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Cloröx | 2021 Annual Report (#20 - #01 Best Albums)


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Pink Noise was so underrated (even by myself :rip:) but love seeing Squid! Got the CD :keir:

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#85. Midwife - Luminol

The slow dark atmosphere give me chills. Enemy is the perfect anthem, so haunting. The album could be longer but the whole six tracks are not lacking any punch which what matter the most.




#84. Kanye West - DONDA

Put all the controversial aside including that moronic Marilyn Manson, the album is indeed Kanye's best work since Yeezus (Yeah, it's better than The Life of Pablo). Hurricane is one of the best collabs of 2021, Abel and Kanye are complementing each other incorporated with magical production. I wish Donda Chant comes with instrumental tho.




#83. Yola - Stand for Myself

The country-soul maybe not really that popular genre but Yola knows how to utilize her greatest strength in songwriting to cultivate such beauty and attract new audiences. The album is that gorgeous and refreshing. Dancing Away In Tears and Diamond Studded Shoes are my personal picks.




#82. Silk Sonic - An Evening With Silk Sonic

Not gonna lie I thought Bruno would return with his typical heartbreak anthem after 24K Magic. But here we are the unexpected collab album with Mr. Anderson is very enjoyable, it's a pill for our recent gloomy years due to pandemic. Anyway, when will our pop girls?




#81. Tirzah - Colourgrade

She gained recognition with Devotion, and further expanding her popularity with Colourgrade. It's an ambitious project, her ARTPOP!


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Juno, Pink Noise and Stand For Myself are probably my favorites so far :clap3:all excellent albums. Juno especially is just so fun


OK Human, We Will Always Love You, and Silk Sonic were really good too


Glad to see Lana and Hayley so low :eli:

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Yola :clap3:


Nice graphics! So much effort! It couldn’t be me. :laugh2:

Did you have a different username before or have you always been Clorox?

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5 hours ago, Sempiternal said:

Veronicas had 2. Definitely recommend them both. 

Omg i didn't know that :jonny5: Thank you. They really gave 2 course meal back to back


OT: Donda is actually not that bad like critics made it out to be. Even though there's some filler songs that made the listening experience a bit unbearable but it still a good album imo


Silk Sonic & Yola :jonny5: Truly my two favorite albums this year. People should listen to Stand for Myself, it's truly an experience for me. Other mainstream country artists wishes tbh

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i didnt mind a few tracks on Kanye's album :) 

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#80. Amy Shark - Cry Forever

The Australian stepped up her game with this second studio album. It started great with The Wolves, the album opener followed by Joel Little (the person who responsible for ME!)- produced song. And yeah there's also fucking Ed Sheeran penned song in the album which surprisingly good. 




#79. ABBA - Voyage

Grandma loves it, grandpa loves it, mom loves it, papa loves it, good sis loves it, good bro loves it and I love it. The whole family loves it.




#78. Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

It's a combination of Taylor Swift, Lorde, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morrisette. The album produces two big smash hits which driver license is screaming instant classic meanwhile good 4 u showcases her alter ego, bringing the pop-punk nostalgia though I'm not really into the song. That being said, SOUR is a bombastic debut that sealed Olivia a bright spot in the music industry.




#77. Benny Sings - Music

Simplicity is the key, and the efficiency is there. Music is a light album yet more than enough to catapult my mood. Sometimes you don't need such complexity to make a brilliant record and Benny did that!




#76. Bleachers - Take the Sadness Out of Saturday

Although he has been locked up constantly under Lana, Lorde or Taylor's basement, he's still has time to speak and spill his own thought. Don't Go Dark is very personal to me, that "if you’re holdin’ on to me you’re holdin’ on to nothing" truly is something, very deep.

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Yas ABBA :celestial4:


Haven’t listened to Bleachers; probably won’t. May check a few tracks though. :cupid: 

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d*nda :skull: 

colorgrade is a slay

SOUR :alexz: 

jack will never make bleachers music as good as any of his productions for other people 

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#75. Liz Phair - Soberish

Behold! The panned kween is making huge comeback after 11 years. Undoubtedly her greatest work since the iconic classic Exile in Guyville. She gives no fuck and that's why she's slaying real hard this time. "My pu$$y is bad dumb cat" Sing it, bitch!




The group just can't stop releasing music, and it's a blessing to us. BUZZCUT is their strongest album opener, debate me. Other than that, THE LIGHT and DON'T SHOOT UP THE PARTY join the trinity in the album.




#73. Poppy - Flux

A little bit evolution but the core and its root remain intact, Poppy obviously doesn't want to abandon her greatest strength. It's Grammy their loss for snubbing her this time, period.




#72. Jorja Smith - Be Right Back

Although it's an EP but all eight tracks serve their purpose like a complete full album. She's may not be that popular like H.E.R. or Summer Walker but it doesn't stop me from appreciating underrated artist.




#71. Erika De Casier - Sensational

The soft, smooth-silky voice is very tempting. She doesn't rely on heavy or rich production to make the album enjoyable. Just a simple yet relatable lyrical content accompanied by minimalist musical arrangement are more than enough to produce a masterpiece.

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I just began listening to Erika de Casier due to the ATRL Grammys lol. This section and the Grammys is where I discover new music :sleigh:


BTW great graphics 

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Yes @ Voyage, Sour, Roadrunner, Be Right Back & Sensational are making it!


I tried to get into Amy Shark and it's a NO for me :santa:


I haven't listen to Liz Phair & Bleachers yet but i think i'm trying to keep it that way for Jack Antonoff oop

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DONDA... wasn't for me :matty: I just want a Yeezus 2.0. An Evening with Silk Sonic :jamming: A nice lil project. I enjoyed Flux but it didn't come close to most of I Disagree, she went off on that album. Massive Bleachers stan here, TTSOOSN could've been stronger. Needed a bit of time to grow and at the end of the day, his other 2 albums are easily superior.

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So there is a lot already let me catching up....


Take the Sadness out of Saturday Night was an album I was waiting for since Jack is the IT girl of the industry right now and his previous records weren't so bad, but pretty much everything post chinatown felt flat and boring idk. Voyage, Juno and a few others here kinda serve tho :fan:

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Don't like/haven't listened to the albums from the last update. But maybe I should check ABBA already since DSMD is one of my fave songs of the year and The Visitors is one of the best albums ever :toofunny3: 


SOUR is sooo overrated

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#70. Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Second entry from Miss Lana, an obvious better album than Blue Banister. I said it before and I will say it once again, King Antonoff definitely produces better Lana's album than other producers. Just like other ATRLers, White Dress is indeed my personal favorite.




#69. JPEGMAFIA - LP! (Offline Version)

He joined the club of artists with multiple releases this year although it's kinda confusing since both albums contain almost same tracks with a few deletion and insertion of some tracks. And I choose LP! (Offline Version) over the earlier release.




#68. slowthai - Tyron

I do prefer the 2nd part of the album, feel away is simply gorgeous with that James Blake and Mount Kimbie collab. Overall, it's still an excellent record though I think his debut Nothing Great About Britain is superior.




#67. Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

A break up, post divorce theme album should not be all about sad songs. And I'm glad that Kacey also shows some kind of relief from her unexpected unhappy marriage. cherry blossom and breadwinner are the highlights of the album.




#66. Arca - KICK ii

Obviously the busiest musician out there, the commitment and dedication tho. The second episode of his KICK album series was released before the end of my eligibility period and as usual it comes with multiple bops. Still can't stop bopping to Prada/Rakata.

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