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MP2K's Best of 2021: Top 100 Songs [#1 Pg. 5] 1.8.22 update


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Good Ones + Need To Know + Mood Ring :clap3:

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Just for me is super cute, just wish her music as a whole was longer. Mood Ring :clap: Syrup :jamming: Yeah more people need to get into her, she has a ton of potential. Good Ones :sats: Now this is a short bop I can appreciate!!

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Like I used to kinda came and went but it's good! Yeah BUZZCUT is the right pick. YAAAAAS totally agree with Ancient Dreams (title track) write-up and song inclusion.


Your Mood Ring write-up is exactly right hahahaha. Yeah I like that Drake song in a bloated sea of shit songs. yas at you getting into Omar. The Good Ones shade at not being a hit lsmdfsl;khflsf IT BOPS AT LEAST

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Ooop let me catch up a bit


BUZZCUT, 2 You, Coastin’, TASTY, Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land & Just for me acclaim YES :clap3:


I really need to get into Omar Apollo ASAP and his collab with C. Tangana is such bop wow :jonny5:


The Silk Sonic dragging though i- :ahh:

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64. WILLOW, “Come Home (feat. Ayla Tesler-Mabe)”

63. Teedra Moses, “Make Me”

I’m sorry, but I love me a good song that was made for aunties. The queen is back, Teedra has been silently showing the new girls how to blend new and old school R&B sounds correctly. 

62. BROCKHAMPTON, “Bankroll (feat. ASAP Ferg & ASAP Rocky)”

61. Lil Nas X, “INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow)”

This sounds almost classic-like, I mean it was Co-produced by Kanye West. I think I loved the controversy around this Music Video more than I liked the song initially. But it’s still a stand-up-respectable rap track that I hope in the end the rap game would recognize.

60. Remi Wolf, “Guerilla"

Tune-yards and M.I.A. would be so proud.

59. Sleigh Bells, “Locust Laced”

The riffs, the eruptive switch ups. Oh. how I missed their sound and Alexis’ vocals so much. They picked up where they left off some years ago.

58. Yves Tumor, “Jackie”

57. Glass Animals, “Heat Waves”

56. The Kid LAROI, “Stay (feat. Justin Bieber)”

I hate Bieber so much but also hate that this arcade song is such a bop.

55. Omar Apollo, “Want U Around (feat. Ruel)”

54. Adele, “My Little Love”

Musically she’s fallen off to me. But this was a gem, nothing else moved me on “30.”

53. Tems, “Found (feat. Brent Faiyaz)”

I love unexpected collaborations. These two artists are generating buzz in their own respective genres and I’m happy for their success. It’s only right that they joined forces. An average guitar notes, adult-contemporary song but Tems and Brent’s distinct voices take this formula to a new sound and level.

52. Tyler, the Creator, “CORSO”

Getting all the much-deserved recognition and face time with the general public in recent years has got Tyler bragging and boasting like no other. There’s so much hype in this track, it’s chaotic but clean, DJ Drama really tried to come for Producer of the year.

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loved my little love, very revealing and difficult to listen too. It definitely demands your attention on first listen!

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My Little Love :cries: The song as a whole isn't my favorite but the emotions she packed into the 2nd half definitely elevated it. Guerrilla :smitten: One of many great bops from Remi!

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11 hours ago, MP2K said:

Adele, “My Little Love”

Amazing Neo-Soul track. Blew me away like Michael Kiwanuka's Light did in 2019.

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Oh wow lots of great songs but not all my exact favorite from those artists!


I think Stay especially is pretty damn cute, which agreed it's fucking annoying that it's Bieber but it is a deserved #1! LOVE that Omar Apollo song too btw.

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51. Megan Thee Stallion, “Southside Forever Freestyle”

The Freestyle Queen, the Freestyle Pro. Megan has released a series of Freestyles for the past 4 years. I love every single one of them. No female female rapper since Nicki has kept up with this consistency. Even with school and drama she’s constantly proving to us that she’s hungry. Love her in this raw element and when we get to see a different side of her.

50. IDK, “Shoot My Shot (feat. Offset)”

I don’t know who tf he was prior to this but he has a style and confidence of a Drake that captivated me. Offset did good here too. If anything, you will appreciate the thumping bass and quick-fire hi-hats!

49. Cardi B, “Up”

It took a while for me to get into it, but I take it for what it is. The budget is bigger, the delivery is sharp, and it’s catchy and fun. She’s not making songs just for Tik Tok dances, she can’t help that her shit is always a movement.  


48. Bas, “The Jackie (feat. J. Cole & Lil Tjay)”

Bas has a pop earworm on his hands and he dragged J. Cole into being less pretentious.  

47. ELIO, “CHARGER (feat. Charli XCX)”

Both humorous and relatable but also very on brand to have Charli on here as the two emote about a break-up and cleverly song writes about one very important accessory they wish to get back, a damn charger. A pop gem of the year.

46. THE ANXIETY & WILLOW, “Meet Me At Our Spot [Live]”

Willow stan here, she’s been killing it this year. The original was just okay and all, but the live version really elevated the song, Willow’s vocal talent is less restricted. It’s simple pop-rock duet-ting that gets the job done.


45. Normani, “Wild Side (feat. Cardi B)”

The world is too hard on Normani, for many different reasons and some deserve a serious side-eye. Let’s just enjoy the fact that she delivers everytime… even if it’s in within 6-month increments. Her singles run is cute, nevertheless.

44. Baby Tate, “Baecation”

Another diverse female rapper gets more love from me. This sounds so dated, and I mean this in a good way, takes me back to Nicki Mixtape days. Like on some 2008 shit. This has so much replay value, it’s so smooth, melodic and honeycoated.

43. Bad Bunny, “DAKITI (feat. Jhay Cortez)”

I have no clue ever what Bad Bunny is saying but I enjoy the atmosphere here. This was such summer is over, heading to fall-beach vibes.


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Wild Side is her best song for sure :alexz: 

Charger :jonny: perfection :jonny: 

Meet Me at Our Spot is so beautiful :smitten: 

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