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Top 100: Lo Mejor del 2021 by Jorge (#10-01)


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Welcome this year,


Top 100 Lo Mejor del 2021  is a latin personal countdown focused on show the most successful songs from now included international and latin artists of the year, and based on my popular weekly countdown Tu Top 20 by Jorge. At the same time, this countdown takes peaks and scores from other popular countdowns such as:


- MTV Tus 20 (South)


Top Music Off: Top 40


- Billboard Hot 100: Included 'The Hot 100', 'Hot Latin Songs' and 'Hot Pop Songs'.


- Local Radios of Chile: 'Los 40 Principales' & 'Ranking Radio Disney'

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1. Somos Nada :ihype:

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Top 100: Lo Mejor del 2021

[ Friday, December 31st, 2021 ]

Day: #1.


tu-top-20-100.png  mtvla-com-Skrillex-Justin-Bieber-Dont-Go-140x105.jpg

   Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Toliver
  "Don't Go"



tu-top-20-99.png  mtvla-com-Calvin-Harris-By-Your-Side-140x105.jpg

   Calvin Harris featuring Tom Grennan
  "By Your Side"


tu-top-20-98.png  mtvla-com-C-Tangana-Tu-Me-Dejaste-De-Querer-140x105.jpg

   C. Tangana featuring Niño De Elche & La Húngara
  "Tú Me Dejaste De Querer"


tu-top-20-97.png  mtvla-com-Christina-Aguilera-Pa-Mis-Muchachas-140x105.jpg

   Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Nicki Nicole & Nathy Peluso
  "Pa Mis Muchachas"


tu-top-20-96.png  mtvla-com-Tiago-PZK-Entre-Nosotros-140x105.jpg

   Tiago PZK & LIT Killah
  "Entre Nosotros"


tu-top-20-95.png  mtvla-com-Nessa-Barrett-I-Hope-Ur-Miserable-Until-Ur-Dead-140x105.jpg

   Nessa Barrett
  "I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead"


tu-top-20-94.png  mtvla-com-Shakira-Dont-Wait-Up-140x105.jpg

  "Don't Wait Up"



tu-top-20-93.png  mtvla-com-Bella-Poarch-Build-A-Babe-140x105.jpg



Bella Poarch
"Build A Babe"



tu-top-20-92.png  mtvla-com-Mau-Y-Ricky-Mal-Acostumbrao-140x105.jpg

  Mau y Ricky & Maria Becerra
  "Mal Acostumbrao" 



tu-top-20-91.png  mtvla-com-Justin-Bieber-Ghost-140x105.jpg

  Justin Bieber



tu-top-20-90.png  mtvla-com-Natti-Natasha-Las-Nenas-140x105.jpg

  Natti Natasha, Farina, Cazzu & La Duraca
  "Las Nenas"


tu-top-20-89.png  mtvla-com-Bebe-Rexha-Sacrifice-140x105.jpg

   Bebe Rexha


tu-top-20-88.png  mtvla-com-Cami-Perreo-Pa-Las-Nenas-140x105.jpg

  "Perreo Pa Las Nenas"


tu-top-20-87.png  mtvla-com-Lizzo-Rumors-140x105.jpg

   Lizzo featuring Cardi B


tu-top-20-86.png  mtvla-com-Camilo-Indigo-140x105.jpg

   Camilo & Evaluna Montaner


tu-top-20-85.png  mtvla-com-Miley-Cyrus-Angels-Like-You-140x105.jpg

   Miley Cyrus
  "Angels Like You"


tu-top-20-84.png  mtvla-com-Olivia-Rodrigo-Deja-Vu-140x105.jpg

   Olivia Rodrigo
  "Deja Vu"



tu-top-20-83.png  mtvla-com-Sebastian-Yatra-Chica-Ideal-140x105.jpg



Sebastián Yatra & Guaynaa
"Chica Ideal"



tu-top-20-82.png  mtvla-com-J-Balvin-De-La-Getto-140x105.jpg



  J Balvin & Skrillex
  "In Da Getto"



tu-top-20-81.png  mtvla-com-Coldplay-Higher-Power-140x105.jpg

  "Higher Power"

