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Natti Natasha - ‘NATTIVIDAD’


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Natti Natasha's second studio album ('NATTIVIDAD') is out NOW





Singles and promo singles

  • Que Mal Te Fue and Que Mal Te Fue -  remix



  • Antes Que Salga El Sol



  • Las Nenas 



  • Ram Pam Pam 



  • Philliecito



  • Noches En Miami



  • Imposible Amor




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6 minutes ago, Cheers said:

That's the album cover? Coño pero ella y Raphy si joden con esa bebe. 

Yeah, that is the cover.

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IllumiNatti was great, I’ll check this out; honestly I haven’t heard anything except Que Mal Te Fue :duca:

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Can’t wait to hear :WAP:


she honestly deserves the success ms  Karol has.. 

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I’m obsessed!!! I’ve been waiting for a new natti album since illumiNATTI .. I just wish her album titles and cover arts were better and not so blah. regardless I think the music is great! frozen is DEFF a stand out in my opinion.. it had so much hype from the IG snippet she dropped months ago .. idk why she didn’t go with it as a single.. has a lot of potential especially as a solo song. I feel that raphy always makes her pick her features as leads to kick her off .. which I get but still. She needs stronger solo work. But great album overall in my opinion. Hopefully she tours this album too

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The album turned out to be better than I thought it would based on the singles, some of her own solo songs on the album are better.

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Current streams of the album on Spotify


Noches En Miami = 5,234,018
Antes Que Salga El Sol = 31,468,638
Ram Pam Pam = 127,400,101
Las Nenas = 54,978,763
Que Mal Te Fue - Remix = 46,100,476
Philliecito = 11,429,641

Noches En Miami - EDM Remix = 9,828


Total streams = 276,621,465


Current streams on YouTube


Frozen(official audio) = 59,511

Imposible Amor(video) = 1,099,129 +  official audio = 9,217


Noches En Miami (video) = 41,379,288 + official audio = 1,615,579
Antes Que Salga El Sol (video) = 41,368,347 + live version = 1,758,691 + official audio = 5,862

No quiero saber (official audio) = 23,909
Ram Pam Pam(video) = 352,402,520 + live version = 192,261,354 + official zumba video = 1,117,711 + official audio = 8,898
Las Nenas(video) = 91,972,967 + official audio = 6,131
Que Mal Te Fue - Remix(video) = 14,828,533 + official audio 16,024

Me Felicito (official audio) = 34,719

Qué Lío (official audio)  = 44,313

Fue Tu Culpa (official audio) = 33,389

Arrebatá (official audio) = 27,043

Eleven (official audio) = 21,272

Hablando De Mí (official audio) = 22,421

Philliecito(video) = 15,705,834 + live version = 2,706,477+ official audio = 6,628

Cuento Breve (official audio) = 19,982


Total streams = 758,555,749

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I wish she were more...interesting.


The production on this album is so stock-ish.

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Finally got to listening & these first couple listens aren’t doing much for me; I’ll go back to bopping IlumiNATTI


Si era necesario 

Que te rompiera el corazón en vario


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This flopped pretty badly :biblionny: 


she needs to push No Quiero Saber asap as the next single 

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