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Cloröx | 2021 Annual Report (#20 - #01 Best Albums)


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#50. Porter Robinson - Nurture

We start the second part of our countdown with this cute Japanese pop inspired album by Mr. Porter. The seven years waiting after a so-so debut album is worth it imo. Not a single dull moment, a simply continuous enjoyable bops until the end.




#49. Courtney Barnett - Things Take Time, Take Time

Some may call it her worst project, but it's the opposite to me. Although it's not as same level as her debut, but the excellency remains intact with no sign of degradation. Before You Gotta Go undoubtedly in Top 5 of her best songs.




#48. Turnstile - GLOW ON

It takes them their forth attempt to finally grab attention from music community especially the critics. To some extent certain people describe the album as reminiscent of Nirvana discography.




#47. Men I Trust - Untourable Album

The soft-whispering vocal is very captivating, and the melody is very sexy, sensual. The whole album is like a viagra.




#46. Snail Mail - Valentine

One the main alternative indie pop girl of our generation is making huge comeback, trying to distract us from the current kween Phoebe. The threat is there which she deserves some credits and applauses here. 

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#45. Summer Walker – Still Over It

The continuation of Over It, and this time it's coming with such unexpected huge commercial success. At least this will give a big slap on Grammy after stupidly snubbing her last year, which I predicted almost guaranteed nom in BNA and R&B field. 




#44. Nas – King’s Disease II

Just like Miss Summer, the legendary rapper also releases the sequel of King's Disease. And yeah this is an upgrade, way better than the first one and truly brings a bright light in such gloomy year for rap genre.




#43. Birdy - Young Heart

Her angelic soft voice fits the folk genre, and the musical arrangement and light production definitely catapult the mood and capture the vibes. She can't go wrong when she understands the assignment, and fully utilizes her capability. And the result is fascinating.




#42. PinkPantheress – to hell with it

She keeps the song as short as possible and surprisingly the final products are brilliant. The EP gets universal acclaimed and even made it into multiple year-end lists, truly reminds one of Tierra Whack record that consist a collection of one-minute tracks yet ample enough to impress the listeners.




#41. Tinashe - 333

She did what she had to do to clock the haters :santa:

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A Beginner’s Mind, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, Collapsed in Sunbeams, lately i feel EVERYTHING, Still Over It, King’s Disease II, to hell with it, to hell with it, 333 :jonny5: Smash after smash after smash!


And also i agree, the fact that Adele worked withx Max Martin and she decided to do a P!nk tribute is so fucking dissapointing. I hate her :deadbanana4: but album is still knock

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6 hours ago, Cloröx said:

#47. Men I Trust - Untourable Album

#46. Snail Mail - Valentine

The one-two punch here. :jonny5:


Listening to your #42 album as I write this comment. So far Passion is my favorite track.

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Young Heart getting some love :heart2: it’s becoming my favorite album from her

333 :clap3: she didn’t top SFY for me, but it’s still a decent work

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Some really great albums start to appear and we are yet to touch top 40 :eek: Interesting what the next updates bring

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On 12/11/2021 at 1:52 AM, Cloröx said:




#82. Silk Sonic - An Evening With Silk Sonic

Not gonna lie I thought Bruno would return with his typical heartbreak anthem after 24K Magic. But here we are the unexpected collab album with Mr. Anderson is very enjoyable, it's a pill for our recent gloomy years due to pandemic. Anyway, when will our pop girls?



It's a great risk, albeit slightly boring at times.

On 12/12/2021 at 12:19 PM, Cloröx said:




#64. Adele - 30

Let me straight recycling my short review on AOTY - "I'm not sure if this unpopular opinion or not but Strangers By Nature is her worst album opener, it's slow burner without climax. Although I do like the inclusion of uptempo song to cheer up the gloomy vibe of the album but Can I Get It is generic mess, which Adele channeling her inner P!nk instead of trying being herself. Nevertheless, the six-minutes tracks especially the last three are absolute triumph, haunting, indeed classic Adele. They perfectly wrap the main subject and concept of the album that kinda succeed to offset my disappointment. Overall, 30 surely is an upgrade from the flat uninspired 25, but still not as monumental as 21 and 19."

I disagree, strangers is a fantastic opener that sort of sets the stage for the haunting aspect the album sometimes pivots too and Can I get it is a palate cleanser on an otherwise sometimes downer of an album because of how heavy it can be topic-wise.

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agree about COCC being better than Blue Banisters :giraffe:

Kick ii is a bit low but love the Prada/Rakata shoutout (Tiro snubbed tho) :clap3:

30, Star Crossed and Wink were all cute albums, I have them a bit higher :fan:

Halsey ROBBED but at least it's the higher boob album :party: Summer and Rico too high :oh:

Valentine was good but the lead made me think it would be better :mandown: Tinashe and Pinkpantheress were v nice as well

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11 hours ago, Lazuli said:

valentine is NO match for miss phoebe 

I know but she tried at least nnnnnnn :chick3:

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#40. Circuit Des Yeux – -io

It's kind of album you listen when relaxing at the bath tub after committing murder




#39. St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home

Not as good as Masseduction but still a very solid, delicate project. King Antonoff is serving as usual, haters will stay seething lmao. Lorde should take note and learn, stop being so delusional.




38. Alice Phoebe Lou – Glow

I like the combination of folk, blues and neo soul in this album, perfectly blended and full of flavor. Nevertheless, it might be not your cup of tea if you prefer generic pop uptempo music.




