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Bigger Peak: Selena Gomez vs Camila Cabello

Bigger peak: Selena Gomez or Camila  

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  1. 1. BIgger Peak

    • Selena Gomez
    • Camila Cabello

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Just now, GoodGuyGoneGhetto said:

According to Chartmasters, as of 2021.


• Revival: 4.8M (WW)


• Camila: 3.7M (WW)


The fact that “Revival” hasn’t crossed 5M+ album equivalents after 6 years is seriously telling.


”Camila” and it’s equivalents aren’t any better but the album only, truly, had “Havana” and the semi-hit, “NBTS”.




well in that case, i will go with Revival. Since Havana has tragic recurrent streams. But yeah both are awful when the peak of their career is below 5M (WW) :skull:

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Havana was a faceless hit. Therefore, selena has the bigger peak because people actually knew it was her :rip:

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Me & My Hits

the main Instagram pop girl Selena I fear


but Havana/Senorita is still bigger than any Selena song :)

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