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Mrs Sri Lanka rethroned, 2ndup crown snatcher/accuser jailed

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This entire ***ing story :deadbanana2: 


The Mrs. Sri Lanka World 2021 beauty pageant ended in major drama on Sunday night when the winner was stripped of her crown.


Moments after contestant Pushpika De Silva won the competition, 2020 winner Caroline Jurie grabbed a microphone and cited a pageant rule that competitors must be “married and not divorced.”


“I am taking my first steps and saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up,” said Jurie as she proceeded to seize the crown from De Silva’s head.


A visibly shaken De Silva walked off the stage after being dethroned.


De Silva later took to Facebook to deny that she’s divorced, but acknowledged that she and her husband live apart.

“I say with great responsibility that I am not a divorce woman even at this moment of writing. If I was a divorcee, I would dare them to submit my divorce scripts,” wrote De Silva. “If I wasn’t fit at the beginning of this tournament they could have removed me.”


The contest winner went on to describe “the pain of my skull when my crown was snatched from my head.”


De Silva went on to reveal that she’s already taken “necessary legal action for that injustice and insult.” She concluded, “I say a true queen is not a woman who snatches another woman’s crown, but a woman who secretly sets another woman’s crown!!”


The national director of Mrs. Sri Lanka World, Chandimal Jayasinghe, told the BBC that the crown would be returned De Silva.


“We are disappointed,” he said. “It was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on the stage and the Mrs. World organization has already begun an investigation on the matter.” X


UPDATE: Reigning Mrs. World Caroline Jurie and former model Chula Padmendra have been arrested over the incident that occurred during the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pageant, the Cinnamon Gardens Police said.


The Police said that they have been arrested on three counts.


The National Director for Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World Chandimal Jayasinghe told the Colombo Gazette that the two women were arrested after recording statements at the Cinnamon Gardens Police today.


He said the Pageant winner Pushpika De Silva had initiated legal action against the two women for uncrowning her at the final over allegations she was divorced and not eligible to contest.


Jayasinghe said Jurie, Chula, Pushpika and he had arrived at the Cinnamon Gardens Police today to record statements over the incident.


He said Jurie had refused to issue a public apology to Pushpika on the incident, while Pushpika had refused to accept a written apology from the two women.


The Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World Pageant ended in controversy after Jurie uncrowned the winner of the pageant Pushpika De Silva and crowned the first Runner up.


Jurie’s actions, which were supported by Chula Padmendra, had been carried out based on allegations that Pushpika was a divorcee, and hence is not suitable to contest the pageant as per the regulations.


However, Pushpika had revealed she was not a divorcee and had initiated legal action against the two women.


The parties involved in the incident had recorded a statement with the Cinnamon Gardens Police on a previous occasion as well.


The organisers of the pageant had thereafter re-crowned Pushpika during a special event held in Colombo. X


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that psyco snatched tiara like that deserve jail time, throw her with that black saree girl.

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The update is so ****ing funny, a whole unexpected plot twist. :skull:



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The 2020 winner tho, such a vile woman, she removed that crown from the girl's head so violently... I mean the hair got stuck. If I was the actual winner, I'd say dont **** my hair up and go insidethen slowly remove it myself in front of a mirror. No one has the right to do that with my head / hair. 

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WOW, what a hot mess!


I love the justice being served. What a petty disgraceful, albeit hilariously scandalous thing to do on live TV :monkey:

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The girl holding the mic and watching everything. :bibliahh:

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  • #FreeBritney Activist

How are these type of shows or contests still a thing?

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First of all what kind of misigynistic rule is that?


Second the 2020 and that one in black that looked crazy are a pair of disgusting women, no class. How they treated the rightful winner

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