#37. CHVRCHES – Screen Violence

The artistic growth of their music in this album did impress me. It's more focus, intriguing and very convincing compared to the lame Love is Dead which I bet already can be described as forgotten mess. Just like others, How Not To Drown is the highlight of the album.




#36. Big Red Machine - How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last

A second collab album by Aaron of The National and Justin of Bon Iver, involves a lot of respected big names such as Taylor Swift, Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens Sharon Van Etten and Anaïs Mitchell. Surprisingly, my favorite track is not my fave Taylor collab but the absolute gorgeous masterpiece Phoenix, which indeed one of the best songs I've ever heard for the past few years. Latter Days featuring Anaïs Mitchell is an immaculate album opener. Speaking of Taylor's collab, I prefer Renegade over Birch. Lastly, fuck you Grammy for snubbing this project...!!!!!!

Edited by Cloröx
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Men I Trust used to be on my list of artists to check out... then I realized they were not really for me :celestial5: Some Pinkpantheress songs sound cute but this short song trend infuriates me. Daddy's Home has some good moments, King Jack tried his best overall. 333 :sats: Screen VIolence ahhh so good!!! I will NEVER forget Love Is Dead, it's still my favorite from them. If you get it you get it, if you don't you don't! :gaycat2:

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7 hours ago, Remmy said:

Screen VIolence ahhh so good!!! I will NEVER forget Love Is Dead, it's still my favorite from them. If you get it you get it, if you don't you don't! :gaycat2:

Yeah, it's still a big fat NO from ME! :santa:



4 hours ago, TheWayWeWere said:

I kinda listened BRM just for Taylor collabs and besides Renegade I didn't really like it :dancehall:

Try Phoenix and Latter Days, they are excellent. What about Birch?



32 minutes ago, dreamofyou said:

i really need to listen to that St Vincent album:supaspaz:

As you should :gaycat2:

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#35. Doja Cat – Planet Her

Doja is having her Invasion of Privacy era, hits after hits non-stop she's kinda ubiquitous right now. The SZA collab, Kiss Me More is very addictive and infectious. Women and Need To Know also smashing. Not to mention, she's serving visual with attractive and creative music videos. Love everything about this era, and the big fat Grammy noms are cherry on top. Well done!




#34. Vince Staples - Vince Staples

Stupid of me for prematuredly giving a mediocre feedback after a few first listening. The album is indeed an absolute grower, it's getting better and better, which the opposite of Drake's Certified Fuck Boy. In conclusion, it's need more time to digest his true intention and absorb all the important subjects conserved in the album.




#33. Mint Julep – In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep

I see some people are divided with the album, but in my sincerity I do like it. A Rising Sun served as marvellous appetizer, and the following tracks didn't disappoint me at all. I did originally give the album a 70s score on AOTY but now it sound like 80s.




#32. Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God

Their first album in four years is raw, pure indie folk and rock sound as usual. They haven't lose the magical touch, which something I fear since keeping the consistency is not an easy task. 




#31. Villagers - Fever Dreams

Sometimes I need a collection of slow songs with minimalist production before sleeping and Fever Dreams is the perfect choice to keep my mind in relaxing mode. The less the better and more effective in providing immaculate listening experience. 



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masseduction is NOT better than daddy's home but yes if lorde wanted to push the psychedelic sound she thought she was going for she coulda taken some pages out of annie's books

sufjan is not on BRM's album sis :toofunny2: 

screen violence is such a glow up from love is dead and HNTD is the highlight yup :clap3: 

planet her bop after bop :WAP: 

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12 minutes ago, Lazuli said:

sufjan is not on BRM's album sis :toofunny2: 

Screaming my mind confused him with Miss Sharon, no wonder I feel something weird  :ahh:

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CHVRCHES indeed stepped up after generic Love Is Dead and Screen Violence is probably my fav record from them currently so maybe it deserved to be a bit higher. How Not To Drown mega highlight tho

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I recognize two here, both of which I listened to just once. They are In A Deep And Dreamless Sleep and Fever Dreams. :biggrin:

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#30. Lucy Dacus – Home Video

Her ability to channel her own feeling and deep thinking is more profound than ever. Home Video is a powerful statement from Miss Dacus, that she's also a main competitor in indie alternative scene. This is why I can't wait the next Boygenius's next project, when she returns to her old friend Kween Phoebe and Princess Julien to produce a new masterpiece, maybe in the future.




#29. Parquet Courts – Sympathy for Life

Not gonna lie, I was freaking out when they announced this album. They are one of few bands out there that I keep checking out simply due to the consistency of producing solid music. And this album is more experimental with extra insertion of electronic grooves yet the main root of their musical identity remains intact. Just Shadows is one of my guilty pleasure bops of this year.




#28. Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever

It may not have the global smash like Bad Guy but the album consists of a few tracks that simply superior than those in her debut album. Who cares about the underperformance in commercial department when it's an upgrade quality-wise. Happier Than Ever the track itself can be considered as her best song, just argue with the wall if you hardly disagreed. Oxytocin also very chaotic, a bloody mess which makes it very unique and ultimately captivating. Overall, Billie's album is better than Olivia's SOUR, poohriod!




#27. Subsonic Eye - Nature of Things

Singapore-based indie group that deserves so much recognition thanks to this absolute gorgeous, well-crafted album. It bring so much nostalgic moment and memories especially during my high school time, when local indie music was such a cool trend and everyone went crazy for it.




#26. Clairo – Sling

King Antonoff can't go wrong unless you are Lorde!


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