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Extortion and Blackmail Are Crimes...

ATRL Administration

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Some of you aren’t going to be happy until you’re sitting in a jail cell.


Threatening to extort or blackmail ANY member, let alone a member of the ATRL staff, with nude photos is tragic, pathetic, unstable behavior and illegal. Over a pop culture message board? Because your online friend was banned from the forum? Disgusting. Seek mental help,


We will be cooperating with local law enforcement to file criminal complaints, including asking the district attorneys to subpoena all social networks where such blackmail/extortion was discussed, planned and plotted.


Fuck around and find out just how serious we are.


- ATRL Staff

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As of 8:35 PM/EST the member involved in this heinous plot has been removed from ATRL. We want to thank the members who came to us on the condition of anonymity and did the right thing. You stood up for what was right at the potential expense of your “friendship” with this person. If that’s who you’re hanging around with though, maybe you should reevaluate your associations. If he’ll do this to one, he’ll do it to you. 

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Wait what happened? Thats awful 

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Lol. One of the swifties was banned for dupes and his/her/their friends protested about it, so the criminal must be one of them. 

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