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Vanishing Letters 9 | WINNER REVEALED (p.187)| #WinterComing


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Hosted by me and clue <3




Back after an acclaimed Emmy winning season, I decided to return as a host (feat. Clue) to find out who will take the crown from our current reigning queen Fruity and become ATRL's Next Top Letter Vanisher.


Now in case you're new...




Every round I will ask for either a song, single, or album track. Song can be both a single or an album track, whereas a single needs to be officially released as such (promo singles included), and an album track cannot be officially released as a single

Every round I will then give you a few "vanishing letters," and these letters cannot appear in either artist’s title or the song title or sometimes both (this part will be specified round-by-round).


Following tradition artists will be banned throughout this season after being used three times and the songs used in the previous TWO seasons will be banned, that's right we're unbanning songs used in bagels ha season. And what are those songs you might ask? a list will be provided with each round post don't worry.


Every round the cast will not know what others have sent in, you will need to rank the songs from best to worst, and the judges will do the same. The person with the highest average wins the round, and the people with the lowest averages will get the chop.


Important: Unless I have time and I'm feeling generous I'm not checking your entries for you so make sure they're not banned and don't contain any vanished letters. As for the themes, those are up to your interpretation and how you rank the entries from your lovely castmates is also up to you <3


Now meet your slightly rejuvenated and very diverse panel of judges...






























And last season's WINNER










Where do I send? 

Vanishing Letters is an anonymous game, so you can send to me via PM or via Discord (Overprotected#1344) but please don’t communicate in the thread or with other players on which song is yours or you'll be PUNISHED.


Will the groups be split?

If the sign up list is big enough, yes. 


Is sending your rankings necessary?

Yes, failing to do so will result in a penalty. If you need extra time you can always ask for it.


How are the results compiled?

The average of the ranks of the judges + the average rank of the contestants /2.


How should my entries look?

please send the artist title - song title to me. That is all! Make sure to have a back up ready, or if you are undecided, to mention that!


If I have one of the vanishing letters in my entry, what will happen?

I’ll make sure that in the first round I will correct any entries that do this, but from the 2nd round on you will get a penalty. If you still have questions about your entry, I will gladly answer them though.


What if numbers (e.g., 1, 2 etc.) appear in my songtitle/artist's name?

A little change here. If the song is officially listed in booklets, wikipedia, etc. to use a number, then that number does not count and you can use the song. (For example, if "O" was banned and you wanted to send Amerie's "1 Thing," you could.


Any more questions are welcome, probably won't update this though <3


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Not 8 judges :scurryshit:


Sign me up tho since @mokitsuhas betrayed me in stepping down 

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Sign up list


1. Sanguine

2. Touch It

3. Alena

4. Auburn

5. Noah

6. Tom Vercetti 

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Hello, I would like to try this



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we love the panel!

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Just now, clue said:


Coming for 1st out. About to change the game. 

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Sign me up!!

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4 minutes ago, Pendulum said:

Sign me up!!

Yasssssssss sis

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