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TheWayWeWere Best of 2021: PG.17: SOTY/AOTY reveal!


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POV + Prisoner + Mood Ring + Solar Power + Happier Than Ever :jonny6: LOVED your top 10!!! :clap3:


Plastic Hearts + Evermore + Planet Her :gaygacat5:

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Great top 10! LOVE POV and Planet Her should've been top 5 but i'll accept #8:clap3:

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evermore, Planet Her, a touch of the beat, IICHLIWP, HTE, COCC, Plastic Hearts

pov, Prisoner, COCC, Mood Ring, Solar Power, Kiss Me More, Blue Banisters, White Dress, HTE :clap3:

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Plastic Hearts #1 on the albums list and Happier Than Ever on the songs list :clap3::alexz:

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Let me catch up a bit



Wild Side, Ungodly Hour, 24 Hours, Meet Me at Our Spot, Bunny is a Rider, Purge the Poison, Look What You've Done, t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l, Fever, justified, ADIAML, Have Mercy, Pretty Places, Pasadena, good 4 u, Girl Like Me, Anxiety, Real Groove, Please, Worst (I Assume), How Does It Feel, NDA, Listen!!!, Easy on Me, Love Again, Good Days, Under My Skin & Symptom of Your Touch

All of these massive bops oh wow :jonnycat:


pov is such a great ballad and i wish it has an MV :jonny5: Ariana releasing a ballad as a single for the first time in her career and she didn't do **** to promote it other than one live perfromance. What a crime!


How Can I Make It OK? & Kiss Me More in the top 10 and HTE at #1  :jonny5: It's what they deserves!


Euphoric Sad Songs, lately i feel EVERYTHING, Life Support, Magic Still Exists, star-crossed, 333, Trying Not To Think About It massive acclaim :jonnycat:


On 1/3/2022 at 4:41 AM, TheWayWeWere said:



10    Taylor Swift | evermore
"I know my love should be celebrated but you tolerate it"
I feel like Folklore was already perfect and actually don't know if it needed a continuation, so let's see this as a side project from it. It's again shows how good her songwriting skills are, every track sets a narrative and puts you down in a world she creates. Thanks to stripped, but more diverse production from Aaron Dessner, she makes Evermore more sonically cohesive, maybe a more naive and warm feeling surrounding it. I still feel like Folklore was superior, but this is still gorgeous, mature, poetic work of her art.  
highlights: champagne problems, tolerate it, long story short, right where you left me



   Dawn Richard | Second Line
"You gon' remember my name"
Another underrated artist on my list, Dawn is so hard-working, always trying to improve herself, never afraid of experimenting with her sound and image and etc :jonny: Second Line is gorgeos record, which shows basically every side of her talent, unlike her previous, mostly musically thematic, records, Second Line feautures wide range of genres, sound and image, there's classic r&b/hip-hop, modern r&b, pop, trap, electronic and etc. This record is full of fantasy, strange and unexplored by her sounds, along with her personal tales and stories, her deep connection to New Orleans and musical roots. Great record to got into her. 
highlights: Pressure, Radio Free, Perfect Storm, SELFish



8    Doja Cat | Planet Her
"Is it crazy I'm not scared to be alone?"
Unlike more.. juicy, lush, playful Hot Pink, on Planet Her Doja reclaim her status as MPG. On this long record she shows her fun and quirky personality, hot image, she showcases her skills both as a rapper and as a singer, and also as a person who can pick right beat/sound for her tracks. It's mostly 'no skips', full of hits and catchy hooks. I liked it, it's a light listen, album is full of various sounds, so you can choose whenever you like. I think I still prefer Hot Pink to it, but you just can't deny her ear to pick a pleasant beats and hooks. 
highlights: Woman, Naked, Payday, Tonight



7    Aly & AJ | a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun
"Do you think that you're strong enough?"
I can't believe they finally released album this year :jonny: You know, I loved their electro/indie pop songs from EP during last years, but their folk sound they decided to explore on this record is even better. This album is perfect. It's perfect for long road drives, it's perfect for isolation during lockdown, it's perfect just to sit down and think about your life and decisions, it's perfect to just experience your life. Through the lenght of this album they bring the themes of adolescence, anxiety, relationships, heartbreaks, depression and etc. But it's still uplifting album. It's not about talking about such a big topic, it's about finding a light in the end. Californian 60s/70s sound is perfect for this. Gorgeous soundtrack to this year. 
highlights: Lost Cause, Lucky to Get Him, Personal Cathedrals, Stomach



