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TheWayWeWere Best of 2021: PG.17: SOTY/AOTY reveal!


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Well, hello gorgeous! :sistrens: We're here again, sharing our favorite music of the year! 


It's been a bit of long wait, but I'm so happy to see ATRLs favorites here!


This was a bit of tough year for me, mainly because of work change I have this year and new begginings, but I'm still finding escape in music, which I would like to share with all of you!  


This is my 6th 'best of' countdown (you can find here 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (+best of decade) and it's based on my last.fm scrobbling stats along with point system that reflects not only the amount of plays/scrobbles, but also chart performance in my YTT

This year it's 150 singles and 50 albums :gaycat4:


---schedule for next weeks:----


10.12 - opening
11.12 - recurrents, special mentions
12.12 - #144..#150 singles, #49..#50 albums
13.12 - #137..#143 singles, #47..#48 albums
14.12 - #130..#136 singles, #45..#46 albums
15.12 - #123..#129 singles, #43..#44 albums
16.12 - #116..#122 singles, #41..#42 albums
17.12 - #109..#115 singles, #39..#40 albums
18.12 - #102..#108 singles, #37..#38 albums
19.12 - #95..#101 singles, #35..#36 albums
20.12 - #88..#94 singles, #33..#34 albums
21.12 - #81..#87 singles, #31..#32 albums
22.12 - #74..#80 singles, #29..#30 albums
23.12 - #67..#73 singles, #27..#28 albums
24.12 - #60..#66 singles, #25..#26 albums
25.12 - #53..#59 singles, #23..#24 albums
26.12 - #46..#52 singles, #21..#22 albums
27.12 - #39..#45 singles, #19..#20 albums
28.12 - #32..#38 singles, #17..#18 albums
29.12 - #25..#31 singles, #15..#16 albums
30.12 - #18..#24 singles, #13..#14 albums
31.12 - #11..#17 singles, #11..#12 albums
2.01 - #6...#10 singles, #6...#10 albums
3.01 - #1...#5 singles, #1...#5 albums

---previous winners---


2 0 1 0


2 0 1 1


2 0 1 2


2 0 1 3


2 0 1 4


2 0 1 5


2 0 1 6


2 0 1 7


2 0 1 8


2 0 1 9


2 0 2 0




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S3oWOFN.png1    Miley Cyrus | Plastic Hearts

2Nhtw9l.png2    Lana Del Rey | Chemtrails Over the Country Club

zzQMK2h.png3    Wolf Alice | Blue Weekend

hI3Dnf0.png4    Billie Eilish | Happier Than Ever

9KUhkfH.png5    Jazmine Sullivan | Heaux Tales

6sLkFPt.png6    Halsey | If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power

L7lHLM3.png7    Aly & AJ | a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun

iVxDz8J.png8    Doja Cat | Planet Her

9QtdbO1.png9    Dawn Richard | Second Line

PJhHu0U.png10    Taylor Swift | evermore

MBpve58.png11    JoJo | Trying Not To Think About It [x]

OGnEOYU.png12    Lorde | Solar Power [x]

a2nLwCk.png13    Lana Del Rey | Blue Banisters [x]

82V1e3R.png14    Birdy | Young Heart [x]

yTzLWM8.png15    Marina | Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land [x]

wVwwDjj.png16    London Grammar | Californian Soil [x]

YkpbTtW.png17    Zemfira | borderline [x]

e5fbJQr.png18    Garbage | No Gods No Masters [x]

RJ0Vg98.png19    Tinashe | 333 [x]

rDvnDFy.png20    Demi Lovato | Dancing with the Devil...The Art of Starting Over [x]

S0rY5wK.png21    Taylor Swift | Fearless (Taylor's Version) [x]

kwuE2iY.png22    Olivia Rodrigo | SOUR [x]

53kt0Up.png23    Kacey Musgraves | star-crossed [x]

0lcMEI9.png24    Natalie Imbruglia | Firebird [x]

uYjzMp5.png25    Agnes | Magic Still Exists [x]

rIgY0VI.png26    Madison Beer | Life Support [x]

LFSHE6e.png27    Zara Larsson | Poster Girl [x]

fbFhqMC.png28    Anne-Marie | Therapy [x]

uvOf2gQ.png29    Lady Gaga | Dawn of Chromatica [x]

RcSPazx.png30    WILLOW | lately i feel EVERYTHING [x]

Byy4lvz.png31    Alessia Cara | In the Meantime [x]

dNyQjq3.png32    Rita Ora, Imanbek | Bang - EP [x]

