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Shake It out tomorrow! 



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2 minutes ago, Raver said:

Shake It out tomorrow! 



An urban hit INCOMING!


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perched for Shake It tomorrow 



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while we're on the first page make sure to stream her best song



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1 hour ago, Raver said:

Shake It out tomorrow! 






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Drop the album b**ch

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the way everyone is hyped based off of that snippet but inb4 Cardi just has a 20sec verse and the rest is terrible

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1 hour ago, favorite crime said:

the way everyone is hyped based off of that snippet but inb4 Cardi just has a 20sec verse and the rest is terrible

People who have heard the whole song on Twitter say the FULL song is good.


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She is getting a lot of hype online with the Shake It preview from what I’ve seen. Excited to hear it!

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"Invasion of Privacy" [209 weeks]1-2-2-4-4-7-5-5-5-6-9-8-6-5-5-5-5-7-8-10-10-12-14-15-16-14-20-15-18-17-24-27-28-32-32-29-28-26-12-14-16-20-22-17-13-19-17-21-20-15-18-27-27-25-26-29-27-31-34-30-28-36-34-33-32-33-35-32-36-44-45-45-46-43-39-46-48-51-53-50-50-55-60-58-68-75-102-95-107-114-56-60-63-67-68-73-73-84-79-75-80-82-86-96-98-87-82-81-80-82-84-86-96-91-92-103-96-91-91-88-92-91-58 (WAP effect)-60-72-78-77-70-76-87-105-102-108-109-103-108-133-141-162-169-178-198-138-106-104-103-103-108-89 (UP effect)-100-99-98-95-94-94-97-100-102-111-119-118-117-120-124-121-105-118-126-133-125-133-142-138-152-150-154-161-163-175-170-181-173-178-192-192-189-187-121-150-145-173-159-169-187-172 -112-110-124-123-174-169-186-174-166-164-165-161-167-161  [21 weeks top 10]



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March 2022 eligibility stats

5M albums +59.5M singles (69M eligible singles) + 40M features (51.5M eligible features)

=104.5M records in the US (120.5M eligible records in the US)


Sales, Stats and accolades:

Stats for singles-

Bodak Yellow first solo #1 since Lauryn Hill's that thing 1998

Bodak Yellow fastest female rap music video to hit 1B views 2017-August 1, 2021

Only female rapper to have two 1B videos off of own album

Up first song since Lauryn Hill to debut top 2 on hot 100

Lauryn Hill (album) and Cardi B (single) are the only female artists with diamond certified music.

First and only female rapper to have 5 #1s 

(Solo, Lead with features [both on album], feature and debut at 1/female rap collab)

4 top 10s simultaneously

Girls like you 33 weeks in the top 10 4th longest top 10 run

11 #1s on Apple music

1 #1 on Spotify (longest running #1 on spotify with WAP 64 days)

1 # In the UK (longest running rap song), New Zealand, US, Australia, and Ireland
Top stream debut female rap song on Spotify (2.4M US)/(4.1M WW)

1st female to have 2 #1 global spotify songs

WAP is the most nominated song in rap history (57 noms)

WAP made Cardi the only female artist in HISTORY to have the best performing song by a female artist in 3 different years: • Bodak Yellow (2017) • I Like It (2018) • WAP (2020)

WAP sold over 1 MILLION units in 8 days, making it the fastest rap song in HISTORY to do so.

WAP became the first female rap song to be #1 in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland at the same time.

WAP was the first female rap collaboration to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

With WAP’s debut at #1 on the Hot 100, Cardi became the first and only female rapper to reach #1 in multiple decades (2010’s & 2020’s).

Up only female rapper with 2 solo #1s

Most 1B on demand streams for a female (8)

Biggest streaming weeks for female songs this decade (93M WAP)

1st female artists to have 3 diamond singles


Stats for albums:

First female to win Best Rap album grammy

First artist to have all album tracks certified platinum or higher

First female rapper to have three diamond certified single

Biggest streaming album for a female rapper

First female rapper to win Album of the Year from the BET awards

Longest female rap album on bb200

first female to have all album tracks certified platinum

3rd Highest certified album by a female rapper (10x platinum Lauryn Hill- Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, 5x platinum Salt n pepa- None of your business, Cardi B Invasion of Privacy 3x eventual 5x platinum) ~ TBD

