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Anne-Marie - ‘Therapy’


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I was reading the SYM thread and whew her hype on ATRL used to be big :deadbanana2:


Also i posted back then that around that time she said her 2nd album would come out "no later than 2019" and would be more of a "body of work than a collection of singles"... well that didn't age well Miss Nicholson



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Ok wow decided to give this a spin and its FAR superior to her debut....

all of the people saying this is a big step down from that album are genuinely confusing me


I just revisited her debut and nearly every song has a generic drop for the chorus and each song blends into the same sound. This new album may not be an innovative piece of art but nearly every song has immaculate production, great hooks/chorus and is far better than her first album by every metric.   


Sure this album is just throwaway bops, but there's nothing wrong what that -- especially when the quality is this good. x2, Kiss My, Who I Am and Better Not Together are all top tier pop songs and far better than what most pop girls have given us over the past year. 

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Breathing is such a grower :jonny: i didn't care for it at first and now i'm loving it. Such a delicate song and i love her register on it.


She's a huge vocalist but she's not overusing her vocals and keeping it pretty sweet as the song needs :heart:



Also the album is pacing for a #2 debut with around the same sales SYM had, this is great for her. Too bad that Dave guy is on the way bc she could've snatch that #1




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I think this album is getting a bit too much hate tbh - i much prefer this to her debut, which i thought had a lot of filler and was way too long.


She's kept this at a succinct 12 track album, big name collabs (which i think made the album), and stuck to a few, suitable sounds which she enjoys performing (pop, dance etc.)


It certainly hasn't reinvented the wheel of a pop girl album, but was anyone really expecting AnneMarie to? Her music to date has always been for the Spotify pop chart and not that of an "artist"

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