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48 minutes ago, highdefinition said:

Money should have been the title track with an MV, idk what y'all are talking about lol

For real tho… its fire

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Lisa looks gorgeous and hot, she's a doll :smitten::heart2: and "Money" has potential but I don't know if that basic "choreo" helps :pfff:


... Can Lisa give us the lilifilm version of "Money" with Cheshir Ha as choreographer and Anthony King as film director?!, please queen, I beg! :gaycat6: 

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11 hours ago, MardinBeksloy said:

Why did they waste all the hype with the ‘dance performance’ tag when this already served music video quality? :skull: YG did nothing right

Literally...like what's the point? the views would be massive by now....

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2 hours ago, perfillusion said:

The Money performance video was so good :jonny6: now I want an actual high budget MV

nah,... just rename the video title and call it a day... this is what we want from Lisa... not super elaborated videos with 350 changes that won't showcase her dancing tbh

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