3XIbA4q.png33    Julia Michaels | Not In Chronological Order [x]

tEaN7gM.png34    Katy B | Peace and Offerings [x]

uP0Ijg6.png35    RAYE | Euphoric Sad Songs [x]

gKvcC1x.png36    Sia | Music - Songs From And Inspired By The Motion Picture [x]

2M2kOck.png37    Evanescence | The Bitter Truth [x]

yQQmrjX.png38    P!nk | All I Know So Far: Setlist [x]

WAt3J6q.png39    Coldplay | Music of the Spheres [x]

U4WpTFc.png40    WILLOW, Tyler Cole | The Anxiety [x]

BCOVrW2.png41    P.J. Harding, Noah Cyrus | People Don't Change EP [x]

gH8jCHf.png42    Barbra Streisand | Release Me 2 [x]

d7ytFLk.png43    Foxes | Friends in the Corner - EP [x]

xuUrXJV.png44    Mariah Carey | Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special [x]

jWyeen6.png45    Kanye West | Donda [x]

jTF4NBA.png46    Will Young | Crying on the Bathroom Floor [x]

S5EkAts.png47    Selena Gomez | Revelación - EP [x]

2HEqYSj.png48    Kelly Rowland | K - EP [x]

0BudpVN.png49    Tori Amos | Ocean to Ocean [x]

5ZGQXTg.png50    Kelly Clarkson | When Christmas Comes Around… [x]



cYOEXmG.png1    Billie Eilish | Happier Than Ever

W5vy0iE.png2    Lana Del Rey | White Dress

D7F7I0a.png3    Lana Del Rey | Blue Banisters

c5vHyb9.png4    Doja Cat, SZA | Kiss Me More

58N6Ozv.png5    Lorde | Solar Power

gHhj3ej.png6    Lorde | Mood Ring

HYb8fPy.png7    Wolf Alice | How Can I Make It OK?

T20mU99.png8    Lana Del Rey | Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Kjq0fmu.png9    Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa | Prisoner

BT7UheT.png10    Ariana Grande | pov

dOtZjDK.png11    Aly & AJ | Symptom of Your Touch [x]

EpmJXsj.png12    Lana Del Rey | Arcadia [x]

wPQzT3z.png13    Katy B | Under My Skin [x]

whI37Ln.png14    London Grammar | Lose Your Head [x]

92ue4UC.png15    Birdy | Loneliness [x]

DxaGFn8.png16    Dua Lipa | We're Good [x]

ols1rAe.png17    Wolf Alice | No Hard Feelings [x]

29e0lNA.png18    SZA | Good Days [x]

oR8Ormm.png19    Sigala, Rita Ora | You for Me [x]

4y1Mxwb.png20    Dua Lipa | Love Again [x]

UntHVmY.png21    Rita Ora, David Guetta, Imanbek, Gunna | Big [x]

ujuHIf7.png22    Adele | Easy on Me [x]

NNlnwOU.png23    Julia Michaels | All Your Exes [x]

bTQtRW3.png24    Wolf Alice | The Last Man on Earth [x]

8tPq5BB.png25    Marina | Venus Fly Trap [x]

15I1lBB.png26    Aly & AJ | Listen!!! [x]

3I5yEdw.png27    Olivia Rodrigo | deja vu [x]

dmc3jgj.png28    Birdy | Deepest Lonely [x]

KqQlG2c.png29    Billie Eilish | NDA [x]

xuwaMyT.png30    Aly & AJ | Slow Dancing [x]

3YM08Zr.png31    Doja Cat | Streets [x]

DiXerUD.png32    Camila Cabello | Don't Go Yet [x]

LyWbdcj.png33    London Grammar | How Does It Feel [x]

0n5t0w8.png34    Halsey | I am not a woman, I'm a God [x]

kaRwpA8.png35    Doja Cat, The Weeknd | You Right [x]

Vp5OfNC.png36    JoJo | Worst (I Assume) [x]

3Y5H1ho.png37    Jazmine Sullivan | Lost One [x]

khu7Hj8.png38    Jessie Ware | Please [x]

qFwHDcl.png39    P!nk | All I Know So Far [x]

LdQnXfS.png40    Taylor Swift | willow [x]

y4daegU.png41    Kylie Minogue | Real Groove [x]

ho01zBK.png42    Charli XCX | Good Ones [x]

cQZNGG8.png43    Anne-Marie, Little Mix | Kiss My (Uh Oh) [x]

AwcNPiC.png44    Natalie Imbruglia | Build It Better [x]

Duf1hiN.png45    JoJo | Anxiety (Burlinda's Theme) [x]

