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MP2K's Best of 2021: Top 100 Songs [#1 Pg. 5] 1.8.22 update


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streets :WAP: doja put CRACK in that one

bunny and valentine are cute even tho i found them underwhelming for the respective artists 

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On It is a bop for ages :flame: 

PUYF :clap3: 

Transparent Soul :jonny: 

Bunny :smitten:

Streets is somehow became even better with time :jonny: 

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bunny and valentine are cute even tho i found them underwhelming for the respective artists [2] - although I listened to Snail Mail for the first time this year, so don't have a whole lot to compare it to

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On 12/29/2021 at 11:50 PM, MP2K said:

27. Snail Mail, “Valentine”



A late ATRL discovery of mine was Streets. :cookie:

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This set is a serve.

Pick Up Your Feelings, Dead Right Now, transparent soul, Trust Nobody, X, Streets, Cry Baby, and On It :jonnycat:

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ATM yesss :sats: Been a bop since day 1. X is sooo good and addicting as hell. Bunny Is a Grower :clap3:

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Posted (edited)




21. Wolf Alice, “Smile”



This is some PJ Harvey level shit to me. She ended men here. The fierce approach and whisper singing into these overproduced guitar riffs – best of the year. 

20. Japanese Breakfast, “Be Sweet”




An ethereal 80s dream-pop odyssey. Japanese Breakfast has always been on the verge of serving a straight up mainstream pop song, this one is close to being that. This is something to dance to thanks to the funky guitars and buoyant chorus.

19. The War On Drugs, “I Don’t Live Here Anymore (feat. Lucius)”



I love me a good sailor tune! Adam has such a rich-classic voice that elevates his music to sound so electrifying, stadium rock infused with a post-modern sensibility. The female duo Lucius gave a great feminine touch.


18. Brent Faiyaz, “Show U Off”



People may love the dark sound and connections between his storytelling of sex, drugs, and love. This right here is his most delicate he’s been and probably the most tear-jerking song of any male R&B artist this year. A future Mother’s Day anthem, a celebration of Black women. What man is doing this?

17. Kali Uchis, “telepatia”



It’s an anthem about keeping love alive, no matter the barriers between you and your partner. You feel such a summertime warmth with the pair of this instrumental and Kali’s voice. This will be one of her best songs in her discography soon.

16. Tinashe, “Bouncin”



This is how you save an era. After Paradiso or whatever the name of the first single was called, was released, eyebrows were raised. The vocal changes and the choreography to match the energy of the production – we needed something we could dance to in R&B again. It’s been too long. We can look past the fact that the lyricism here is probably her most cliché in a while.


15. Lil Nas X, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”



A song and an artist that defined 2021. Enough said. This made me a believer.

14. Tobe Nwigwe & Fat Nwigwe, “FYE FYE”



One of the greatest and underrated rap songs of the year and it’s coming from a fairly unknown husband and wife duo. At first you would think this is a parody, because of some off-putting elements you may not understand - the yelling and obnoxious chorus for instance. However, you should be able to respect it and cave in because it’s actually dope af. It’s like you put Kanye, Lil Jon, Kendrick Lamar, and Rico Nasty in the booth together. This is an energy booster.

13. VanJess, “Slow Down (feat. Lucky Daye)”



Thoroughly impressed by this groups come up and consistency. I overlook them a lot but “Slow Down” is an instant repeat. The vocals are so silky, the sample, you would have never thought would fit, just blends well! Lucky elevated this to a classic.


12. Samia, “Show Up”



You know who she showed up? Mitiski. Bitch stole Ariana’s wig and Mitiski’s sound? She’s a problem.

11. James Blake, “Say What You Will”



Hands down the best male vocal performance of the year. But pretty much every year he releases. This is my man and I’m going to always stick beside him.

10. Girl in red, “Body and Mind”



Explosive and addictive. The indie pop and rock girls have been delivering anthems, this makes no sense and it’s just not fair.  


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Wolf Alice and TWOD :clap3:

SWYW is great, I tried listening to some songs from his album and found it a little boring though

Body and Mind :clap3: definitely a highlight from her

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Smile + I Don't Live Here Anymore :clap3:

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Smile hits hard :jonny5: 

Bouncin :alexz: nawt that Pasadena shade tho :rip: 

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Be Sweet and telepatia are STUNNING :jonny5: 

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09. Wolf Alice, “How Can I Make It Ok?”