1st female rapper to have multiple 3x platinum albums ~ TBD



As of November 2021 (153 confirmed) 160+ awards

Main Entertainment awards-

33 ACSCAP Rhythm and Soul + Pop songs awards 

14 BET hip hop Awards

8 Billboard Music Awards

7 Iheart awards (regular/titanium)

6 BET awards

6 American Music Awards 1st to win three in hip hop song category

5 Guiness World records

5 BMI Latin Awards

4 MTV Video Music Awards

4 Soul Train Awards

3 Bravo Otto Awards

3 Latin American Music Awards

3 ASCAP El Premio

2 Premios Pop Mais (Brazilian) Awards

2 MTV EMA Awards 

2 Teen Choice Award

1 Grammy Award

1 Billboard Latin Music Award

1 FN Achievement Award

1 Angolas VMAs

1 Contigas VMAs

1 NAACP Image Award

1 NRJ Award

1 European Music Award

1 People's choice Award

1 Billboard Woman of the Year


Eligibility Album-


Gangsta ***** volume 1

gold eligible foreva,

Gangsta ***** volume 2

gold eligible lick,

gold eligible red barz,


Album #1 Invasion of Privacy April 2018:

3x platinum (5x platinum eligible) Invasion of Privacy

Platinum (2x platinum eligible) Get up 10,

Platinum (2x platinum eligible) Drip,

Platinum Bickenhead,

10x platinum (11x eligible) Bodak yellow,

3x platinum (4x platinum eligible) Be Careful,

1x platinum Best life,

10x platinum I like it (11x platinum eligible),

2x platinum Ring (3x platinum eligible),

Platinum Moneybag,

4x platinum Bartier cardi,

1x platinum she bad,

2x platinum thru your phone,

2x platinum i do.


CB2- (probably released March-June 2022)

4x platinum (5x platinum eligible) Money (500k SPS),

3x platinum (4x platinum eligible) Please me (350k SPS), 

1x platinum (2x platinum eligible) Press (200k SPS),

7x platinum WAP (27.6M units) (9x platinum eligible) (900k SPS before album release),

2x platinum eligible UP (4x platinum eligible) 400k SPS 



5x platinum (6x platinum eligible) motorsport,

7x platinum no limit,

2x platinum eligible la modelo,

4x platinum (5x platinum eligible) finesse,

gold, 1x platinum eligible dinero,

gold who wants the smoke

10x platinum (11x platinum eligible) girls like you,

Platinum, 2x platinum backin it up,

4x platinum (5x platinum eligible) taki taki ,

1x platinum (2x platinum eligible) twerk, 

1x platinum (2x platinum eligible) clout,

gold (2x platinum eligible) south of the border, 

gold writing on the wall,

gold on me,

platinum wish wish,

2x platinum rodeo,

gold thotiana 

me gusta

Bet u wanna

Big paper

Type ish

gold (1x platinum eligible) Wildside

gold Rumors


Award shows:

Promo at all award shows (VMAs/AMAs/BET hip hop/EMAs/PCAs/NRJ awards/Grammys/Iheart/billboard latin music awards/Summer jam headliner/BBMAs/TCAs/soul train/BET awards/ASCAP awards over the next two years). tv/mag (vogue/harper bazaar etc.)/online promo



Love and hip hop (2015/2016)

Rhythm and Flow (2019)



#1 movie Hustlers 33M debut week (157M WW gross)

#1 movie Fast and Furious 9 70M debut week (716M WW gross)

Fast and Furious 10 & 11 coming later...

Assisted living



hopefully making of CB2

hopefully a tour 


Worldwide Tour:

Hopefully Spring 2022

100-120M grossing tour and merch

-N America


-S America





Meteoric rise/ascent to hip hop entertainer icon/overall icon:

Social media placeholder

Love and hip hop placeholder

Mixtape eras placeholder

IOP placeholder

CB2 placeholder


Cultural reset/woke up the female rap game:

Authentic hip hop aesthetic and cultural reset to open the door for multiple female rappers to become successful in a new era.


Branding (she said she is modeling herself after Rihanna so will look forward to what she brings):

Fashion nova and a luxury brand/MET Gala/Big fashion ads/endorsements like LV

Reeboks 2nd endorsement shoe line

baby clothing line

Clothing line

drink line

nail line

haircare line

makeup line


Hip hop entertainer icon:

Will smith, Diddy, Dr. Dre, RIhanna business savvy



In addition to what's stated above...

History will look back and identify: Pioneers (Salt n pepa/Queen latifah); Groundbreakers/Blueprint Visionaries (Kim/Missy); Artistic excellence (Lauryn); Mainstream appeal/Business Savvy (Nicki); and Cardi B is there and still carving out (for now,  Street Savvy/Authenticity/Boundaryless appeal/Hustler). Will be credited for opening the door for the 2020s female rappers new era and having multiple females winning at the same time. A crossover rap entertainer icon.