Ieit4U2.png46    Jazmine Sullivan, H.E.R. | Girl Like Me [x]

tgJm3IL.png47    Elton John, Dua Lipa | Cold Heart (Pnau Remix) [x]

l497KdD.png48    Jazmine Sullivan | Pick Up Your Feelings [x]

fD02P0A.png49    Halsey | You Asked for This [x]

RaRh7EP.png50    Noah Cyrus | All Three [x]

yrI1LFO.png51    Aly & AJ | Don't Need Nothing [x]

JPTNTUn.png52    Olivia Rodrigo | good 4 u [x]

IxWOODu.png53    Foxes | Sister Ray [x]

rglZYte.png54    Tinashe, Buddy | Pasadena [x]

3fEev21.png55    Aly & AJ | Pretty Places [x]

sfnI9hN.png56    Chlöe | Have Mercy [x]

siDmNK1.png57    Billie Eilish | Lost Cause [x]

1M00wxq.png58    Lana Del Rey | Let Me Love You Like a Woman [x]

QHCkFnl.png59    Lana Del Rey | Text Book [x]

AyhCQG8.png60    Marina | Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land [x]

GV4osd1.png61    Kacey Musgraves | justified [x]

O0BQ1fZ.png62    Dua Lipa, Angèle | Fever [x]

ZMsqv2w.png63    Billie Eilish | Your Power [x]

QYhIZnp.png64    Marina | Man's World [x]

d4c5G6t.png65    WILLOW, Travis Barker | t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l [x]

DVFQVdd.png66    MØ | Live to Survive [x]

KRhl6Ka.png67    Zara Larsson | Look What You've Done [x]

lrIFWcY.png68    P.J. Harding, Noah Cyrus | You Belong to Somebody Else [x]

JLvMCbj.png69    Marina | Purge the Poison [x]

OOAhl4h.png70    Lorde | Stoned at the Nail Salon [x]

jDylQ5N.png71    Dawn Richard | Boomerang [x]

2MNrQ44.png72    Dawn Richard | Mornin|Streetlights [x]

v4Zn4wD.png73    No Rome, Charli XCX, The 1975 | Spinning [x]

WxUjap1.png74    HAIM, Taylor Swift | Gasoline [x]

VPTnXvc.png75    Tove Styrke | Start Walking [x]

uMP9wzm.png76    Mabel | Let Them Know [x]

fdYlF6l.png77    BAYNK, Tinashe | Esther [x]

xpACTQA.png78    P.J. Harding, Noah Cyrus | Dear August [x]

CFLx73e.png79    ELIO, Charli XCX | CHARGER (Charli XCX Rework) [x]

3ijfQkV.png80    Dawn Richard | Jacuzzi [x]

vNeL7dr.png81    Billie Eilish | Therefore I Am [x]

W8Tmgom.png82    Mahalia, Rico Nasty | Jealous [x]

itsLwau.png83    Lana Del Rey | Wildflower Wildfire [x]

wZtaNWy.png84    Kylie Minogue, Years & Years | A Second to Midnight [x]

TVuwbKE.png85    Caroline Polachek | Bunny is a Rider [x]

cRn7kQR.png86    Sigrid | Mirror [x]

KjNaoAW.png87    WILLOW, Tyler Cole | Meet Me at Our Spot [x]

X69jfos.png88    Agnes | 24 Hours [x]

vriJQvz.png89    Katy B, Jaz Karis | Open Wound [x]

IkbT8ju.png90    Foxes | Kathleen [x]

pkq7XNM.png91    Doja Cat | Need to Know [x]

MvayqQi.png92    The Weeknd, Ariana Grande | Save Your Tears [x]

FJQgDTm.png93    Kehlani | Altar [x]

SDlJP7Q.png94    Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro | Baila Conmigo [x]

VqzWiFy.png95    Alessia Cara | Shapeshifter [x]

TyaTplM.png96    Birdy | Second Hand News [x]

BjWme29.png97    Chloe x Halle | Ungodly Hour [x]

wshqDwI.png98    Tove Styrke | Mood Swings [x]

3fQcKAy.png99    Normani, Cardi B | Wild Side [x]

cYt0YXM.png100    Coldplay | Higher Power [x]

aLAU9ZA.png101    Garbage | The Men Who Rule the World [x]

OzKv5li.png102    Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande | Met Him Last Night [x]

pnACXt5.png103    Taylor Swift, HAIM | no body, no crime [x]

GxhL9jf.png104    Demi Lovato | Dancing With the Devil [x]

VXlivUq.png105    Silk City, Ellie Goulding | New Love [x]

