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EPs: #15 - 11


Hyd.jpg a4229162010_10.jpg mavi_end_of_the_earth_ep_artwork.jpg 1b39cf74e2e5a9244b583e75aefdb307.699x699x1.png Jlin-Embryo.jpeg


15. Hyd - Hyd (alt-pop)

The face of the “infamous” QT came back on her own terms, using the PC Music crew to draw on a surprisingly downbeat sound comparable to the world Caroline started building on Pang. I think there is room here for even more growth, but still, couple of solid pop songs with experimental touches I appreciate.


14. Rakky Ripper - Xtra Cost (hyperpop)

A little bit of a scuzzier sound than her Neptune Diamond project. “Coyote” from last year is still a stunner. Más hyperpop en español por favor.


13. Mavi - End of the Earth (abstract hip hop)

Some introspective yet hard-to-decipher songs from Mavi. There’s nothing here that’s blown my mind thus far, but the beats are good and I see the promise in this scene/style of hip hop.


12. Brent Faiyaz - Do Not Listen (alternative R&B, neo-soul)



These three songs were presented as a couple random loosies (who know if/when they'll get an official release), but are low key among his best material. Love the vocal control and the overall increased adventurousness. Art Dealer Chic vibes.


11. Jlin - Embryo (IDM)

Lil bit of last-minute sound design flexing. Some of the best rhythms in the game.

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Rakky Ripper's EP was sooo good. You made me realize I forgot to include her on my own list, I loved Whatever and Coyote so much :sad:


I'll check out Hyd too, that seems interesting~

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EPs: #10 - 6




10. Clams Casino - Winter Flower (cloud rap, instrumental hip hop)


You could say this is a sequel to his Rainforest project. Not re-inventing the cloud rap wheel, but it's a nice and relaxing journey with interesting textures here and there.


9. Kaytranada - Intimidated (contemporary R&B, deep house/hip house)


Surprise surprise, more eclectic + addictive work from Kaytra. Features are strong and the whole thing wraps up before it can overstay its welcome.


8. Ecco2K - PXE (glitch pop)


Plays like a series of sketches almost, but the world-building here is nicely done. The atmosphere feels grittier than what I've heard before from him.


7. ZULI - All Caps (UK bass, breakcore[?])


Strong instrumental release with drum programming that's a ton of fun. Def recommend a listen for all my producer-heads.


6. Yves Tumor - The Asymptotical World (neo-psychedelia, noise pop)


First I thought it was Asymmetric, then Asymptomatic, imagine my surprise when I copy-paste. Hard to come up with something to say here, Yves's music often has a quality that makes it hard to fully grasp or describe. However I appreciate the psychedelic vibes + the fact that each track here is different enough to stand on its own.

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33 minutes ago, Lazuli said:

don't really know these eps :emofish: 

Same :dancehall:

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10 hours ago, SLIME said:

15. Hyd - Hyd (alt-pop)

Shout-out for including that EP. :clap:

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EPs: #5 - 1




5. Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation II (synthpop)

Love this dreamier sound from KKB. Their storytelling and scene-setting has evolved a long way and I love it, but still typically tight work from the best band in pop. I will have more to say about one song in particular. :date:


4. Blawan - Woke Up Right Handed (techno, UK bass)

Mmm.. crunchy! Nice consistency across his releases over the years. This one has a more overtly techno focus, which makes for a fun and easy listen. More of a solid whole than his previous EP this year which I also enjoyed.


See also: Soft Waahls EP


3. The Alchemist - This Thing of Ours (East Coast hip hop)


He's developed quite the reputation and over the last couple years has truly committed to feeding us. Earl delivers standout verses per usual, but there's not a bad guest feature here.


See also: This Thing of Ours 2


2. LSDXOXO - Dedicated 2 Disrespect (ballroom, hip house)


First discovered him through his stunning re-work of Kelela's "Truth or Dare" (girl we miss you) and this project delivers more of that slutty, sticky 3AM vibe. Just really hard-hitting production, I don't mind all the repetition because somehow each moment still feels essential. One demonic banger after another. Will have to explore his catalog further.


1. Doss - 4 New Hit Songs (house)


Hard to come up with words to label exactly what makes Doss's work click for me, but I guess it would be 'consistency.' Her 2014 self-titled was perfect for me in how it nailed down one specific vibe, but its long-awaited follow-up feels more bold and personable, giving each song its own different feel. "Puppy" takes you back to that classic Doss sound before she throws some PC Music-esque bleep bloops into the mix, SHOEGAZE guitars of all things, and a closer that tastes like candy. I'd describe every song as danceable, emotional, CUTE!, and having what it takes to pull me out of whatever bad mood. Overall, new Doss was a super comfy surprise coming into the new year and this is easily among my favorite recent projects. It's the music.

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gr8 ep list. E still hasn't clicked with me but for some reason ecco's ep was amusing enough. I think the "glitch-pop" area was served well in a small package. Civilisation 2 > one for sure. Princess is great but Well Rested is also worthy too. 4 hit songs #1 feels earned. I definitely prefer her 2014 ep but 4 hits songs can hold its own too with the diversity it offers. 

