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Young Money REJECTS Nicki, DRAGGED by Khia and DJ Akademiks.


Message added by Juanny,

stop attacking other users. it's nicki we're attacking discussing

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I. The Hiatus, Reloaded


Nicki Minaj wishes her fans Happy Thanksgiving, Halloween, Happy New Year. You can smell the mess incoming.




II. Ball For Me


Nicki reveals a mystery plague attacking her cousin's friend's family jewels, posts anti-vax mess. Exposes Drake. Scientist Minaj makes her debut, she's doing her own research.



III. I Never Said That, Trinidad is My Friend


She tries to turn it around, and conducts "research" online via Twitter Polls.




IV. Take Your Vaccinations, Roman


Nicki starts lashing people who question her research. Barbz start mass rejecting vaccines, and lots of RW anti-vaxxers join in.




V. Nature is Healing


Meghan McCain and Joy Reid start lashing, the blogs pick up the story.





VI. Coke Binge


Nicki plays the race card with Joy, lashes Meghan by telling her to eat ****




VII. Colonization


Boris Johnson takes a dig at Nicki, to which Nicki responds by leaking a British accent infused audition tape for Monty Python.






Piers Morgan enters the mess, Nicki tags a random Pierce, threatens to go live.




IX. I Never Said That, American Idol is My Friend (Interlude)


Nicki forgets she was ever on AGT, supports multiverse realness.




X. It's On Sight (Barbs)


Nicki Minaj lashes the Barbz for reminding her of AGT, but also pretends she's in on the joke.




XI. Onika becomes enemy #1 of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


Dr. Fauci gets involved, says we need to combat harmful beliefs like those of Ms. Petty with actual FAX #NoPrinter




XII. WANTED: Man with swollen balls.


Tucker Carlson wants Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend to come forward and tell his side of the story on TV.




XIII. Point and laugh at the clown.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts Super Bass parody "Super Balls" with quickness. Nicki replies within seconds, telling us how she is also having a laugh! =D





XIV. Testicle Legacy.


BBC News reports on how Nicki Minaj and swollen testicles became part of a UK coronavirus briefing.





XV. Trini Dem Balls (Bonus Track)


Trinidad & Tobago Health Minister Dr. Terrence Deyalsingh DEBUNKS Nicki's swollen testicle claim, all while looking visibly tired of the stupidity. Her tweet makes it to the front page of Trinidad & Tobago's Guardian, Trinis fear her dumbassery could harm the country's image.






XVI. Fox News darling declares #BallGate Day 3.


Papa Bear has had enough attention for the day so Nicki sits at her vanity desk to show support for Tucker Carlson. The rapper who famously had her fake ass exploding live at a Fashion Rocks performance also questions what people put in their bodies.




XVII. Wetting the Bed of Lies.mp3.


The "I Lied" songstress is currently getting exposed as a liar by an official Twitter spokeperson and CNN. Official White House statement coming soon.






XVIII. The Republican Hero Monologue.

Onika goes on IG Live for the second time in a day. Luckily, reformed ex-Barb @Solaris got the notes for y'all:



 - Says she wanted to do a public thing with the White House so that it didn't seem like she was "selling the vaccine"

- Says she just got a call from "them" (the White House) three hours ago

- "Do y'all think I would make that up?!"

- "This man (Don Lemon) tried to make a fool out of me! I'm not one of those people you can do that with"

- "It seemed strange to me. ... The Democratic party jumping on the chance to make of me. ... They want to attack me personally. I want you to see what is happening."

- "They made sure it came from a black person first so as to not seem racist."

- "An Uncle Tomiana is trying to assassinate my character."

- "Other artists feel the same way I feel."

- "If they make me look crazy or STUPID (this part was yelled in a really deranged way :skull:) no one else will EVER ask questions again. Don't y'all see what's happening? And y'all are LAUGHING?!" (omg this part was so scary)


- "It's disgusting that this attack was so hateful and purposeful. See, they have to get people who can make women of color look dumb. They can't deal with smart women. Whenever a smart woman challenges anything, they get called crazy." (:skull:)


- "So many of y'all say **** on the internet but wouldn't make a peep in real life"

- "No disrespect to the people (the White House) who reached out. They must feel so much pressure with people attacking them for inviting me."

- "I see why a lot of celebs stay in a bubble. We're living in a place without free healthcare, so anybody in this country has a right to question anything about their health. Because if our health mattered, there would be free healthcare." (:deadbanana2:)

- "I've been targeted and bullied my whole career. I don't get on the internet and cry about it." (:deadbanana2:)

 - "Imagine living in a country where you can't get on Instagram. A lot of my family in Trinidad don't even have Instagram. So I will be their voice. I was born in Trinidad."

- "Now I see why celebs distance themselves from y'all. Cuz y'all be making fun of people who put their neck out on the line. Don't tell me, I can't agree with a republican. Do you see the first person who went out there to attack me?! A BLACK WOMAN! The **** I look like lying about being invited to the White House? **** off my phone!"

Live ended




XIX. Embarrassment of a nation.


The White House addresses Onika's lies in a press conference. Jen Psaki says they just offered a call like they do with any other celeb. Yikes.mp3.




XX. When in doubt, be homophobic.


Onika Maraj starts losing it on IG for the 90th time. This person has a child.





XXI. Intimidating victims as a hobby.


Nicki claims a reporter for the Guardian is harassing her family, so she threatens their life, doxxes them and loses it. Comes back to twitter after pretending she was in jail.






Bonus cackle:



#CHUNRIH lasted 2 weeks.




Azealia Banks reads her DOWN.







Eric Trump comes to Minaj's defense. You can't make this **** up.





XXIII. The mask is coming off, off.


The REAL reason why this thread exists gets exposed. Nicki's husband's rape victim got offered a platform on The Real to talk about her story and the hell the Pettys are making her live. Onika goes on twitter to like tweets from the QBarbz showing support, saying "Ain't a bitch alive that can turn me against Nicki! I support her!" ...disgusting.






XXIV. She's panicking your honor.


Nicki Minaj, desperate to turn around her public image, shows up at Lil Baby & Lil Durk's concert in LA. After previously saying she hasn't left the house since the pandemic started in fear of putting her child in danger, her rapist husband and son are with her on stage. Make it make sense.







Bonus clownery:




thx to @Phantom for the events.



To be continued.


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I honestly hope she doesn't stop caring about her career and ends up falling off, I don't want her to end up like Lil' Kim

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Just now, Illuminati said:

The gaslighting and manipulation :deadbanana2:

No because the way she constantly brainwashes these grown ass men :deadbanana4: and they operate like clockwork. It’s very upsetting.

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