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KasioKas' BEST of 2021 Finale | #1 Song & Album Revealed!


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Woman Like Me, Merry Christmas Baby, AIWFCIY, Cry Your Heart Out, Met Him Last Night :michael: "C**di exit stage left" I wish she would.. for good! :oh: After Last Night + Fever :smile: FFF, Only When It Snows, My GFs Are My BF, Dancing with the Devil, Leave the Door Open are all nice :clap: I Drink Wine mmm love that one, recently became one of my '30' favorites.



Check out unforgettable and tell me what you think, I think it's about her friend who passed away?

Sounds like it'd be a TMYLM super deluxe track :celestial5:

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I liked Leave the door open & Dancing with the devil but both grew old kinda fast, so they are good around these positions :pancake:

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Let me answer our question but also referring to your new reveal! Both Cry Your Heart Out and Stranger By Nature are really underrated and people usually put them in bottom 3, which is a shame, cause I love both so glad they made your list. I can understand that Cry Your Heart Out has quirky chorus that can be a bit off putting, but Stranger is so mystical :jonny2:

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1 hour ago, KasioKas said:

104. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open

100. Adele - Cry Your Heart Out

These two are my faves. Sadly I couldn't listen to the whole Silk Sonic album before I finished up my lists.

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106. Doja Cat - Get Into It (Yuh)

103. X Ambassadors - My Own Monster

97. Little Mix - Love (Sweet Love)

91. Rita Ora & Imanbek - Bang Bang

my own monster ended up being the only song i kept from their album :keir:


bang bang is a bop :jamming: 

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Pick Up Your Feelings, After Last Night, Leave the Door Open, SO GOOD. I haven't heard this version of that Normani song, let me listening

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wild side and get into it :WAP: 

cry your heart out, love sweet love, met him last night, main thing, worst behavior are cute! 

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On 12/20/2021 at 5:15 AM, KasioKas said:


125. Doja Cat - Payday (feat. Young Thug)

124. Zara Larsson - FFF

115. Dua Lipa - Fever (feat. Angèle)

114. Demi Lovato - My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend (feat. Saweetie)



On 12/20/2021 at 5:24 AM, KasioKas said:


106. Doja Cat - Get Into It (Yuh)

105. Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

97. Little Mix - Love (Sweet Love)

96. JoJo - Worst (I Assume)

95. Little Mix - Between Us

93. Ariana Grande - worst behavior

92. Demi Lovato - Met Him Last Night (feat. Ariana Grande)

91. Rita Ora & Imanbek - Bang Bang

90. Ariana Grande - main thing

88. Delta Goodrem - Dear Elton






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We're getting to my faves now :jonny5:



86. Demi Lovato - Carefully

85. Qveen Herby - Faster

84. Madison Beer - Effortlessly

83. Wrabel - wish you well

82. Pentatonix - The Lucky Ones

81. Christian French - avalanche

80. Wrabel - don't pick up the phone

79. Kelly Clarkson - Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)

78. Anne-Marie & Little Mix - Kiss My (Uh Oh) [Girl Power Remix] [feat. Becky Hill, RAYE & Stefflon Don]

77. Cynthia Erivo - What In The World


76. Doja Cat - Need To Know

75. Pentatonix - Happy Now

74. Jessie J & Billy Porter - I Want Love (feat. twocolors) [twocolors Remix]

73. Kelly Clarkson & Ariana Grande - Santa, Can't You Hear Me

72. Doja Cat - Ain't Shit

71. Imagine Dragons - Cutthroat

70. JoJo - B.I.D.

69. Adele - Easy On Me

68. Demi Lovato - Anyone

(Just have to say this - the IMMESNE vulnerability and honesty Demi revealed here lyrically, the phenom studio and live performance? - excellent:clap3:)

67. SAYGRACE/Femme It Forward - If There Really Is A God


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Carefully and Anyone :alexz:

I also love Effortlessly, Need To Know, Ain't Shit and Easy On Me.

Kiss My (Uh Oh) and I Want Love are bops but I don't like the remixes tbh

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Anyone + Easy On Me + Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You) :worship:

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Carefully yesss :smitten: Christmas Isn't Canceled & Easy On Me :heart: Santa, Can't You Hear Me is cute, although I expected a bit better for a Christmas collab. Cutthroat :clap3: Faster is good from what I remember, maybe top 3 from the album? Anyone live >> studio, not necessarily in love with either. Still love the vulnerability of course.


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86. Demi Lovato - Carefully

76. Doja Cat - Need To Know

72. Doja Cat - Ain't Shit

70. JoJo - B.I.D.

68. Demi Lovato - Anyone



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demi, doja, kelly and ariana :jonny5:


can't wait to see what your favorite demi track was this year 

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