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US Politics 🇺🇸🏛️ (Debates Welcome)

Message added by Lee!!,

Reminder that the US Politics Thread is a privilege. In the past, the staff of ATRL has been hesitant of maintaining US politics threads outside of presidential election cycles due to the room for drama and inordinately intense back-and-forth. Be mindful of that. Thread bans from the US Presidential Election 2020 Thread have not been carried over for this thread to give everyone a clean slate. Do not abuse that by ramping up discourse beyond the pale. So, please, be respectful and remember that you do not always need to respond to everyone. 

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Since the thread on this topic failed to get any substantial traction, I've moved the posts here for posterity and closed that thread.


Looks like the 2024 GOP primary's gonna be much more of a bloodbath than I thought.



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BS, but yeah...I still need answers on the Qatari billions bail-out and the Saudi billions hand-out. 


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4 hours ago, Espresso said:


it was jus a few days ago he was praising MLK and i'm like no one will kno who he is now because of u 

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