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Lady Gaga's Joanne 1.2B on Spotify, surprised?


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1 hour ago, Robyn. said:

I did see it, however you didn't see the part where I said "solid response". Those 7 points you speak of still doesn't debunk the point. :dies:

And the point is these stats are nothing to boast about, especially when she's still behind like every single one of her peers who released that year. And taking into consideration that she has had a massive rollout for Joanne with a SuperBowl and Coachella gig, and yet yeah...


Imagine having a Super Bowl boost which is the highest form of promo an artist can get, and your numbers are on par with the likes of Witness. Also didn't you guys brag about her performance being the most watched accross all platforms, those views didn't translate much into streams. :dies:


What exactly did I not debunk? I took it apart point by point. Your fellow Rih stan made outlandish "discounts had most of the sales," "couldn't outstream Revival," "barely outstreamed Witness" types of claims and I clapped back to those points AND MORE. How is 1.2 billion streams not a success in midst of "streaming poison" and "over" and even "will Gaga ever see the summit of the Billboard hot 100" threads, especially the last one that got BUMPED three years later after Shallow's success. Please point out how what I said was not a solid response instead of :dies::dies::dies::dies::dies::dies::dies: your way through an argument LMAOOOOOO. :dies::dies::dies::dies::dies: This is not the response you think it is, sis. Which part of what I said did not debunk any of your fellow OGH's claims. I'll wait, sis. 


Massive rollout? What massive rollout? Those leaked legal documents from Gaga that were posted a year ago showed a SUBSTANTIALLY smaller budget for Joanne promo that was less than HALF of what BTW had. What massive promo, MISS ROBYN? You think a Dive bar tour and a 49-date tour is MASSIVE? :ahh:A last-minute Coachella gig where she had less time to prepare and less time to build hype for her performance is massive? A last minute nod from Coachella and a quick change in itinerary is MASSIVE? The DELUSION. 



The Super Bowl is the HIGHEST form of promo???? On which planet? Krypton? Chromatica? :gaygacat3:  Who said that? That's the HIGHEST form of promo? No, really, I've never heard of that. The Super Bowl in America is the HIGHEST form of promo? I didn't know the half-time show was THAT monumental outside of the USA. Who said this? Or is this just more unsubstantiated claims you think I'm going to gloss over?




Again, HOW many streams is Joanne supposed to have to be a success? Y'all keep going "tHe bAr iS sO lOw" but yet provide zero idea of what success on Gaga's supposed flop level is supposed to look like. Y'all told us she was OVER and OUT. Yet somehow she has an album with a billion+ streams. What's not impressive? Last time I checked, albums crossing a billion even in 2021 is STILL not being done left and right, done by 90%+ of the artists on Spotify, and commonplace enough. She did a billion streams under a tight budget with performances when everyone said she was over, an album that polarized and divided fans, and that's that. 


Imagine being THIS deluded, making bold claims left and right as if no one will call them out, and moving that mental goalpost on where Gaga's success should land and thinking no one will see through that OGH logic. Y'all told me she was over, yet she has an album with 1 billion streams despite the narrative surrounding Joanne. What's not clicking? Waiting to see where that goalpost moves next. Y'all really can't just admit you were wrong about her never finding relevance again after 2016, huh? :ahh:



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