Placeholder will be updated over time



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Female rap Billboard Stats:

Salt n pepa mistake: Went too pop for their 2nd album

Queen latifah mistake: Went too r&b for her 2nd album

MC lyte mistake: Did not evolve her sound for her 2nd album

Da brat mistake: Lost her relatable nature from her debut

Lil kim mistake: Went too extreme with pop and then with raunchy hip hop no balance

Missy Elliott mistake: Went too direct. She's a B is a classic but it turned alot of people off. Hot boyz remix saved her era from underperforming.

Lauryn Hill mistake: We heard the vocals on the MTV unplugged. No ma'am.

Eve mistake: Went too pop

MIA mistake: Lost her magic

Nicki mistake: Chasing trends/pop, Rushing a concept album out and not doing a great job with the music. Disenfranchising her hip hop base.

Iggy mistake: Not listening to T.I. feeding into the hate train and getting baited by Azealia.

Azealia mistake: Being Azealia


Did NOT suffer a sophomore jinx

The Fugees mixed truth with commercial appeal

Foxy Upped her sex appeal while still keeping her barz in tact

Trina stuck to what she knew and kept the momentum going

Cardi B TBD...things are looking good so far


Top Certified Album by a female rapper

Update: 10X Platinum Lauryn Hill-Miseducation of Lauryn hill (HIGHEST SELLING album by a female rapper, ONLY AOTY winner, ONLY female rapper to sell 20M WW for an album, MOST Grammy nominated album by a female rapper of all time)

07X Platinum Fugees - The score (FIRST Best Rap album grammy win with a female rapper)

05X Platinum Salt n pepa-Very necessary (FIRST grammy era for a female rapper)

03X Platinum Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy (HIGHEST certified solo rap album)

03X Platinum Nicki-Pink Friday

02X Platinum Missy-Under Construction (HIGHEST pure sales selling album by a female)

02X Platinum Eve-Let there be eve

02X Platinum Lil Kim- Hard Core

02X Platinum Nicki-The Pink Print

02X Platinum Nicki-Roman Reloaded (FIRST female to have 2 solo #1 albums)

01X Platinum Missy-Supa Dupa Fly

01X Platinum Missy-Da Real World

01X Platinum Salt n pepa-Blacks Magic

01X Platinum Salt n pepa-Hot cool and vicious (FIRST platinum female rap album)

01X Platinum Eve-Scorpion

01X Platinum Missy-Miss e so addictive

01X Platinum Missy-This is not a test

01X Platinum Lil kim- Notorious K I M

01X Platinum Lil Kim- La bella mafia

01X Platinum Foxy Brown-Ill na na

01X Platinum Foxy Brown-Chyna Doll (FIRST female to debut at #1)

01X Platinum Nicki- Queen

01X Platinum Da Brat-Funkdafied (FIRST female to go platinum)

01X Platinum Da Brat-Unrestricted

01X Platinum Iggy- The New classic

01X Platinum Lauryn Hill- MTV unplugged live

01X Platinum Missy -The Cookbook first female rapper to have 6 platinum albums

01X Platinum Meg Thee Stallion-Good news


Top selling albums (units) by female rappers globally (Bolded for rap albums by female rappers):

1. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - 18-20M WW

2. Salt n Pepa - Very Necessary - 8-9.5M WW

3. Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy - 7.5-8M WW

4. Missy Elliott - Da Real world - 6.5M WW

5. Lil Kim - Hard Care - 5.5-6.5M WW

6. Missy Elliott - Miss. E. So Addictive - 5.2-5.7M WW

7. Lil Kim - Notorious K.I.M - 5.1-6M WW

8. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday - 4.8-6M WW

9. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday Roman Reloaded - 4.5-5.8M WW

10. Missy Elliott - Under Construction - 3.5 4M WW

11. Foxy Brown - Ill Na Na - 3.5-4M WW

12. Doja Cat - Hot Pink - 3.5M WW

13. Nicki Minaj - The PinkPrint - 3-5.M WW

14. Eve - Let there be eve - 3.3M WW

15. Iggy Azalea - The New Classic - 3-3.5M WW

16. Doja Cat - Planet Her - 2.0-3.0M WW 

17. Missy Elliott - Supa Dupa Fly - 2.8M WW

18. Lil Kim - La bella Mafia- 2.5-3M WW

19. Eve - Scorpion - 2.5-3M WW

20. Da Brat - Funkdafied - 2.5-3.0M WW


#1 albums

2-Nicki Pink Friday, Pink Friday Roman Reloaded

1-Cardi B Invasion of Privacy

1-Lauryn Hill Miseducation of Lauryn hill

1-Fugees the Score

1-Foxy Brown Chyna Doll

1-The Firm The album (Foxy Brown)

