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HONESTLY, 2021. - finished!!


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thanks for all the indie and latine messages :heart2: first update, tomorrow night, shall be TOP 20 MUSIC VIDEOS


let's go!


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“Ode to the Blue”

 Dir. by Dicky Bahto


Not necessarily a whole lot going on, but I don't think I can think of any other video that came out this year that feels more heartwarming than this. Helps so much how well this concept fits with Grouper's sound and aesthetic, surprisingly.







 Dir. by Derek Branscome


There have been multiple recorded cases of surgeons performing brain surgeries on patients while they were playing instruments such as saxophones, violins or guitars. This experimental procedure is done in order to avoid damaging control of hand movements and coordination during the surgery.





Tokischa & Rosalía


 Dir. by Raimi Paulus


One of the coolest parties you have never been invited to, really dig the homage to Afro-Dominican queer, trans and drag culture as well. You can really tell Tokischa, Rosalía and everyone involved in the video was having lots of fun.






Normani feat. Cardi B

“Wild Side”

 Dir. by Tanu Muino


If "Motivation" proved Normani's potential to be a popstar, this music video confirms it. Her dance moves, her attitude, her looks are perfectly complemented by a masterful editing and incredibly stylish places to perform in.





Megan Thee Stallion

“Thot Shit”

 Dir. by Aube Pierre


The video is fun enough in its own and the message about conservative, hypocritical men in power does hit but probably wouldn't have made the list if not for the disturbing body horror of the ending. I know Megan is a fan of horror movies and she really delivered with that.







 Dir. by Juli Grass & Juanita


Really love this AI aesthetic taking off in Argentinian "trap" (or whatever genre this would be), shout-out to Regina Ceii and MAJA, they elevate this video from being cool to quite incredible. Also worth watching is the follow up to it, "RACE", which is less great maybe but still pretty fun.






Magdalena Bay


Dir. by Luke Orlando


Magdalena Bay's visual aesthetic has always been very lo-fi, recording almost all of their videos with a green screen and very little else. Which is why this video, some sort of retro-futuristic sci-fi featuring lasers, people's heads put into boxes, brain scans and cables feels like such a welcome chance of pace - if anything because it still evokes the same nostalgia that characterises them, albeit with, you know... more budget.





Dua Lipa

“Love Again”

Dir. by Lope Serrano/CANADA


Maybe it's the country/rodeo aesthetic but it does remind me a lot of Madonna's Don't Tell Me, one of the first videos I saw on TV when I was a kid, except more... abstract? Weird? But nostalgia aside, this video is great, this and "Physical" proves that Dua and CANADA are a fantastic team and I would love to see them work together more often in the future.





Little Simz


 Dir. by Little Simz


A beautiful homage to women all around the world, that feels genuine without falling into "girlboss" tropes or anything. Still, everything ranging from the location to the outfits looks absolutely regal in the best way possible.







“Sink In"

 Dir. by Leah Walker


My biggest "me and who" ever.


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Love Again's MV is weird I didn't really got the point lol but it was cute I guess :cm:

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Injury Reserve


Dir. by Parker Corey


Not much seems to be going on in this music video at least on first glance, but... really does pack a lot emotional weight, and is a ultimately great homage to Stepa J Groggs and an accurate reflection of grief and the emptiness left inside when losing a loved one. Capturing so much emotion with seemingly so little is truly awe-inspiring.








Dir. by Frederick Heyman & Arca


Courtesy of visual artist Frederick Heyman, this two-part video is an introduction to the visual world of the Kick album series, where each incredibly detailed album cover (as well as some additional visuals) takes life in a beautiful yet grotesque way that's uniquely characteristic of Arca's work.





FKA twigs, Headie One & Fred Again.

“Don't Judge Me”

Dir. by Emmanuel Adjei & FKA twigs


Multiple parts of this video were shot in front of the scuplture "Fons Americanus", housed in London museum Tate Modern in London and created by American artist Kara Walker. It alludes to the trans-atlantic slave trade and the impact of exploitation in Africa and the Caribbean. It helps trasmit the message of the video and by proxy the track itself, feels like a very poignant, touching yet still realistic reflection of Black British past and present.






black midi

“John L”

Dir. by Nina McNeely


This being directed by same person who choreographed Climax makes so much sense. Albeit in an entirely different context and aesthetic, it does contain quite a lot of what I love about that movie, like the intensity, the unexpectedness and of course, the incredible choreography.






Dir. by Lloyd Pursall


The shot at the beginning where she is dancing and like 5 or 6 dancers come from behind her back in a row to perform a perfect choreography truly has to be one of my favorite music video moments this year. Tinashe is such an impressive dancer and kills it in front of the camera in this. The trampoline sequence! Only she could pull that off. Greatness. Truly.






