes, Orchid, Admin    




Adrian Quesada - Boleros Psicodélicos


summer traditional latin canción melódica album, all you need is mojito and bench and not for busy hours

fav: Ídolo, El León, Esclavo Y Amo




Bleed From Within - Shrine


back again and never disappoint, love industrial mixing on this melodic metalcore project, start mid til superior second half

fav: Sovereign, Stand Down, Temple of Lunacy




Horsegirl - Versions of Modern Performance


questionable interludes but sisters go all rock out on this slacker lofi vibes, im liking her vocal lazy but soothing, not bad.

fav: Option 8, Anti-glory, Beautiful Song




Lettuce - Unify


quality funky jazz album, all instrument play equal epic part except line "we can change the world if we change ourselves"... ok bro

fav: RVA Dance, Get It Together, The Lock




Fantastic Negrito - White Jesus Black Problems


so much spicy on this root rock, gary clark Jr/jon batiste found shaking and cry in basement. instrumental on point.

fav:  Man with No Name, Trudoo, Highest Bidder




Thornhill - Heroine


his vocal is so sexy very sensual, baby matt bellamy/muse with great good genes. fillers are bland but nice singles.

fav: Casanova, Hollywood, Blue Velvet 


lets see how they look im curious




black smokey eyes for points and masc only, sure thing :gaycat6:




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check out superache by conan gray next friday :cm:

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6 hours ago, Insanity said:

check out superache by conan gray next friday :cm:

Probably first album on my demand too :siptea: but I’ll comment on his thread there, beyond intriguing 

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3 minutes ago, Polgg48 said:

Probably first album on my demand too :siptea: but I’ll comment on his thread there, beyond intriguing 

Wish it was more like telepath/ overdrive 


I hear its mostly slow burns which I don't mind but I like a few bops

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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:


10th June 2022




kreator - hate Uber alles

classic thrash metal with lack of creativity. Ignore that, it’s banger after bangers for cardio session.

fav: conquer and destroy, pride comes before the fall, killer of Jesus




Joyce Manor - 40 Oz. To fresco


Short little geeky punk, let me guess they are California band too. Straight back to school drama.

fav: reason to believe, gotta let it go




janky star - grace ives


Basic addictive synth pop, cute and beyond, atrl should pay attention to this project

fav: isn’t it lovely, on the ground, angel of business




I told bessie - e l u c i d


I consider as sequel to billy woods “aethiopes” in more upbeat while bars aren’t too busy here

fav: sardonyx, ghoulie, jumanji 



sinead o brien - time bend and break the bower


Best non-children lullaby in utopia, rock infused spoken words, take intelligent to not understand 

fav: GIRLKIND, holy country, spare for my side, me




µ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride

Inconsistent but it’s breakbeat/icm so just how it is. Based rpg game ost.

fav: brown chaos, shulem’s theme, unless



shearwater - the great awakening 


Not on “rooks” level, not sure why empty orchestra there, quite inconsistent if I be honest

fav: no reason, Aqaba, detritivore




IANAI - Sunir

Finnish folk with tribal influences, not totally love but grand quality efforts

fav: Samovela, O’zana, anaia 




neneh cherry - the versions

above average revemp, all guests ain’t ruin original inc. sia who not bad here

fav: woman, kisses on the wind, sassy




vance joy - in our own sweet time

again, slow/mid are great while few upbeat sound dad rock. Better than George Ezra this week.

fav: way that’s I’m going, daylight, solid ground





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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

17th June 2022




Tim Bernardes - Mil Coisas Invisíveis


stunning brazilian chamber pop, so fluffy and beautiful, perfect for dating. yet feel like one long song.

fav: MEUS 26, ESSE AR, A Balada de Tim Bernardes





Bartees Strange - Farm to Table


love the usage of unorthodox melodies and dynamic throughout the album, indie pop rock with bit of r&b i stan

fav: Hold The Line, Mulholland Dr., Wretched




Hercules & Love Affair - In Amber

zErO boP WaShEd uP!!! not quite that though, elegant christian concept and tension buildup. Underrated.

fav: you’ve won the war, gate of separation, poisonous storytelling



nova twins - supernova


Cheeky lyrics to make up non bridge or instrument solo on this industrial rap rock. They should do full punk next.

fav: cleopatra, puzzles, toolbox




Yaya bey - remember your north star

cozy alicia keys vibe r&b that remind me of noname album instead. nothing outstanding to me though.

fav: keisha, meet me in Brooklyn, blessings 



logic - vinyl days

Fake voicemails and featuring saved album from his fake retire/creative bankruptcy. one of better “mixtape”

fav: Tetris, clouds, kickstyle, orville, carnival




white ward - false light 

Sax+piano solo on wowzer blackgaze album. Lack of variation/one-noted but storytelling and atmospheric are incredible.

