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Tsareena's Best of 21 | Albums Ruhvealed


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Solar Power, Planet Her, WYP?, Blue Banisters, star-crossed, Sour, Happier Than Ever and 333 :clap3:

I will have to check some of those cause I've seen them in other lists too including your #1.

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oh wait you just dumped your entire albums list :dies:

glad to see solar power being in HMs at least and not trashed! 

blue banisters deserved the top 10 over COCC! 

colourgrade, texis, collapsed in sunbeams, sour, blue weekend, HTE, daddys home :alexz: 

jubilee and indigo top 3 :jonny: mercurial world #1 ofc :clap3: 

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  • ATRL Administrator

Sling, Juno, Texis, SOUR, Daddys Home, CINEMA, Jubilee :clap3:

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Saving that Magdalena Bay as I type :celestial5:Always good to see Erika and Tinashe in another top 10. Lana too :clap3: 

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The Doja description LOL

Clementine was a bop but I don’t even think I’ve listened to much of their albums just singles


I’m scared to get into Little Simz, does it give Rhapsody?


I wanna check out CHAI from the ones I don’t know though.

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to hell with it & LYWW Vol. 3 on top 5 best EP :jonny5:


FFF, Justine Go Genesis, Symptom of Your Touch, Please, The Last Man On Earth, Working for the Knife, Addicted, Drama & Have Mercy acclaim :clap3: We love to see it!


Good Days, Wild Side, Thot Shit & Bouncin' being in the top 10 as well :jonny5: Honestly Twerkulator didn't hit me when i first heard it but it's really a bop after listening it through boredom. i'm kinda a bit bored with Be Sweet since i played this song waaay to much but it was the first song that i've ever heard of them and it slays!




30 & Still Over It on Honorable mentions :clap3:


In These Silent Days, Planet Her, WYP platinum, SIMBI, star-crossed, SFTH, Texis, Collapsed in Sunbeams, Blue Weekend, SOUR, HTE & A Touch of the Beat... massive acclaim :jonny5:


On 12/27/2021 at 12:59 AM, Tsareena said:


While I enjoy this variety, i appreciate the album narrative most which goes over the stages of a failed relationship from when it's good to the breakup and post-breakup. she uses more than just the lyrics to show the turbulence of emotions. Really amazing stuff.

Slays: Bouncin, 333, The Chase


Amazing follow up from Erika de Stallion. Did not know she was also a rapstress. Erika still draws a lot from older rnb classic and this album feels very early 2000s but there's a lot of exciting variety here. Her writing is also amazing on this. Love the simple, conversational style she uses on a lot of the tracks.

Slays: Secretly, Someone to Chill With, Busy


Such a warm and lovely album from jbrekkie <3 Love the production, the melodies and the writing on most tracks. Really varied influences on a journey to happiness for her from 2 previous albums that were sad af. There are still quite a few emotional moments for me in the 2nd half though.

Slays: Paprika, Be Sweet, Posing in Bondage

AHH my holy trinity :alexz:

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On 12/23/2021 at 3:40 AM, PrinceMichaelFan said:

Not 30 is #60 :santa:

It's what it deserves 🤭

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