Charli XCX

“Good Ones"

Dir. by Hannah Lux Davis


Not a "sell-out moment" as many have unfortunately claimed, but rather a reminder that, regardless of the bleep-bloop stuff (which I obviously love), the PC Music-affiliation, and "hyperpop" allegations, Charli XCX is first and foremost a Main Pop Girl. Many of you certainly wish your funerals were as cool as this random guy's was, at least.







“Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty”

Dir. by Joy Song


My first proper introduction to Yeule was actually due to the "Pretty Bones" music video. I have listened to one or two songs of theirs prior, but a video as wonderful as that really made me get into them as an artist even more. I feel like this video makes me feel the same way I did when I saw that video for the first time. "The Scientist" by Coldplay could only wish.





“Just for Me”

Dir. by LAUZZA & PinkPantheress


This music video looks like it could be for 3 different types of music videos in the early 00s at the same time: edgy electronic music, nu metal, and VH1-core pop rock about how it's always important to be yourself. And it actually works really well! Only one thing: to be honest, I close my eyes everytime the spider comes in, so... yeah. Otherwise love this fully.





Squid feat. Martha Skye Murphy


Dir. by Felix Green


The way this video constantly plays with location and the effects it takes to do so, the sort of late 00s Google Earth vibes of it, it feels incredibly detailed and keeps you on the edge of your seat in a similar way to the way the song does for eight minutes and a half. You're going to have a hard time finding a more interesting performance video to look at, for sure.





Fair warning here: if you're someone easily grossed out... just don't watch the video <3 trust me just in case lol



Marina Herlop


Dir. by Anxo Casal


"Events shown in this film have been guided and supervised by a team of experts. No animals were treated disrespectfully to achieve the recording of this video."

Whenever I think of what music video was my favorite of what year, I try to think of videos that left me completely astonished when watching them, with a mouth open. Many of these videos often had fantastic visual effects, grandiose sets, brilliant choreography, etc. But most of what makes this video my favorite of the year, and so appealing for me in particular, is that it's the opposite. A lot of what you see here is just nature in action, and humans' interaction with it. It can be gross, shocking and sometimes difficult to watch, but that's also part of its beauty.

I hope those cows are okay and alive as of today, though. Not that I am vegetarian myself yet but I am saying.

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love your formatting. I tried doing that but it takes ages :jonny: so respect the hustle unless you have a better method than me which I'd love to know about


I've commented on your rym list but I'll say it here- wish I had more will and attention span to watch music videos cause I love most/all of these songs but have not seen their vids. Bouncin and DBSHOYOB are VOTYs though it's true.

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omg, YAS @ Love Again love, I didn't get the hate for that video at all :jonny2:

Wild Side :clap3: Bouncin :clap3:

Good Ones is one of her best videos in ages tbh

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wild side yas :WAP: 

love again was NOT good tho, her best song did not deserve that 

prada/rakata was just insane. the details, the production, the yassification, i can't

good ones is a cute video :lakitu: 

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Ahhh I love that you include music videos. I didn't watch many this year so I'll just clap along to my favorite that got the highest, Good Ones! :clap:

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On 12/14/2021 at 3:49 AM, theblackestday said:

love your formatting. I tried doing that but it takes ages :jonny: so respect the hustle unless you have a better method than me which I'd love to know about


I've commented on your rym list but I'll say it here- wish I had more will and attention span to watch music videos cause I love most/all of these songs but have not seen their vids. Bouncin and DBSHOYOB are VOTYs though it's true.

I just do a table on Microsoft Word, make the lines invisible and copy it onto here :rip: if it was more difficult than that I surely wouldn't do it lol


On 12/14/2021 at 3:50 AM, TheWayWeWere said:

omg, YAS @ Love Again love, I didn't get the hate for that video at all :jonny2:

Wild Side :clap3: Bouncin :clap3:

Good Ones is one of her best videos in ages tbh

This tea :clap3:Love Again video rules... it was too ahead of time for some people maybe


thanks for everyone's comments :heart2: next update will be TOP 20 EPs which will start tomorrow


I'll start commenting on your Best Ofs very soon too, since I'm finally free from finals now!


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Little Simz, Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa & Arca visual are unmacthed and honestly one of the best this year :clap3:


Tinashe & Normani also prove that doing hard-hitting choreo on the MV is still possible :clap3:#BringBackChoreo2022

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Love again and good ones.


