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BTS' 4 shows in Vegas earned $36M and broke touring records


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6 hours ago, Harry said:

im surprised they do that much with such cheap tickets

The average price in Vegas was $180. How is that cheap? :rip:

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1 hour ago, frenchyisback said:

It doesn't really matter to me.

But to pretend that a tour in 2022 from a Korean Band (we know how seriously Asian countries take COVID) is gonna have the same density of tour date than a pre-covid tour is weird to me.

They are going around different cities with the same show. It is called touring where I'm from. :michael:



Moreover, even pre-COVID BTS was already touring in a sparse manner. Their longest tour lasted almost 2 years & had 4 legs for .... 65 dates :gaycat6:


Bestie that's simply not a tour. That's all I said. They aren't touring for COVID purposes, then, and doing residencies instead. That's great! It doesn't make them any less successful. I'm just calling things what they are.

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