Fav: leviathan, cronus 




ry x - blood moon


whether you feel his vocal or not, this minimal reverb still drags too long with too little contents. if you love his voice, get ready :jonny2:

fav: colorblind, crawl, come back




Kevin gates - Khaza 

once the kinks off (uncle rap, cringe bars, messy dated beat, gross autotune) it’s non-stop solid bangers from front to back. 

fav: from “bad for me” to “shoot my shot”, black clouds




example - we may grow old but we never grow up


self-awareness is cute, what will be next album title im curious. Questionable rap tracks all around and made only for his old fans

fav: internal affairs, DEEP, every single time



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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

24th June 2022




Lupe Fiasco - Drill Music In Zion


adding jazz on his usual sound does wonder to this fantastic project, godly beat mediocre bars from our vet rapper

fav: NAOMI, Title Track, AUTOBUTO




Hatis Noit - Aura


Like Acapella Björk, whole album represents tribal influrence and opera tone to captive your inner mind and clean your soul

fav: Inori, Thor, A Caso





Jack Johnson - Meet the Moonlight


i really hate this guy i still do but this album is absolute marvelous, nice melodies with self-reflective theme, amazing.

fav: 3AM Radio, I Tend to Digress, Any Wonder





CANDY - Heaven Is Here


while everyone on americana trend from big thief, finally a hardcore punk to play along with latest Soul Glo, BANG.

fav: Fantasy/Greed, Perverse, Mutilation




Alestorm - Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum


Yaaarrrr, Ahoy and gimmick as hell. despite of certain theme, this project is musical excellect executed and great one.

fav: Bite the Hook Hand That Feeds, P.A.R.T.Y., Magyarország




Alexisonfire - Otherness


you know what, im losing it everytimes lead vocal sound so sexy over this post-hardcore especially on screamo. TAKE ME.

fav: World Stops Turning, Sweet Dreams of Otherness, Blue Spade




Day Wave - Pastlife


nothing too special about write romantic indie pop songs, quite cohesive and solid ahead the like of HONNE or dhruv.

fav: See You When the End's Near, Pastlife, We used to be young




Joan Shelley - The Spur


exactly how you perfect generic melodies into state of the art, very easy listening folk pop and yasss @ lyrics

fav: When the Light Is Dying, Fawn, Forever Blues




Moore Kismet - Universe


extraordinary future bass, all song has its own moments and feel fresh/alive just how this genre should be, flume... heard me?

fav: Shadow Soldier, See You Go, Flourish, Autonomy




The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fire Doesn't Grow on Trees


take some time for this psychedelic to kick in, then here comes bangers on second half to go all out, wicked

fav: Before and Afterland, Don't Let Me Get In Your Way, You Think I'm Joking?






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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:


1st July 2022


quiet week, everyone scare of imagine dragons release, their power. :pool:





Mothica - Nocturnal


dark goth pop solo with concept album 4 acts divided, tracklist flows well and weak music wise but visual served






The Dear Hunter - Antimai


not main "ACT" album and pretty tacky capatalism theme here, fun to listen and some called space funk genre...

fav: Ring 7 - Industry, Ring 3 - Luxury 




Ghost Woman - Ghost Woman


basic alt rock with few shoegaze included, the keyword is "basic" yet tracks here so smooth to sit through and enjoy

fav: Dead & Gone, Do You, All Your Love




Gwenno - Tresor


like spring dream/art pop album where you randomly shuffle and boppin, in the meantime its over. time flies fast on this

fav: title track, Keltek, Porth Ia




Moor Mother - Jazz Codes


abstract hip hop beat with granny soulful spoken, so many instruments going on, mainly on avant-garde jazz/rap. cracked

fav: Meditation Rag, Barely Woke, Rap Jasm




Summrs - Fallen Raven


first half is generic trap beat, lil uzi vert lost cousin ok rappin with 00's cheesy love beat on second half, i like former tho

fav: Wakeup, So Much Cheese, Cuts so Deep 2, Dont Mean ****




Conjurer - Páthos


predictable sludge metal, every track's structures start fading in, bangin, lower tempo, bangin again til end. EVERY SINGLE ONE

fav: Cracks in the Pyre, Those Years, Condemned 




Mice Parade - lapapọ


quirky art rock/pop with edgy melodies, hard to be drown in at first but stuck hard around mid till instrumental last few ruined it

fav: Could This Be Anywhere, Bushwick & Knoll, Siðar




Pit Pony - World To Me


girl garage rock, mature and no screamo outside of instruments, serves their solid monotone/mediocre sound.