Shit i dunno how you got the video next to the font. I can't even get my video to center xD

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On 12/14/2021 at 1:27 AM, TRF. said:


Great new discovery. I love Break it off. :jonny:

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TOP 20 EPs



Ecco2k: PXE EP Album Review | Pitchfork





Genre: Glitch Pop, Art Pop

Noise Pop, Post-Industrial, Indietronica

Label: YEAR0001 || Country: Sweden


Multi-talented artist and Drain Gang member ECCO2K released one of the most brilliant records of 2019, E, almost at the last second of it - a record very important for me during the first few months of quarantine. More than a year after it, he dropped its follow-up, 'PXE', a five-track EP.

'PXE' was entirely self-produced, and it has a less polished sound than its predecessor, with an almost indie rock and industrial noise edge to it, reminiscent of his Crush_Resist EP. While quite short and intentionally rough around the edges, there's still a lot of what makes his music so unique and appealing.


Highlights: "In the Flesh", "No***'s Song", "Big Air"

RIYL: Black Dresses, Oli XL, Fax Gang, Organ Tapes



Amazon.com: Xtra Cost - EP [Explicit] : Rakky Ripper: Música Digital



Rakky Ripper

Xtra Cost

Genre: Electropop, Hyperpop, Contemporary R&B

Dance-Pop, Pop Rap, Bubblegum Bass

Label: self-released || Country: Spain


In 2019, Spanish singer Rakky Ripper released her debut album 'Neptune Diamond', moving away from her earlier trap and reggaeton roots to focus on catchy fun PC Music-influenced electropop.

Her latest EP, 'Xtra Cost', is kind of an extension of that. While definitely adjacent to "hyperpop", it feels like it was moreso inspired by 90's and early 00's R&B/pop than anything else, only the last track mostly deviating from that formula, and Rakky is enough of a charismatic personality and a good vocalist to truly drive that home.


Highlights: "Jacuzzi", "Dame y vete", "Coyote"

RIYL: Rina Sawayama, Charli XCX, Princesa Alba, Hannah Diamond


Sofía Kourtesis: la artista peruana que conquista Europa al ritmo de la  electrónica | ENTREVISTA | LUCES | EL COMERCIO PERÚ



Sofía Kourtesis

Fresia Magdalena

Genre: Microhouse

French House, Outsider House, Tech House

Label: Technicolour || Country: Peru


The third EP by Peruvian house producer Sofía Kourtesis is inspired by her home country, its beliefs, its nature and history, but also by her own conncetion to it, in an emotional sense. The EP is named after her mother and the neighbourhood in which she grew up in, and tracks like "La perla" and "Nicolás" were while coping with her father's loss.

It feels personal, emotional and nostalgic, but doesn't forget the purpose of house music, which is to make people dance. Its grooves are immaculate and unstoppable, taking club music as emotional catharsis.


Highlights: "La perla", "Nicolás", "Dakotas" 

RIYL: Nicolás Jaar, DJ Koze, Ela Minus, Octo Octa


Queer + Black | Grove




Queer + Black

Genre: UK Bass, UK Hip Hop, Experimental Hip Hop

Dancehall, Jungle, Deconstructed Club, Conscious Hip Hop

Label: Memorials of Destruction || Country: UK


Inspired by dancehall, drum and bass, jungle, and other UK dance music genres, producer and rapper Grove's debut EP is a very exciting release with the clubs in mind (even in a post-pandemic world), which also is elevated by their perfromance in which they address issues related to identity and class in a way that lets you know it's serious, but never loses its edge of fun and humour all around.


Highlights: "Ur Boyfriend's Wack", "Black", "Fuck Ur Landlord"

RIYL: Shygirl, Zebra Katz, Sega Bodega, JPEGMAFIA

Ethel Cain: Inbred EP Album Review | Pitchfork


Ethel Cain


Genre: Slowcore, Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave

Ambient Pop, Post-Rock

Label: self-released || Country: USA


Inspired by her experience growing up in an insular Baptist community in the state of Florida, singer/songwriter Ethel Cain takes the choral, grandiose, "holy" aspects of the hymns she was exposed to and gives them a darker, more realistic, secular twist.

The result is a record that alternates between delicacy and sheer abrasiveness, with lyrics that discuss spirituality, sexuality, identity and the uncertainty of the future in a candid way, ensuring a promising future for Ethel as a voice in indie-adjacent rock music.


Highlights: "Michelle Pfeiffer", "God's Country", "Unpunishable"

RIYL: Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman, Nicole Dollanganger



EP | Mandy, Indiana


Mandy, Indiana


Genre: Post-Punk, EBM

Industrial Techno, Dance-Punk, Industrial Rock, Synth Punk

Label: Fire Talk || Country: UK


There isn't exactly a shortage of post-punk bands coming from the British Isles, which is why when a band stands out they... really have to stand out. Mandy, Indiana do for multiple reasons, in my opinion.

