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9 minutes ago, Euterpe said:

There are so many performance entries. :deadbanana2: And they're all on point. Good luck to the judge! Hard decision!

And to think the judge was the first to post the lashings say how compromise is ha! 

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Edna Mode  AKA dweebz



Katy Perry @touya kinomoto
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is, that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas! Ms. Perry, this is absolutely divine. The year is 2008, Top 40 was Pop and R&B and the world was… right. For the time, this was THE moment! Everything about this look is so perfect.


Grace Jones @Samsom

Aww, I love this. It’s a baby Grace Jones. The backbones of her aesthetic, if you will. Thank you so much for adding the year, it allows me to judge this in the correct perspective. The cape, the mini dress, the arm décor. Crazy, CooCoo, ****.


Britney Spears @Kylie Jenner

I wish you added a gif and I wish I could see the entire outfit, because we know those thigh high socks MAKE the outfit. The styling is iconic and quite revolutionary in fashion when it came out. For impact, this is very strong. Your execution could have been better.


Charlize Theron @beatinglikeadrum

Charlize, its very hard for anyone to get a picture of who you are when you’re in lingerie. Unless you’re Adriana Lima, lingerie isn’t going to work for you. The most defining feature doesn’t even involve the fashions, it’s the beautifully places beauty mark. This. Is. Not. Good.


Hilary Duff @PiecesOfYou

That chunky slipper with the pink blouse solidified your spot in the top. This is fashion forward, but I can see it in every “white” girl in the USA, year 2001.


Angelina Jolie @DAP

This is exhibiting the same issue I had with Ms. Theron. It’s a dress its self is a GORGEOUS off the shoulder Randolph Drake dress. And, on Angelina Jolie, she’s wearing it effortlessly. But, where is the context? Who is she? That’s my issue. 



This was an amazing round and a great way for you all to dip your toes in the fashion pool. As fashion extraordinaire Edna Mode, I said what I said… now seethe!

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I was searching for ages for a gif that wasn’t blurry but they were all terrible quality so I just ended up passing on that :chick3: but thank you!

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dweebz and his tasteless ways didnt change since ANTM.






Stream When I'm Gone you guys.

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22 hours ago, TruGemini said:

For Interview:


Kylie Minogue


Interview on Wogan - July 1988


Here we have Kylie Minogue, who started her career as a child actress in Australia, in an interview talking about going into singing. She displays her charisma and ability to navigate an interview well here (even when the interviewer is serving creep :biblio:). Nobody knew back then that she would become known as a legend in the music industry.


Cardi B


Interview with Billboard - August 2017


Lana Del Rey


Interview with Myspace - January 2012


This is one of Lana's first major interviews. It is a perfect introduction of who she is as an artist, person, and singer. We get to know her background, what inspires her, and what she wants to do with her art.

@wehavetostan @Psycho @kipperskipper


Speezy's Reviews




Cardi B - First off I love the energy Cardi gave. You can just  feel that she was excited about her achievement of Bodak Yellow. I love that she talked about her future as well. She talked about proving herself as well. I wish she talked in detail about her future sound and maybe even more of her past


Kylie Minogue - Chile the interviewer was giving pedophile vibes. Anyways. This interview felt very open. I love how she said "Kylie" meant boomerang. There was emotion there, you can tell she was happy when talking about her journey by her facial expression.  It seemed like every sentence she said came with optimism and curiosity. Love it


Lana Del Rey -  As a non-Lana listener this interview feels like a puzzle piece to why her music sound the way it does. I do feel like the interview would help non Lana listeners understand her artistry. She looked happy while singing for the Myspace crew but I wish she would've spoke more on how she felt about her success during that time.

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13 hours ago, Noah said:

thank you legend yvess :gaygacat4:

ur welcome king for bringing back a core memory of mine :hughard:

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5 hours ago, Euterpe said:

There are so many performance entries. :deadbanana2: And they're all on point. Good luck to the judge! Hard decision!

ikr...it was hard for me to rank them from top to bottom coz it is a rare occasion to see a lot of tops, im used to seeing a lot of power bottoms :bibliahh:

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@Not Like The Movies @DevonRoars@Thanatos@Samsom@Noah@Opulent@Acetone@M a n o b a n@Overprotected@Psycho@Kylie Jenner@beatinglikeadrum@touya kinomoto@JDC@selena_lavigne@kipperskipper@Luckitty@99sandthe2000s@PiecesOfYou@wehavetostan@DAP


The judges have deliberated and their choices have been made. 


For the category of Live Performance, @Yvesshas declared the winner as...





Mariah Carey! Wonderful work diva, you have won safety from elimination and an advantage in the game! Check your PM momentarily for more information. 

In Represent, with every win, comes a loss. The losers of the Live Performance category are...



wtbmHYb.gif  TjVe8K2.gif


Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, the judge has decided you two as the bottom of the Live Performance category. 


Both of you are now up for elimination.

For the Fashion category, @dweebzhas declared the winner as...





Hillary Duff! Thanks for throwing it back to the 2000's for us Lizzy! You have won safety for the round and have been granted an advantage. Check your PM momentarily for more information. 

As for the bottom two of the Fashion category...



sG4PTVp.gif hAwOwms.gif



Angelina, Charlize, the judge has decided you two were the weakest of your category. 


Both of you are up for elimination.

Last but not least, for the category of Interview, @Speezyhas declared the winner as...





Kylie Minogue! Congrats, your up and coming interview earned you safety and an advantage in the game. Please check your PM momentarily for more information.


Due to Interview only having three entrants, there will only be one person up for elimination, and that person is...





Lana, our judge declared you as the bottom of this category. 


You are now up for elimination.


For Round One, Up and Coming, the following people are currently up for elimination:


  • Selena Gomez
  • Dua Lipa
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Charlize Theron
  • Lana Del Rey

Next up, our winners will be privately distributed their advantages which they may choose to or not to use. 


After their decisions are made, the non-bottom players will receive a private DM and cast their vote for elimination.


As we near the end of the first round of Represent, here's a sneak peek of what is to come in future rounds....







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5 minutes ago, dweebz said:

Girl, it’s 5am in the morning 

I want the girls to wake up to chaos :gaycat4:



and I'd like to get the next round started by Monday because my mom has surgery and I have to accompany her home :gaycat6:


6 minutes ago, Yvess said:

luv the grahics xoxo

thank you :heart:it took me a long time to get it right but I like the way they turned out.


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btw, sharing my rankings for the live performance round. It was so hard to rank y'all girliez




Mariah Carey


Honorable Mentions: 


Lady Gaga


Ariana Grande




Azealia Banks


Charli XCX



Dua Lipa

Selena Gomez


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