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Cloröx | 2021 Annual Report (#20 - #01 Best Albums)


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OMG the flood, the tropical depression and monsoon season here is so bad, I just can't update my countdown for days :deadbanana4:


Will start continuing this today :santa:

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On 12/15/2021 at 12:11 AM, Cloröx said:


#30. Lucy Dacus – Home Video

Her ability to channel her own feeling and deep thinking is more profound than ever. Home Video is a powerful statement from Miss Dacus, that she's also a main competitor in indie alternative scene. This is why I can't wait the next Boygenius's next project, when she returns to her old friend Kween Phoebe and Princess Julien to produce a new masterpiece, maybe in the future.




#29. Parquet Courts – Sympathy for Life

Not gonna lie, I was freaking out when they announced this album. They are one of few bands out there that I keep checking out simply due to the consistency of producing solid music. And this album is more experimental with extra insertion of electronic grooves yet the main root of their musical identity remains intact. Just Shadows is one of my guilty pleasure bops of this year.




#28. Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever

It may not have the global smash like Bad Guy but the album consists of a few tracks that simply superior than those in her debut album. Who cares about the underperformance in commercial department when it's an upgrade quality-wise. Happier Than Ever the track itself can be considered as her best song, just argue with the wall if you hardly disagreed. Oxytocin also very chaotic, a bloody mess which makes it very unique and ultimately captivating. Overall, Billie's album is better than Olivia's SOUR, poohriod!

the 1-2-3 punch :falcon:

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#20. Mickey Guyton – Remember Her Name

Country music is synonymous with white artist but Miss Guyton breaks the tradition/stereotype with her amazing album. She's not afraid to showcase her ability and it's totally worth it with multiple Grammy nominations. I absolutely in love with the album, truly one of the most recommended country albums of 2020.




#19. Julien Baker - Little Oblivions

One of the hottest names in indie music finally made her new comeback. You won't get any disappointment because she brings her creativity to another level, and the concept and theme of the album have been perfectly described. A musical genius indeed.




#18. Jazmine Sullivan - Heaux Tales

Fuck you Grammy! This album deserves AOTY nomination over H.E.R. "Back of My Mind".




#17. Andy Shauf - Wilds

A great sequel of The Neon Skyline but this time it's more personal




#16. Alfie Templeman - Forever Isn't Love Enough

Music is cute, fun and pure joyful



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#15. Manic Street Preachers - The Ultra Vivid Lament

Might be be unknown among ATRL but veteran can be considered as household name in rock field. Their 14th album probably their solid work in decades, very energetic full of momentum.




#14. Dameer - For We Are Distant

A gorgeous debut by local Malaysian artist, simplicity sometimes brings the best result. It's light, straightforward but meaningful.




#13. The Weather Station - Ignorance

The year 2021 started with absolute bang, an amazing introduction by The Weather Station. Despite a lot of competition throughout the entire year, Ignorance didn't get overshadowed.




#12. Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST

His consistency in releasing masterpiece reminds me of Kendrick Lamar. And just like Jazmine, Tyler deserves AOTY nomination over Kanye for this piece of art, period!




#11. Faye Webster - I Know I'm Funny hahaha

So yeah almost made it into Top 10 hahaha



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#10. Claud – Super Monster

It looks like parody, it sounds like parody but this is an absolute art.




#09. Anna B Savage -  A Common Turn

This is her strongest, most solid record to date. Her angelic, haunting vocal gives me so much chill, and that strengthen the already well-crafted album. 




#08. McKinley Dixon - For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her

Ladies and gentleman, here we are the only rap album by male artist that can beat Tyler's latest effort.




#07. serpentwithfeet - DEACON

My personal favorite of R&B, soul record of 2021. Almost flawless!




#06. Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Who have thought that the best rap album of 2021 is belong to female artist. Congrats to her for the breaking the odds. SIMBA perfectly encapsulate current social issue including BLM and feminism.


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#05. The War on Drugs – I Don’t Live Anymore

Their best record to date surpassing Lost in the Dream, surely a major step up from A Deeper Understanding at least in my honest opinion. Harmonia's Dream and Occasional Rain are career highlights, definitely in Top 5 of their best songs. The album serves punch after punch, overwhelming pleasant and very captivating as whole. 




#04. Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee

Asian excellence did that...!!!!!




#03. Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under

I'm glad that he sustains the consistency from the delicate Hypersonic Missiles, in fact he brings it to another level in this second album. Two years have been perfectly spent to craft a new gem. Last To Make It Home is my new addiction, it's a haunting rock ballad that slowly tear my soul. Overall, Seventeen Going Under is the embodiment of Fender's perspective of life, pure honesty.




#02. Lingua Ignota - Sinner Get Ready

Mad queen! One of out two albums that received a perfect 10 score from Melon. I definitely agreed with his opinion this time. Erghhh!!!!




01. Taylor Swift - evermore

The Music Industry indeed! There's no further explanation.

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Every other alberm in your top 20 >>> #1 


Jazmine, Tyler The C, War On Drugs, serpentwithfeet, Japanese Breakfast :clap3:

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nice to see Jubilee this high :clap3:


evermore is cute, folklore outsold

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seprent :clap3: tho duh


McKinley Dixon based on the album title seems promising. Gonna give it a listen if you think its the best male rap album

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