Vocalist Valentine Caulfield monotone spoken word vocals in French feel entrancing and terrifying all at once, but combined with the hard-hitting industrial-techno beats that make it barely recognizable to be anything remotely close to post-punk while retaining part of what makes it what it is, truly seals the deal. This short untitled EP proves what they're capable of, leaving me personally salivating for more.


Highlights: "Bottle Episode", "Alien 3"

RIYL: TR/ST, Front 242, This Heat, Lydia Lunch


Stream ooodisea | Listen to COLORPIANO playlist online for free on  SoundCloud





Genre: Neoclassical Darkwave, Singer/Songwriter

Noise, Ambient, Field Recordings

Label: self-released || Country: Argentina


The first EP by Argentinian singer/songwriter Ooodisea is a gorgeous compilation of tracks that are mostly led by piano and vocals.

Yet quite far from basic as that description might imply, these songs feel intense and noisy in the best way possible, feeling exactly the length they need to be despite some songs extending beyond the 8 minute mark. Each track sounds distant and ghostly in its own way yet also comfortable and familiar, like a radio transmission from the underworld where they play all your favorite songs.


Highlights: "Dilooo", "Loooser", "Pies sooobre la tierra"

RIYL: Ruins-era Grouper, Lingua Ignota, Fennesz, Dead Can Dance


LSDXOXO: Dedicated 2 Disrespect EP Album Review | Pitchfork




Dedicated 2 Disrespect

Genre: Hip House, Ghetto House

Ballroom, UK Bass, Hardcore Breaks, Baltimore Club

Label: XL || Country: USA


My first exposure to LSDXOXO was his work as a producer and collaborator for Cakes da Killa, but he's had multiple releases, mixtapes and EPs in which he delivered his own version of club music, inspired by Black queer ballroom culture.

His first EP for XL Recordings is a display of what he does best, four bangers that sound like they were made for the dirtiest dancing possible, with LSDXOXO's own insanely confident vocal delivery elevating each track. It's seductive, addictive, as fun as club music can get.


Highlights: "The Devil", "Sick Bitch", "Mutant Exotic"

RIYL: Azealia Banks, Cakes da Killa, Lotic, Cajmere



pushing daisies | julie




Pushing Daisies

Genre: Shoegaze, Noise Pop, Indie Rock

Post-Punk, Noise Rock

Label: self-released || Country: USA


Last year, rock band Julie's single "Flutter" went semi-viral on TikTok, amassing over 5 million streams up until today. Quite odd for a relatively new band whose music doesn't sound tailored for virality at all, relying on the moss abrasive, grimier end of shoegaze than anything else.

This EP expands on the promise of their debut single, with a less lo-fi, grungy approach, showcasing a lot more mature and hooky songwriting that greatly complements their combination of post-punk, noise rock and shoegaze that sounds lifted from the 90's but also very much from today. They're proving they're not really a fluke, but here to stay.


Highlights: "alien's-blood", "lochness", "dairy pusher"

RIYL: Candy Claws, Makthaverskan, The Swirlies, Sky Ferreira







Panther in Mode

Genre: Dancehall, Alternative R&B, UK Bass

Afroswing, Amapiano, Pop Rap, Afro-House

Label: Because || Country: UK


One of my favorite tracks of 2020 was "Sweating" by Alewya, a song that seemingly out of nowhere got engrained in my conscience, in a year where most of us stayed locked inside, it conveyed the emotion of being in a club sweating your ass off, all I wanted of a pop song then.

That song is not on her debut EP, Panther in Mode, but that doesn't mean it's any less good, it's 6 tracks that adapt music from the African diaspora all around the world to the record's own themes of spirituality inspired by her Ethiopian and Egyptian heritage, made for losing yourself in the music like there's nothing left to do.


Highlights: "Dragon", "Spirit_X", "Play"

RIYL: Koffee, Popcaan, Pa Salieu, Kelela

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Inbred is great! Really excited to see where she goes next :duca:


Also liked Rakky’s EP, kind of forgot it came out dhfjfj but Whatever is such a banger


Curious about a couple of these, particularly the Julie one :lakitu: lemme check it out

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wtf I don't know ANY OF THESE I've heard of the XSDXCX thing before so maybe I'll check that out first.

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wtf I don't know ANY OF THESE [2] might check out the LSDXOXO one since i've seen it in a few places 

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I listened to Rakky singles so far and they are slays :jonny5: Let mecheck out her EP real quick

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not really familiar with anyone, but I think I should listen to LSDXOXO judging by description :-* 

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The videos list is super good, especially Arca and Woman! Love that Dua took the spot too, they do make a great team and I like how CANADA videos have a lot of double meanings and references

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