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witness1.3 best of 2021 | SINGLES #5-1 | FINISHED!!


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It's finally here - the last update of my best of 2021! I appreciate everyone who followed along and commented their favorites everyday!


Here are singles #5-1!




Easily my favorite song from star-crossed and probably in my top 5 favorite Kacey songs. Songs hardly ever make me cry on the first listen, but this one punched me in the gut. I have spent many nights scrolling through my camera roll going through happy memories with guys it didn't work out with, and this was the first song I have ever heard to put that emotion and experience into words perfectly. I just love love love the line "chronological order ain't nothing but torture" and how at the end of the song, she shifts the blame to herself with "and I made you take it." This song is so good that not even the grammys could snub it.


Wow... this song is just so.. for lack of a better word... pretty. My boyfriend introduced me to Aly & AJ this year with this song and I instantly fell in love with their sound. Coming off of what the previous song was about, this song makes me think of all the good times I have with my boyfriend.


Not to make every song about my boyfriend, but I'm going to do that anyway. This song came out soon after we first started dating and you know, life really was a willow and it really did bend to his wind. Also, that IS my man.


This was one of my favorites from Future Nostalgia ever since my first listen and I am so glad it finally got some love as a single even if the music video sucked and the song bombed.  The violins and the sample are just TOO good and I cannot wait to see her perform this live at tour.


and the #1 song of 2021 is...




Levitating was a smash both in the US and on my charts. The first time I listened to Future Nostalgia, I knew this song was destined to become a smash hit. It took nearly a year but I ended up being right and now it was the biggest hit of 2021 in the US. Levitating actually #3 on my year end charts last year (and Dua occupied the entire Top 3). I cannot think of another song on my charts that managed to be in the Top 3 two years in a row, let alone reach a higher position the second year. That is just how much of a SMASH Levitating was for me. This song has yet to age a day and I don't think it ever will.



Out of the Top 5, which ones are your favorite? 



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On 1/5/2022 at 5:06 PM, rvx said:

Ava Max :clap3:

The next main pop girl :clap3:

On 1/5/2022 at 5:28 PM, JGibson said:

Symptom Of Your Touch + justified :clap3:

Great choices :heart:

On 1/5/2022 at 7:10 PM, dreamofyou said:

justified, breadwinner & ancient dreams smashas

breadwinner love :clap3:

On 1/5/2022 at 7:59 PM, Legend E said:

Kacey x2 and symptom :clap3: 

Great picks :clap3:

On 1/6/2022 at 10:21 AM, Green said:

My head & my heart, justified, Symptom Of Your Touch  :clap:


On 1/6/2022 at 2:25 PM, Remmy said:

Hmm #10-8 are interesting choices :gaycat3: The first 2 are by artists I don't like and breadwinner is cute but I don't love ha, honestly it's surprising that so many people and even critics stan it. justified :smile: Symptom of Your Touch yesss :celestial4:


I didn't even bother keeping Prisoner & One Day on the tracklist nnn, I hate that she featured those. Not My Problem was a MISTAKE. Checked out several unreleased tracks later on and some great songs got cut for sure.

Oop :gaycat3: And ooooh I'm curious to see if she'll be able to snatch it this time, especially with such a strong start.

I honestly don't know how MH&MH and ADIAML snuck in the Top 10. Sure I liked them but there were other songs in the Top 20 I thought would make it. But I guess that is how the points for each of their weekly charts worked out. 

I kept One Day on the tracklist but Prisoner BELONGS on Plastic Hearts lol.

19 hours ago, ARTPØP said:

Physical + Real Groove + Good Ones + EveryTime I Cry + Look What You've Done + Gasoline + Wildest Dreams + Venus Fly Trap + All Too Well + Sacrifice + Love Story + Good 4 U + We're Good + Fever + Cardigan + My Head & My Heart + Justified :jonny6:


so many bopssssss 

so many good picks!!

18 hours ago, Sempiternal said:

Dua At #1 :clap:

I don't think she was #1 on that update but check this previous one haha.

4 hours ago, Brandon said:

𝐌𝐇&𝐌𝐇  :biggrin:

a major bop :clap3:


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Pretty Places + Love Again + willow :clap3:


Levitating #1  :heart2:

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Dua snatching the top 2 with Love Again and Levitating  :clap3:

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Fututre Nostalgia still in the top 2 after 2 years  :jonnycat: that's what a classic album deserves!

star-crossed is so good as well. Some people might be dissapointed be only the intellectuals get it :clap3:


ADIAML, breadwinner, symptom of your touch, justified and camera roll in the top 10 :jonny5: Pretty Places is one of the highligh from the album too. And it deserves so much success


Also Dua dominated the top 2 :jonnycat: The way she released 2 singles from 2020 and still being hits in 2021? Truly a successful album campaign :clap3:

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hm :mandown:


Camera Roll - a stunner

the Aly & Aj song is quite overrated here

willow sucks x

swap love again and levitating

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𝕃𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘  &   𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝔸𝕘𝕒𝕚𝕟  𝕚𝕟  𝕥𝕙𝕖  𝕋𝕠𝕡  𝟚  :clap3:

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camera roll :eddie: willow is nice :heart: although the Elvira remix hits harder for me. Pretty Places :smitten: "My boyfriend introduced me to Aly & AJ this year with this song" Marry him for this reason alone!!!!! a Dua top 2 :clap3: You definitely chose the better song, Levitating has been a jam since day 1 while Love Again has been stuck in my FN bottom 3 for so long :gaycat3: but it's still enjoyable.


Great lists and Best Of overall!! :foxaylove: Hope to see you back later this year

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