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Ewan Chaos's Best of 2021! | Albums 5-1 + Songs 10-1

Ewan Chaos

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Okay so clearly I need to download the Magdalena Bay album so def doing that

Ahhhhhh Tinashe's mind is just too powerful D7bQEX5W0AASvQt.jpg Glad you're on the winning team now :clap3: 

Much love to Bouncin and HTE and Erika of course

Great overall lists sis :heart: 

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amazing #1 album :clap3: I remember only liking Busy from the singles for some reason but the rest really HIT me when the album came out :heart:

Pink Noise wasn't bad but I mostly liked it for the production :lakitu: The Turning Wheel and Mercurial World are soooooo good :jonny5:

The Beginning was a MOMENT, the last chorus and the way it loops back around :smitten: New Shapes, Bouncin, Down and Eyes Closed :clap3:

Sister Ray is so good, her best song after Body Talk for me :jamming: HTE rightfully in the top 10 as well :celestial4:

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gonna keep it brief - you know how I feel about some of your hags but thankfully the lists are not oversaturated with them and I looooooove a lot of stuff you put up high, a lot of points have been made

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