Oi0Z4nZ.png106    Tinashe | Bouncin [x]

8IO2qC9.png107    Olivia Rodrigo | traitor [x]

ErrDNB7.png108    London Grammar | Lord It's a Feeling [x]

t5cIgsd.png109    Natalie Imbrulia | On My Way [x]

kBK9zjZ.png110    BANKS | Skinnydipped [x]

AvKDi5n.png111    Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves | Easy Remix [x]

XMNtVxZ.png112    Anne-Marie, Niall Horan | Our Song [x]

2lFeJbI.png113    Jessie Ware | Hot n Heavy [x]

ghUxq6r.png114    Sigrid | Burning Bridges [x]

bktOnN2.png115    WILLOW, Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker | G R O W [x]

tRJkjx7.png116    FKA twigs, Headie One, Fred Again… | Don't Judge Me [x]

3ampmeT.png117    ionnalee, iamamiwhoami | summer never ended the damage was all mine [x]

tjHA4QC.png118    Coldplay, BTS | My Universe [x]

hhKTCSa.png119    Dawn Richard | Bussifame [x]

dNESpjy.png120    Surf Mesa, Madison Beer | Carried Away [x]

zzAyZr3.png121    Bebe Rexha | Sacrifice [x]

EB1tzRX.png122    Sia, David Guetta | Floating Through Space [x]

30HZRJE.png123    Birdy | Surrender [x]

M8lCXI3.png124    JoJo | Creature of Habit [x]

4cGDfh4.png125    Natalie Imbruglia | Maybe It's Great [x]

aXumo3i.png126    Kacey Musgraves | simple times [x]

aOTMR3k.png127    Kacey Musgraves | star-crossed [x]

DKMlHk3.png128    Taylor Swift | Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version) [x]

5jcYSo4.png129    Taylor Swift, The National | coney island [x]

maUBpw2.png130    Madison Beer | BOYSHIT [x]

0Nyo710.png131    Jennifer Lopez | In The Morning [x]

vLTAXuq.png132    MØ | Kindness [x]

9VbxhG3.png133    Martin Garrix, Tove Lo | Pressure [x]

4XzlRWn.png134    Joel Corry, RAYE, David Guetta | BED [x]

r3LnzLV.png135    Katy Perry | Electric [x]

oVUwJh4.png136    Olivia Rodrigo | drivers license [x]

Hwzfyyw.png137    Garbage | No Gods No Masters [x]

xHLM4zZ.png138    P!nk, Willow Sage Hart | Cover Me In Sunshine [x]

qXT15gK.png139    Kylie Minogue | Dance Floor Darling [x]

wlxmIVg.png140    Pop Smoke, Dua Lipa | Demeanor [x]

l1O5YFq.png141    Jhené Aiko | Born Tired [x]

2Esjvzy.png142    London Grammar | America [x]

1Mre2f3.png143    Joel Corry, Jax Jones, Charli XCX, Saweetie | OUT OUT [x]

hKpBWpm.png144    Jazmine Sullivan | Tragic [x]

3ojURQT.png145    RAYE | Regardless [x]

gXSOpZD.png146    Cheat Codes, Tinashe | Lean on Me [x]

s1fMZ65.png147    Emeli Sandé | Look What You've Done [x]

SfrLBcA.png148    Big Red Machine, Taylor Swift | Renegade [x]

jiDbjLy.png149    Mitski | Working for the Knife [x]

X7mHW76.png150    Gwen Stefani | Let Me Reintroduce Myself [x]



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You always know how to serve so I expect that to continue this time around :celestial4:



and it's based on my last.fm scrobbling stats along with point system that reflects not only the amount of plays/scrobbles, but also chart performance in my YTT

what YTT? :oh::oh::oh:

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Your graphics and taste are always SUPER good, we will be stopping by

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Im always excited for your best ofs :WAP:

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Many talented legends in your previous lists, but there was one thing missing… and that was the moment I knew. :shakeno:

Considering the Kylie / Jessie domination of previous years, I will be rooting for their masterpiece of a collaboration. But I fear it may be too recent to chart high based on scrobbles. :dancehall:

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There are some albums and songs I love on your precious lists so I'll be keeping an eye out for this :foxaylove:

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9 hours ago, Achilles. said:

Many talented legends in your previous lists, but there was one thing missing… and that was the moment I knew. :shakeno:

Considering the Kylie / Jessie domination of previous years, I will be rooting for their masterpiece of a collaboration. But I fear it may be too recent to chart high based on scrobbles. :dancehall:

Kiss of Life :sleigh:

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The graphics are everything and the taste is immaculate. Cant wait!!

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