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Survivor: ATRL Edition (Season 12) | WINNER REVEALED!


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The road to 56

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Average Ranking: 3.12
High: 1 / Low: 19


rl231: I was super proud of you. You truly EARNED your win. I think that your moves were knowably chaotic, but I appreciated the chaos too because you really shook things up, and yes, you definitely pandered to us as viewers since you knew that we're fans and we want some drama to happen! I'm super glad you came back too since you got taken out last season (and you were my winner's pick too last season), so this was truly redemption. It was crazy too to see how people would continue to bring you further and further, knowing how threatening you were! Like people - he's right there! That being said, I get the reasoning why you were kept around and why people actually WANTED to keep you. A job well done, my friend! Can't wait to see you judge in the future.


Element: CONGRATULATIONS once again on your massive win! I honestly did not think these people would let you go far as a returning player, but you absolutely took the reigns and steamrolled yourself into a huge victory. Your gameplay was so impressive, bold, brash, and unrelenting. I haven't seen many champions play like you did -- it takes a high skill level and great understanding of the power dynamics. The viewers were praying for the downfall of Baltoro and you practically spoonfed us like babies. Helping all of our faves make the endgame... it was a extremely iconic. All in all, you are an excellent players in all facets: socially dynamic and engaging, strategically strong, and fantastic in challenges. Your confessionals served legendary status all season long. I admire your confidence and drive a ton, and I hope that you are so proud of this win! It was really an exquisite performance!! Hope you get on the real show one day bc you'd kill it.

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Average Ranking: 2.00
High: 1 / Low: 6


rl231: Let me tell you. The time you fell off the cliff and didn't come back was definitely one of the sadder things that happened this game. I thought you just ghosted us and thought it was so weird because it felt completely out of character. Like I didn't know you know you, but your confessionals screamed that you would never pull that on us (unlike pinknblue or Anthem). So I was sad, and then you just randomly reappeared RIGHT when we took you out. It was truly unprecedented. I was very excited to have you back, and you absolutely just killed it. I think you could've won, had the jury actually listened to what you said, and if your game was less in the shadows compared to Rotunda. You played a game that I played back in season 6 IMO, and while I did well and explained myself well, I was up against a player that was very present to other players (not a knock on Rotunda btw because he also smashed it). Anyways, the viewers loved you, we loved you, and I'm very glad that you decided to join us this season.


Element: Wow, wow, wow. I don't even have the words to describe how skilled of a Survivor player you are. I don't think I've seen anyone as perceptive play this series before, except for probably Buddy. You were able to read the room sooo accurately and clock moves before they were made. That's so hard to do online too, but your brain was clearly built for recognizing the different possibilities and also subtle shifts in people's tones, attitudes, activity, etc. I think that you played a masterclass social and strategic game, and I'm very sorry that your advanced gameplay was not appreciated by some of this audience. You were creating Mona Lisas for a second grade art class! All season long, the viewers were captivated by your in-depth and complex confessionals, and were so impressed with how you made social inroads with everybody!! You put in a ton of work and at many points in the game, you were perfectly at the center of people's rankings. Everyone felt like they had a future opportunity with you. That skill will pay off so much if you try another Survivor game in the future! Your second place finish is awesome, and I hope that you're proud of all you accomplished!! And of course, #1 in the fan fave poll! Thank you so much for bringing your skill and passion to this game; it was a true joy and pleasure for us all!


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This season, the viewers picked a team of 5 contestants for the draft! The contestants were awarded points for winning challenges and immunity as well as playing items and rankings on the popularity poll! 

...And here are the results : 






The popularity poll brought you the win!!


Fun fact : every single contestant was on at least one draft team except for Walley, Armani and Kayseri!

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Oh wow, congrats Gateau!! The winner despite not having Rotunda on your draft  :bloo:

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