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Boys Love | BLammy Winners Announced (Starting Pg. 834)


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BL King 2020



Best Kiss Rate/Couple Ranking 2020






Kiss Ranking

1. Zach and Fandy - Locker Room Kiss

2. Tawan and New  Underwater Kiss

3. Mew and Gulf - Ice Kiss

4. Off and Gun - Confession Kiss

5. Tommy and Jimmy - Making Love Kiss

6. Perth and Lay - Finale Kiss

7. Fluke and Ohm - First Kiss

8. Chris and Jake - Birthday Kiss

9. Mew and Gulf - Special Episode Kiss

10. Zach and Fandy - Finale Kiss


Bubbling Under:

11. Tom and Wilson

12. Perth and Saint - Locker Room Kiss

13. Fluke and one of his three victims in Red Wine

14. Phun and Noh 

15. Max and Tul - Next Chapter Kiss



Couple Ranking

1. Zach and Fandy 

2. Mew and Gulf

3. Chris and Jake

4. Tawan and New

5. Off and Gun

6. Tommy and Jimmy

7. Fluke and Ohm

8. Perth and Lay

9. Max and Tul

10. Wilson and Tom



Best Series Rate • Sub-Categories 2020




Best Series Rate • Top Ten 2020




BLammys 2020






Series of the Year: Until We Meet Again

Film of the Year: Your Name Engraved Herein

Best Actor: Fluke Natouch

Best Supporting Actor: Fourwheels Chayanond

Best Supporting Actress: Adrianna So

Best Main Character: Pharm (Until We Meet Again)

Best Supporting Character: Pearl (Gameboys)

Couple of the Year: Pharm and Dean (Until We Meet Again)

Best Ship: OhmFluke

Best Villain: Lhong (TharnType)

Best Cinematography: Dark Blue Kiss

Best Musical Score: Gaya sa Pelikula

Eye Candy: Kao Noppakao

Most Anticipated: I Told Sunset About You - Part 2



BL King 2021



Best Series Rate 2021




BLammy Awards 2021





Series of the Year: I Told Sunset About You

Film of the Year: Hello Stranger

Best Actor: Mix Sahaphap

Best Supporting Actor: Khunpul Pongpol

Best Supporting Actress: Mint Nutwara

Best Main Character: Oh-aew (ITSAY/IPYTM)

Best Supporting Character: Nam Goong (Light On Me)

Couple of the Year: Adachi and Kurosawa (Cherry Magic)

Best Ship: MaxTul (Max and Tul)

Best Villain: Rung (Manner of Death)

Best Cinematography: I Told Sunset About You

Best Original Song: Skyline (Billkin)

Best OST: I Told Sunset About You

Best Musical Score: I Told Sunset About You

Eye Candy: Son Woo Hyun

Most Anticipated '22: Gameboys 2, Color Rush 2


BL King 2022



BLammy Awards 2022





Series of the Year: Not Me

Best Actor: Gun Atthaphan - Not Me

Best Supporting Actor: Bible Wichapas - KinnPorsche

Best Supporting Actress: Fukumoto Riko - Kieta Hatsukoi

Best Main Character: Kang Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun) - To My Star 2

Best Supporting Character: Vegas (Bible Wichapas) - KinnPorsche

Best Villain: Vegas (Bible Wichapas) - KinnPorsche

Best Couple: Tse Shou and Li Kung (Max Lin and Shi Cheng Hao) - Plus & Minus

Best Cinematography: KinnPorsche

Best Original Song: Why Don't You Stay (Jeff Satur) - KinnPorsche

Eye Candy: Bible Wichapas

On The Rise: Bible Wichapas

Most Anticipated '23: Never Let Me Go | Moonlight Chicken








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Series titles and links:

*click on the title of each show to be directed to their respective first episodes, with the exception of the series in purple or standard font.



Until We Meet Again  Dark Blue Kiss  Water Boyy (Movie)  Water Boyy (Series)

The Best Twins  TharnType  HIStory2  HIStory3: Make Our Days Count

Love's Coming  Together With Me  Together With Me: The Next Chapter  My Bromance

Addiction  Theory of Love  Love by Chance  'Cause You're My Boy

Why R U?  

Dark Blue and Moonlight  2Gether  Because Of You

Great Men Academy

2Moons  2Moons2  Make It Right 2  What the Duck

History3: Trapped

Love Sick

Love Sick 2

My Engineer


Tien Bromance

The Shipper

Hello Stranger

Mr. Heart

My Day


Boys' Lockdown

Love by Chance 2

My Gear and Your Gown

Wish You

Tonhon Chonlatee


Craving You

We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd

Word of Honor

Lovely Writer

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding

Papa and Daddy


I Promised You The Moon

Fish Upon the Sky


The Best Story

Golden Blood

Peach of Time

The Tasty Florida


Second Chance


My Sweet Dear


Bite Me


Color Rush


Be Loved In House: I Do


Where Your Eyes Linger


You Make Me Dance


Life: Senjou No Bokura


Tinted With You


Behind Cut


Color Rush 2


Paint With Love


Kissable Lips


In Your Heart


Something In My Room


You're My Sky




Our Days


Cutie Pie


The Tuxedo


DNA Says Love You


Cupid's Last Wish


The Miracle of Teddy Bear


Plus and Minus


21 Days Theory


My Secret Love


About Youth


Love Mechanics


Close Friends Season 2


Eien no Kinou


Choco Milk Shake


Happy Ending Romance


Between Us


The New Employee


All The Liquors


A Boss and A Babe


A Shoulder to Cry On


Jun & Jun


Love Class Season 2


Only Friends


Kiseki: Dear To Me


A Breeze of Love





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Hey everybody 


moonlight chicken starts production soon and The Eclipse started 

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Yay we're back girlies.


That pedophile post on the 1st page will forever be iconic.

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Thank you, Mods, for restoring everything! :worship2:

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Happy to be back!


I have finished Ep 7 of The Miracle of Teddy Bear and am now in the midde of Ep 7 of Not Me and Ep 5 of Kiss Me Again.

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I just realized the member section is missing :rip: I’ll just add it to the actual OP.

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Oop let me get on the first page.

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ooh we're back!

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BL list currently airing in Thailand. We are being fed :rip:



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Just caught up with a few korian BLs: Semnatic Error & Cherry Blossoms after winter… What can I say, Stomp on Me’s crown as the best korean BL remains safe. :coffee:
Seo Ham did what he needed to do in Semantic Error but this show is a biT overhyped. Cherry Blossoms >>>>

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My 1st thought: Off Jumpol is such a cutie over here.

My 2nd thought: Wait, he's straight, right? I find it hard to believe.

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2 minutes ago, Genius1111 said:

My 1st thought: Off Jumpol is such a cutie over here.

My 2nd thought: Wait, he's straight, right? I find it hard to believe.

1st thought: yup he is a real dork and i love it

2nd thought: yup, he's str8 no doubt about that. he's just so dorky. also i think he's metrosexual so there's that.

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2 hours ago, Genius1111 said:

Speaking of Bright...



Main BL Guy.. Too bad he chose to do str8 series now.


If he do another BL, I fear it’s over for everyone :giraffe:

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Cherry Bottoms ends today 

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15 minutes ago, dabunique said:

Cherry Bottoms ends today 

What a great show:clap3: (for Koria’s standards). Just watched the finale on Viki and it ended beautifully.

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