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The DCEU Base | The Suicide Squad trailer!


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On 29/01/2017 at 5:12 AM, Ares said:

What's y'all favorite OST from the DCEU?


This is one of mine :smitten:



Also, Man of Steel is still my favorite DCEU movie 


I love that one :weeps:

I have so many faves, obviously Is She With You is the most iconic.

Hans is an actual legend and genius.



This one is so mysterious, I live imagining I'm Diana. :gaycat1:



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Is She with you is legendary :jonny3:

I'm so excited for Gotham City Sirens, I hope it won't be just a good looking movie withouth some decent plot like SS (still loved it though)

also, Aquaman is gonna be great I can feel it

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On 1/22/2017 at 0:55 PM, maurixrosup said:

Armie Hammer

Tom Cruise

Ryan Reynolds

James Marsden

Jake Gyllenghaal

Joel McHale

Bradley Cooper


Those are the actors eyed for the Hald Jordan part. Armie Hammer > the rest

EWW i want Jon stewart

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... so looks like Ben isn't directing his Batman flick afterall. The media should have a field day with this.


Honestly just as long as he stays as Batman I'm fine. I hope they get a good director.

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Most of the reviews for Live By Night I read said the movie was a bomb because he decided to both star and direct.

Still, the DCEU has no luck with the directors. 



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Probably because the pressure to direct and act is too much. Understandable.


I care more about The Flash and Shazam movie than Batman anyway. Push it back Ben!

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I'm pissed tbh. Ben needs to get his priorities straight, cause child the whole idea of a Batman movie is a mess to me rn. I thought in the first place Ben was keeping the idea of him directing up in the air so he could have more control over the movie and basically make WB do the movie how he wanted. And if the cast isn't right, it's an even further mess. Joe manganiello is a c-list actor and should be let go as well.


I truly think Gotham City Sirens should just turn into a batman rogues movie and have Batman, Joker and Harley be the focus. It seems like the least messy thing rn. :rip: 

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Ben's new movie was just dropped from 2,659 theaters over the weekend :deadbanana3::deadbanana2:

From 2,800 theaters to 163 


Possible contributing cause for this recent announcement? 

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Ben's been working non-stop on projects, playing multiple roles (actor, producer, director) lately and that's aside from all the promoting, increased media scrutiny and personal issues. Poor guy needs a break.

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The Unforgiving

I feel conflicted tbh. Ben seems really invested in the Batman movie, so it's probably for the best.


And people love Batman, so it could be DCEU's biggest hit critically and commercially.

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I think Ben made the right choice.


A director announcement is coming in the next couple of weeks. They'll start filming at the end of the spring and release in Flash's date.


He said no, I think, because WB wants to release it NEXT year.

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