The track progressions on here are chef’s kiss. The chorus is initially soft and romantic then it builds into a mid-tempo with crashing drums, airy synths, gorgeous guitar riffs. Like I said before, the rock girls won.

08. Yves Tumor, “Crushed Velvet”

One of Yves’ softer, pop leaning tracks. It’s like a daydream with gauzy ‘nineties guitar lines. Such a different energy from the artist that I greatly appreciated and could not stop listening to.


07. Chloe, “Have Mercy”

I was super disappointed when this came out, I thought it was missing something, some grease or something to really elevate it. Then suddenly I understood it, weeks later this became one of my most played songs of 2021. While I’m still not bought into the sexually charged turn to Chloe’s solo career. I can now appreciate the energy she’s trying to bring into the music industry, and R&B specifically. It’s giving an “around the way girl” type of feel, reminiscent to let’s say “Goodies” or “Motivation” – you know, those songs that make you dance and not sing yourself into drugs and sadness. The clear angelic vocals over this trap leaning Murda produced beat was a of fresh air.


06. Mereba, “Rider”

This is such a mellow-summery track that had great replay value with me. It is doing a lot without doing much. I enjoy the soft, velvety beats and warm vocals and chilled atmosphere that picks up but doesn’t go too far. A underrated gem for sure.

05. The Weeknd, “Save Your Tears”

The modern day “Cry Me A River” with an eighties feel and introspection about past mistakes in his on-again, off-again relationship. You know you have a soon to be classic when you can still make an impact an entire year later.


04. Baby Keem, “family ties (feat. Kendrick Lamar)”

A two-in-one jam packed banger. Keem starts the track with an easygoing atmosphere, letting people know not to sleep on him and guess who is out of hibernation? We NEED a new Kendrick album already; the game has been missing. Kendrick slid in on fast-paced switch up, and devoured is what he did. It’s so impressive how he can continue to lift his own bar with every feature and solo verse he puts out. A family reunion I was glad I could experience this year.


03. Megan Thee Stallion, “Thot Shit”

“Thot Shit” is another top tier song going into Megan’s rankings with its perfect blends of boastfulness, spitfire bars and sexual politics. Every line is memorable and caption quotable and the song itself is fun and playful. Just imagine a rap cypher at the brunch party. At first listen it hits you with a club heavy feel but beneath the surface, it is a chance for her to fight back against criticisms she’s faced since her breakthrough in 2019. And a job well done, give Megan her deserved fourth GRAMMY.

02. WizKid, “Essence (feat. Tems)”

"Essence" is a warm fusion of joyful Afrobeats that’s turned Wizkid into the star he is already. While Tems is the obvious focus here, their voices contrast perfectly — Wizkid sounding effortlessly mellow, Tems punchy and distinct, with a hook that is irresistible. In times like this… (sad that we have to continue to say this) “Essence” is one of the most feel-good songs we've had during the Pandemic years, that is uplifting no matter the context of the lyrics and topic of the song. We needed this.

01. Cosha, “No Kink in the Wire”

Lots of owls in here. Cosha is no new girl. She is formerly known as Bonzai and has been a singer-songwriter and music producer since 2015. She’s worked with Mura Masa, Shygirl and written for Charli XCX. She knows what she’s doing. After a switch in artistry and a two-year gap she is back, rebranded and serving a surprise song of the year. It is just really on brand of how I’ve been feeling the past few years with personally. “No Kink in the Wire” feels like you are coming back from heaven, it’s so calming but anthemic. Cosha displays a great vocal and backing performance and the song has a tinge of quirkiness in its instrumentation similar to one of my favorite artists, Dirty Projectors. This just does it for me!


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Save Your Tears :clap3:


I actually didn't like the Wolf Alice record :'( 

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Body and Mind :eddie: Have Mercy was a nice start for Chloe's solo career. Bouncin + Thot **** :sats::sats: Save Your Tears is a good one, although SYT 2.0 (aka Less Than Zero) just outsold it on day ONE :gaycat3: Samia getting a shoutout AHHH!!! Love her so much, she made several appearances on my 2020 list & I never saw her anywhere else, but luckily she got a lot more mentions in this section this time around. Show Up is lovely, as well as the rest of the EP :clap3:

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