1-Eve Let there be eve


Top 10 albums

5-Missy Supa dupa fly, da real world, miss e so addictive, under construction, the cookbook

5-Nicki Pink Friday, Pink Friday Roman Reloaded, The PinkPrint, Queen. BMUS mixtape

3-Lil Kim Notorious KIM, La bella mafia, Naked Truth

3-Foxy Brown Ill na na, Chyna Doll, Broken Silence

3-Eve Let there be eve, Scorpion, Eve o lution

1-Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy

1-Lauryn Hill- Miseducation of Lauryn HIll

1-Fugees-The Score

1-Salt n pepa- Very Necessary

1-Iggy The new Classic

1-MIA Maya

1-Da Brat Unrestricted

1-Trina Still da baddest

1-Doja Planet her

1-Meg the stallion


#1 singles

5-Cardi B Bodak Yellow, I like it, Girl like you, WAP and UP

2-Meg Savage remix, WAP

2-Nicki Say So remix, Trollz

1-That thing (doo ***)

1-Lil Kim Lady Marmalade

1-Iggy Fancy 

1-Doja Cat Say so

1-M.I.A. Franchise


top 10 singles



10-Cardi B

8- Doja Cat

5-Lil Kim



3-Da brat

3-Mc Lyte

3-Meg the stallion

3-Doja cat


2-Salt n pepa





top 20 singles



17-Cardi B

13-Lil Kim

8-Doja Cat

6-Da brat


6-Meg thee stallion 


5-MC lyte

4-Salt n pepa





Cardi radio hits

12 #1 urban radio hits

 top 10 urban radio hits

 top 20 urban radio hits

 #1 rhythmic radio hits

 top 10 rhythmic radio hits

 top 20 rhythmic radio hits

 2 #1 pop radio hits

 3 top 10 pop radio hits

 5 top 20 pop radio hits



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Top rap tours (15m or more):

1. 102.4m (1.9M avg): Drake & Migos - Aubrey & the Three Migos (54 shows)

2. 84m: Drake & Future - Summer Sixteen Tour (56 shows)

3. 75.4m: Kanye West and Jay z- Watch the throne (57 shows)

4. 75.3m: Jay Z - Legends of the summer (14 shows)
5. 54m: Travis Scott - Astroworld – Wish You Were Here Tour (48 shows)
6. 53m: Kanye West - Saint Pablo Tour (41 shows)

7. 48.9m: Jay Z-Magna Carta (52 shows)
8. 48m: Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne Tour (35 shows)
9. 44m: Lil Wayne - I Am Music II Tour ( 71 shows)
10. 41m: Kendrick Lamar - DAMN Tour (36 shows)
11. 39m: Jay-Z - 4:44 Tour (32 shows)

12. 35.8m: J cole- 4 your eyesz only (62 shows)
13. 32m: Drake - Club Paradise Tour (46 shows)

14. 31.8M: Kanye West - The Yeezus Tour (45 shows)

15. 31.7M: Eminem- Rapture tour (8 shows)

16. 30.8m: Kanye West- Glow in the dark (61 shows)
17. 30m: Drake - Would You Like a Tour? (41 shows)
18. 27m: Kanye West - Yeezus Tour (27 shows)

19. 26.3m: MC hammer - Don't hurt em
20. 26.9m: J. Cole - KOD Tour (35 shows)
21. 24m: Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Tour (23 shows)
22. 23m: Future - Future Hndrxx Tour (46 shows)

23. 22.3m: Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Ice Cube Up in Smoke tour (44 shows)

24. 22.2m: Lauryn Hill- 20th anniversary tour

25. 22m: Nicki Minaj - The Pink Print tour (50 shows)

26. 18m: Jay z - Hard Knock life 

27. 17.6m: Bad boy reunion tour (21 shows)

28. 16m: Diddy and company Bad boy tour 97/98

*109m OTR 1/ 253m OTR2 Jay z and Beyonce 

Cardi Tour TBD


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9 hours ago, Stepfon said:

Finally ATRL is back up & we get a new Cardi song tomorrow. :clap3:

Giving us drill teas.


Love that for us


@Scorp I know you hype:hippo:

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She ******* destroyed that Shake It verse. Drill Bardi... We prayed for times like this :WAP:


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