fav: Supermarket, Black Tar, Just That




Municipal Waste - Electrified Brain


non-stop thrash metal from start to finish, no room to breathe, pure uptempo and everyone looks like cover art dude at the end. 

fav: Electrified Brain, Demoralizer, Last Crawl





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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:


8th July 2022




Journey - Freedom


not sound out of place continuous from their 80's albums but BAD MIXING, take forever to finish 5min+ on every tracks too

fav: Don't Give Up On Us, Still Believe In Love, United We Stand




Viagra Boys - Cave World


punk post-pandemic politic/society theme, lyrics are quite more serious tone and really awkward to bop in there. nailed it

fav: Baby Criminal, Add, Aint No Thief




Laura Veirs - Found Light


quartet jazz element over her folk based on this smooth library tour album, favor for nerd and tacky on pop rock's last track

fav: Time Will Show You, My Lantern, Ring Song




Westside Gunn - Peace "Fly" God


samples are standout and slay here, carefree bars and funsy rap are sweet treat on yet to come his next full album soon

fav: Jesus Crack, Bobby Rhude, Horses on Sunset




Wu-Lu - Loggerhead


UK experimental hiphop act, too much reverb it hurts my nerve, girl pls. few last post-punk tracks low-key saved this mess

fav: Times, Calo Paste, Blame/Ten




Katy J Pearson - Sound of the Morning


huge stevie nicks influence for scenic driving on your weekend leisure. album matches the cover, fresh fun happiness for all

fav: Storm To Pass, Riverbed, Alligator




Wormrot - Hiss


this grindcore is great because of the refreshing "punk" format with instruments effect varieties. quite unique on its own

fav: Desolate Landscapes, Sea of Disease, Broken Maze, Seizures




Caterina Barbieri - Spirit Exit


squeaky hypnotic electronic, the dynamic and pacing are whole experience to amaze you on transcending dimension.

fav: Transfixed, Broken Melody




Kota the Friend - MEMO


wordplays and flows are solid but that's about it, boring coffee shop lofi beat and boring uninspired contents. eyeroll






Blind Channel - Lifestyles Of The Sick & Dangerous


fresh from ESC, predictable sound following up their entry "dark side". definition of boy band on their metalcore/emo cosplay.

fav: Balboa, We Are Not Saints, Dont Fix Me



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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:


15th July 2022




black midi - Hellfire


less instant than last one, short album isn't work on this storyline and dive into more avant-prog side. still black still midi

fav: The Race Is About To Begin, Dangerous Liaisons, Welcome To Hell




Interpol - The Other Side of Make-Believe


quality-wise they blindly crawl back and successfully do so. thanks to producers because band now badly washed and suck. 

fav: Renegade Hearts, Fables, Something Changed




Ne-Yo - Self Explanatory


like album to pull off for getting out of contract, tacky lyrics and weird singing/rap all over the places. he got decent career so... 

fav: After Party, Proud of You, Want It All or Nothing




Lloyd Banks - The Course Of The Inevitable 2


total flip from part 1, his nostalgia rap back while keeping most underground in check, not surprise its clunky work in all consider.

fav: Trapped, Value of a Check, On My Way




Working Men's Club - Fear Fear


new rave/synthpop that understand the assignments always welcome, feel more like gym playlist and more upbeat than peers.

fav: Heart Attack, Ploys, 19





Jay Chou - Greatest Works of Art 


case study of mid life crisis all in one album, his boyish image/visual/sound here reminisce of his first 4 albums. guy is 43

fav: 紅顏如霜 (Cold Hearted), 錯過的煙火 (You Are The Firework I Missed), 我是如此相信 (I Truly Believe)




Senses Fail - Hell Is In Your Head


grade 6 probably compose better lyrics than these guys, questionable pop-punk creative direction. mindless bops though.

fav: Miles to Go, Lush Rimbaugh, The Fire Sermon




Lera Lynn - Something More Than Love


heavily prioritize dream pop this time and few number of americana, her relaxing/yassified songwriting remains impeccable.

fav: Golden Sun, I'm Your Kamikaze, title track




Mantar - Pain Is Forever And This Is The End


crystal clean mixing sludge metal here that i cant stop giggling on his raspy vocal for more than 40 min. alice cooper could neva.

fav: Hang 'Em Low, Piss Ritual, Odysseus




Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp - 18


butcher set of jeff old demo adding few solo riffs and depp singing is painful, half-baked till the point that becomes unlistenable.

fav: Caroline, No, Don't Talk, Midnight Walker (all of these are instrumental)