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Higher Power + deja vu + Rumors + Don't Wake Up + Pa Mis Muchachas + i hope ur miserable until ur dead :worship:

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8 hours ago, Jorge said:


Guilty Pleasure, haha. I'm definitely disconnected from MTVLA. :dies:

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Hope ur miserable until ur dead ♡ 

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𝐃𝐞𝐣𝐚 𝐕𝐮  &  𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 :katie2:

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Thank u for all your comments, uploading :duca:

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Posted (edited)


Top 100: Lo Mejor del 2021

[ Saturday, January 1st, 2022 ]

Day: #2.


tu-top-20-80.png  mtvla-com-Karol-G-Bichota-140x105.jpg




tu-top-20-79.png  mtvla-com-Lit-Killah-Dejame-Tranki-140x105.jpg

   LIT Killah featuring KHEA
  "Dejame Tranki"


tu-top-20-78.png  mtvla-com-Justin-Quiles-Loco-140x105.jpg

   Justin Quiles, Chimbala, Zion & Lennox


tu-top-20-77.png  mtvla-com-Princesa-Alba-Acelero-140x105.jpg

   Princesa Alba


tu-top-20-76.png  mtvla-com-Ricky-Martin-Paloma-Mami-Que-Rico-Fuera-140x105.jpg

   Ricky Martin & Paloma Mami
  "Qué Rico Fuera"


tu-top-20-75.png  mtvla-com-Demi-Lovato-Melon-Cake-140x105.jpg

   Demi Lovato
  "Melon Cake"


tu-top-20-74.png  mtvla-com-The-Weeknd-Take-My-Breath-140x105.jpg

   The Weeknd
  "Take My Breath"



tu-top-20-73.png  mtvla-com-Twenty-One-Pilots-Shy-Away-140x105.jpg



Twenty One Pilots
"Shy Away"



tu-top-20-72.png  mtvla-com-Dua-Lipa-Levitating-140x105.jpg

  Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby



tu-top-20-71.png  mtvla-com-C-Tangana-Ateo-140x105.jpg

  C. Tangana & Nathy Peluso



tu-top-20-70.png  mtvla-com-Harry-Styles-Treat-People-With-Kindness-140x105.jpg

  Harry Styles
  "Treat People With Kindness"


tu-top-20-69.png  mtvla-com-Lil-Nas-X-Industry-Baby-140x105.jpg

   Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow


tu-top-20-68.png  mtvla-com-Maluma-Sobrio-140x105.jpg



tu-top-20-67.png  mtvla-com-Bad-Bunny-Yonaguni-140x105.jpg

   Bad Bunny


tu-top-20-66.png  mtvla-com-Snow-Tha-Product-BZRP-Music-Sessions-39.jpg

   Snow Tha Product & Bizarrap
  "BZRP Music Sessions #39"


tu-top-20-65.png  mtvla-com-Lorde-Mood-Ring-140x105.jpg

  "Mood Ring"


tu-top-20-64.png  mtvla-com-Danna-Paola-Calla-Tu-140x105.jpg

   Danna Paola
  "Calla Tú"



tu-top-20-63.png  mtvla-com-Lola-ndigo-La-Ni-a-De-La-Escuela-140x105.jpg



Lola Índigo, TINI & Belinda
"Niña De La Escuela"



tu-top-20-62.png  mtvla-com-Zayn-Vibez-140x105.jpg






tu-top-20-61.png  mtvla-com-Tiesto-Karol-G-Dont-Be-Shy-140x105.jpg

  Tiësto & KAROL G
  "Don't Be Shy"




Edited by Jorge
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Not la bichota :deadbanana2:

Mood ring, Industry baby, Levitating :katie2:

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Mood Ring + Lemon Cake + Levitating  + Shy Away    :worship:

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Melon cake + Levitating ♡

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