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ATRL's Family Feud 10 | fin. (Pg. 197) WINNER: Psycho ?


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Chile. This was so hard, and this is coming from a Nicki Minaj fan.


Also I didn’t request this, I guess this what happens when my presence is in the building. 

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Honestly I was gonna fight someone for this round but then I did it and kept laughing :ahh: shes so embarrassing 

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9 hours ago, Staryu said:





This was a fan requested round! Enjoy!



- Your username

- NO discussing or hinting at answers until results. If you are confused or need help, dm one of the hosts and we'll try to resolve it.

- New players, googling is fine. Asking other people is not. 

-If you need to make a change to your answer after submitting, dm us on ATRL or Discord. You can make as many changes as needed until the deadline

- Be specific as possible. It's ideal to be more specific and then grouped with other similar answers.


Deadline: Monday, December 6th, 8pm EST




bumping to next page

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19 hours ago, Devin said:

I flopped last round cause all them Freaky Fridays. :rip:


Still above @dussymob tho. :mandown:

Well The Freaky Fridays did me dirty too. :coffee2:


Even still the round before I crushed you and that Tevin Campbell/MJ stan.



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Coming for that lowest score ever.

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