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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:

22nd July 2022




Joey Bada$$ - 2000


hot heated bars from the man himself, approaching more on melodic upbeat with everyday/generic theme. stomp on drake again.

fav: Show Me, Brand New 911, Survivors Guilt 




Jack White - Entering Heaven Alive


second album this year from him, huge folk/blue acoustic fest with his reliable songwriting. lyricism highly outweigh music side.

fav: All Along the Way, If I Die Tomorrow, Help Me Along




The Kooks - 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark


someone watches 'stranger thing' too much and deluded to think they are capable of making visual album from it. please...

fav: 25, modern days, closer




Ashenspire - Hostile Architecture


description for this album is simple, they are 'black country,new road' on prog/black metal with sexy sax and decent harmonies.

fav: The Law of Asbestos, Cable Street Again




Ty Segall - Hello, Hi


acoustic rock this time to make excuse that he doesnt make another satire album every year. weirdly additive on melodies.

fav: Saturday Pt. 2, Looking at You, title track




Oceans of Slumber - Starlight And Ash


take your time following story as miss cammie gilbert slowly pronounce a word as clear as she sing. ultra slow prog metal

fav: Salvation, Hearts of Stone, Just a Day




Ben Harper - Bloodline Maintenance


more mellow electric blues version of 'White Jesus Black Problems' earlier this year, charlie musselwhite influence run deep.

fav: More Than Love, We Need To Talk About It, Maybe I Can't




John Moreland - Birds in the Ceiling


the only rule is dont even look up lyrics, just enjoy this chill country-based indietronica. horrible ideas but read the rule.

fav: Lion's Den, title track




Wake - Thought Form Descent


full on black metal this album and come up with 6+ min tracks and 2 interludes, great pacing, dynamic, transitions. one of...

fav: Swallow the Light, Venerate (The Undoing of All)




Gabbie Hanna - Trauma Queen


in general, i pick albums that havent been thread and by this time i dont know why no one bother on this album. i did hear all the songs and not skip any second of them though.

fav: none




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On 5/9/2022 at 12:29 PM, Polgg48 said:



29th July 2022


*no notable mainstream release beside 'renaissance' and crappy wiz khalifa, imma go with critic based this week


Chat Pile - God’s Country


Chat Pile - God’s Country


sledge metal with death/struggle theme and singer keep desperately screams for help, not that content matter, music slapped.

fav: Why, Anywhere, Tropical Beaches, Inc.


Dance Gavin Dance - Jackpot Juicer


Dance Gavin Dance - Jackpot Juicer


even with consistent release, the creativity and lyrics remains fresh on this summer-feel post hardcore. not disappointing

fav: listening, Two Secret Weapons, Long Nights In Jail, Pray To God For Your Mother


of Montreal - Freewave Lucifer F<ck F^ck F>ck


of Montreal - Freewave Lucifer F<ck F^ck F>ck


fresh funky psychedelic pop, cute background music while walking in park/outdoor. its cool and good but nothing standout.

fav: Après thee dèclassè, Marijuana's a Working Woman




Amanda Shires - Take It Like a Man


she blends country based electric guitar usage to be quite decent americana pop rock here perfectly, mediocre lyrics though 

fav: Empty Cups, Everything Has Its Time, title track




Dune Rats - Real Rare Whale


it indeed takes skills and mannerism for this solid music wise pop punk to accomplish these nostalgia prepubescent lyrics

fav: UP, Melted Into Two, LTD




Florist - Florist (self titled)


sad grumpy lyrics to counter her absolute mesmerizing folk pop with autobiography-like content, just like that its blow

fav: Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning), Organ's Drone, River's Bed, Dandelion


Culprate - αριθμός τέσσερα


Culprate - αριθμός τέσσερα


britney.gif, really interesting and very cool, this wonky electronic got intellect pacing and guitars here are top notch

fav: जलाना (Jalaana), Koloni (MaiTai)




$uicideboy$ - Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation


definition of thought it was fun, i like the beat, new orleans hip hop act on questionable religious visual album, ok bro





Ithaca - They Fear Us


inclusiveness metalcore that we decide to stan forever, yes she pull her heart out for group's best effort here. great output

fav: Camera Eats First, Cremation Party, title track




DOMi & JD Beck - NOT TiGHT


successful story of youtuber signed major record deal and debut one of most fantastic jazz debut. fast sharp refreshing.





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9 minutes ago, Insanity said:

Everything u post I've never heard of :smiley:


im sure i choose what people known for genre range its existing and charting :gaycat:


but yes usually i throw in too many albums in one go its sometimes too overwhelming. :redface:



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