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One-sided feuds?


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2 minutes ago, Nip Tuck said:

So we’re just ignoring the fact that Miley dissed on Nicki out of nowhere in an interview now?

Its 2021 and people are still pretending Nicki was beefing with Stormi? y’all are tired

Was that actually an insult though? i thought miley said it was taken way out of context 

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11 minutes ago, frozemmm said:

He would NEVER step up to Jay Z or Jay Zs wife like that.

Wait, didn't Em say, "'Cause I got jelly, like Beyonce's pot belly" in that one song? He later edited her name out of respect for Jay, but it was still there. :katie:

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4 minutes ago, MrDog said:

ot: Camilla haters vs Camilla, she really doesn't give a f*ck 

most racists are pretty unapologetic



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13 minutes ago, Tinashegrande6 said:

11:27 :rip:



forgot about this :rip:

it's probably due to personal conflict so it's not really the same as the other answers from this thread, since the girls knew each other personally and worked together for quite some time. i'm sure something really happened for girl to act this way. ariana just didn't bother to talk much about this because she has an upcoming career.

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1 hour ago, P!nk Forever said:

Everyone VS. Britney


No matter how much **** she received she always kept it cute.:gaycat5:


45 minutes ago, frozemmm said:

Every pop girl in the 2000s VS Britney :deadbanana4:


Britney was chilling while she also had all of them fuming from Avril to Pink and all the other ones inbetween :deadbanana4:


All because they couldn’t stand a women being sexy and being on top of the world :deadbanana4:

Britney did receive way too much slack in the 2000s. However, she's always had Beyonce, JLo and Madonna as fans on her side.

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55 minutes ago, Aramis said:

I don't unferstand how Elton hates Madonna but loves her failed doppelgänger.

It actually makes sense, he endorsed her on purpose, he participated in the narrative that Gaga is new Madonna, better than Madonna, more talented etc.

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