6    Halsey | If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power
"I lost all my faith and lost all hope that everything means anything at all"
Halsey became a queen of great bops and catchy hooks during the last years, and even after Nightmare, this album came out as such a surprise for me. Production is ******* insane! The fact that she got Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross :jonny: They did incredible job! Ashley's feminist, angry, honest and raw lyrics being composed by such a duo - incredible combination. I love how this album follows concept through the length, I love how even on her rock/alternative/angsty record she still show offs her vulnerable, emotional side. I love how it's clean of any collabs. Master work of art :clap3: Probably her best record as a whole. 
highlights: Easier than Lying, Lilith, honey, The Tradition



5    Jazmine Sullivan | Heaux Tales
"My girls ask me what it is, I say it's the D"
As a fan of Jazmine's talent since Love Me Back, it was hard to just sit without new music from her for years and years. The fact that after 6 years she decided to give us EP was a bit disappointing at first, but..she delivered. Even as EP it's feels more like 'concept album', full of emotion, romance, sexual freedom, self-worth, depression and many other topics she decided to capture on this record. As always, she's amazing as a songwriter, and with her rapsy voice and great production she creates such a gorgeous, smooth work of art. It's r&b at its best, very classic with some modern twists here and there, full of heartbreak, but also full of freedom, freedom of being yourself. 
highlights: On It, Pricetags, Put It Down, Pick Up Your Feelings



4    Billie Eilish | Happier Than Ever
"I've had some trauma, did things I didn't wanna, was too afraid to tell ya, but now, I think it's time"
To be honest, I didn't really expect this album, like at all. Mostly because everything she released after debut was a bit..subpar and didn't really hit me. BUT album turned out to be.. amazing? Like, as a whole record you can finally appreciate songs like 'My Future' or 'Lost Cause', which I mostly skipped when they released, these little notes, like transition from NDA to Therefore I Am makes this record work as such an experience. She departed a bit from upbeat and trap-influenced debut, but it's for better, HTE feels more mature, more thoughful, softer, and creates beautiful, somber universe. Her lyricism is sometimes dark, painful, but in the end (especially in the final, title track) she comes out as a self-conscious, confident person. Love her, or not, this album just proves that she's more than 'Bad Guy' singer.
highlights: Getting Older, Billie Bossa Nova, I Didn't Change My Number, Male Fantasy



3    Wolf Alice | Blue Weekend
"You fucked with my feelings"
Probably the biggest discoveries of this year. I knew their 'Kisses' song, but that's it, I never got into them until this year. I missed the initial release until I randomly decided to watch Delicious Things video on youtube, and whew, it got me goosebumps. Honest, raw, extravagant, emotive, finding a nice place between rock/alt-rock/punk/garage/indie pop. This album is full of feelings, and it's not entirely about heartbreak or loneliness, you can feel the variety of emotions not only through the record, but also through one song. 40 minutes of confident, euprohic, blistering songs. Every song kicks you immediately with its depth and emotions. And vocals and production just.. from the other universe. 
highlights: Lipstick on the Glass, Delicious Things, Smile, The Beach II



2    Lana Del Rey | Chemtrails Over the Country Club
"Will he still love me long after I'm gone?"
I know we hate Antonoff now, but he creates such a magic with Lana, even though I was afraid of album being more like NFR part II, she delivered with this record. One of her most athmospheric and cohesive work to date, beautifully executed, intimate record focused on her vocals and lyrics. This is mostly downtempo and folk-inspired, but you just can't love Lana for creating such a beautiful songwriting and Antonoff for making such a beautiful instrumentation for her stories. Very delicate, honest, quiet, dreamy, this record just take you to the trip in LA, 70s with the taste of romance, loneliness, nostalgia. 
highlights: Tulsa Jesus Freak, For Free, Breaking Up Slowly, Dance Till We Die



1    Miley Cyrus | Plastic Hearts
"I wonder what would happen if I die"
If someone 10 years ago would've told me that I'm gonna stan for Miley, I would've laugh hard. But here we are, after strings of good, but too messy (Bangerz), too experimental (Dead Petz), too toned-down (Younger Now) or even unfinished (She Is Miley Cyrus) projects, she delivered this gorgeous piece of art. Plastic Hearts is perfectly crafted pop-rock album, there's piece of nostalgia vibe, piece of glam-rock influence, piece of pop and etc. She's not afraid of accepting who she is or who she was, she finds the piece, independence and passion and it's reflected and captured on this album perfectly. 
highlights: Angels Like You, Golden G String, Hate Me, Never Be Me, High

This is such a perfect top 10 oh wow Honestly i regretted for placing Plastic Heart lower on my Best Of Album last year. It is a massive grower and she sounds better than ever tbh :jonny5:


I stop listen to Lana's music ever since that question for the culture thingy but honestly good for the her and people who like her new albums :clap3:

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