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omg, I think I should try LSDXOXO EP, since his Kelela remix was great, and yeah where the fuck she is? :deadbanana4:

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Such a flop stan that I never got to listen to Kay's EP. Have that + your top 2 saved :santa:

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The massive acclaim for Intimidated, Civilisation II & 4 New Hit Songs  :jonny5:


I haven't listen to Yves' new EP yet and i've read that it's not as good as '....Tortured Mind' but let me lower expecttion for this

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21 hours ago, SLIME said:

Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation II

Awesome band. They just keep getting better.

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a lot of these eps are either serves or look like serves 

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Kaytranada's EP was cute!


Kero Kero Bonito and Doss are the true stars of this list. :clap:

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Hi thank you for your comments I promise I'll respond + get into all yalls threads as well :heart2: life is crazy but I have a couple days off coming up.


I'll probably expand this last list up to 20 and cut songs down to a top 50 so I can get to posting faster.

Happy holidays


...you filthy animals.


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Hi going to post a longer list of album HMs in no order before I get into my top 25. The ranking felt kind of aimless after a point because a lot of these I wasn't able to spend the proper amount of time with; still felt they deserved to be highlighted so here we go. Thank you for your patience stand by.



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HMs (LPs) pt. 1




Halsey - If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power
(art pop, alt-rock/electronic)
THESE ONES!: Girl Is a Gun, Honey, Whispers


Yup count me as another one who didn't think she had this type of project inside of her. The upbeat songs really sell it for me with that extra punch to keep the energy up, however the ballads pull their weight as well. Overall just a noticeable level-up moment that deserves congratulations given the scope of it all.


Woesum - Blue Summer
(cloud rap)
THESE ONES!: Exceler, Summer Rain


Pretty much a showcase for the Drain Gang crew to come through and do their thing. I will say title is a bit misleading as the vibe is more ice-cold than anything.


Jimmy Edgar - Cheetah Bend
(wonky trap)
THESE ONES!: Zigzag, Notice, Metal, Get Up, Crank


A wavy expansion of his EP of the same name from late last year. Beyond SOPHIE's one appearance here, you can hear the way Jimmy internalized lessons from working/talking with her in terms of wringing the most out of a synth, and taking it to its extreme. There's a formula across these tracks that he likes to stick to, but I don't mind for now when the sound hits this much of a sweet spot. Nice features all around from from the likes of Danny Brown, Rochelle Jordan, 24hrs and more. I haven't seen anyone else talk about how "Notice" is the bop of the year, but I will.


Iglooghost - Lei Line Eon
(UK bass)
THESE ONES!: Soil Bolt, Pure Grey Circle


Straight up next-level sound design but instead of blasting you in your face with pots and pans etc., Igloo stays in a more meditative zone with some strong classical influence among other things . I do need to set aside time to let this wash over me further because I don't feel as if I've fully cracked the code here at all.


Snoh Aalegra - Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies
(neo-soul, contemporary R&B)
THESE ONES!: Save Yourself, In Your Eyes, Neon Peach


So smooth. Feel like any vibes playlist would benefit from the inclusion of one or more tracks here.


Flying Lotus - Yasuke
(TV score, instrumental hip hop)
THESE ONES!: African Samurai, Kurosaka Strikes!, Where's the Girl?, Crust


Idk the first thing about the Netflix show this is meant to accompany, but I'm down for FlyLo pushing himself out of his musical comfort zones into new territory. Explores some interesting moods and will hold me over while I wait for more bleeps and bloops.


Genesis Owusu - Smiling with No Teeth
(neo-soul, hip hop, experimental R&B)
THESE ONES!: The Other Black Dog, Gold Chains, Waitin' on Ya)


Honestly it's no one's fault but my own I didn't sit with this for longer, but the range he displays is really something and shows a talent that deserves recognition.


Vince Staples - Vince Staples
(trap, West Coast hip hop)
THESE ONES!: Are You With That?, Take Me Home, Law of Averages, Taking Trips


Don't go into this expecting a "Yeah Right" or anything, but as a stripped-down and more personal project it succeeds at what it sets out to do. I'm still waiting for those 5 albums he promised in 2018, but whatever.


Sweet Trip - A Tiny House, in Secret Speeches, Polar Equals
(Dream Pop, Indietronica)
(Walkers Beware! We Drive Into the Sun) [Stab-Slow]


This band refuses to make the same album twice, so let's celebrate that. They slowed the pace considerably for their return after 12(!) years which made this a little hard to get into for me, but the mix of dreamy guitars and bloop-y touches makes for a nice listen.


Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview on Phenomenal Nature
(singer-songwriter, ambient folk)
THESE ONES!: Michelangelo, Hard Drive, The Ramble


Usually this kind of stuff isn't my thing per se but I'll always give props where due and the beauty here did take me back just a little. Very calming.

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