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Britney incorporated black art as an influence in her music

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13 hours ago, Triton said:

 I don’t think the girl knew who made her music for her to be considered “influenced”.  

For that she would have made a conscious decision to include those “influences”, it’s just a coincidence and her team picked out whatever songs that happened to be influenced or made by black people to use and throw in an album so she can make money. 

Only an ignorant hater would say this!


Britney explicitly said she wanted the album to be more R&B/hip-hop influenced. She mentioned Jay-Z among her inspirations for the album and said to be into the club scene looking for what's hot and new. Also, she met Pharrell through Justin Timberlake, so the Neptunes weren't a label-pitched thing. In fact, if it was totally up her label, poppier songs like Bombastic Love would've been singles.

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3 hours ago, 07tandu said:

Isn't this exactly what Britney did? I mean Britney did the same thing with her "rebellion" stage. Ditched the innocent school girl outfit and then hired some black producers and writers to write her next album so it could be her "sexy, rebellious and urban" phase. I guess Britney never went through her "clean my image" phase but tbh she hasn't had control of her music/image in decades.

Britney never did what Miley, Xtina or P!nk did. She didn't twerk, use black performers as props, overtan to look ethnic, wore box braids or spoke with a Blaccent, she just started working with black producers and developed her sound and her music matured.


She wasn't portraying a caricature of a woman of color, she was just growing musically and being influenced by black artists which she was from the very beginning with Janet, Mariah, Whitney and Michael.

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22 hours ago, modeblock said:

I think the Jacksons are her biggest influence. Michael and Janet. I don't see Paula, and she's not needed because both Jacksons are consummate expressive natural dancers wbk.

I saw Paula live at pride a few years back and she gave me MAJOR britney vibes. The hair flips, spinning, cheerleader looking 8 counts...


Britney has never been as fluid moving as Janet to me...only time was during Slave 4 U, Boys and Me against the Music.



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20 hours ago, slw84 said:

The bias is evident, luv

from her debut single she was influenced by Janet Madonna and michael and add paula Abdul 


janet for the awe inspiring choreography and ability to command stage presence 


madonna for the controversy and sexuality provocation


michael for the impressive stage shows and one of a kind tier 1 visuals and concepts/outfits/styling that would make her memorable. 

paula for the nonthreatening cheerleader girl next door appeal.


modernized into a souther belle 90s teen female.

Janet has been her influence musically the most. Brand wise it’s Madonna.



Appropriating and appreciating are two different things, luv


miley and xtina putting on different accents and changing their demeanor to appear edgy versus cheerleader Britney continuing to be cheerleader Britney but exploring different sounds and giving credit where it’s due.




BRITNEY was always more Janet.


She was sexy yet innocent. Girl next door turned sex icon; playful and charming ;sweet demeanor but sexual kitten. Her likeliness was always more Janet. Even the way she performs very rehearsed...Madonna always has been a little freestyle in her mix...Janet was always rehearsed start to finish and the synchronized choreo. Not Madonna.


Britney has always been sexy and provocative but not raunchy and envelope pushing like Madonna. Madonna is take no prisoners and if you don't like it kiss her ass...Britney was never that kick ass. She was always more sweet.


If Britney was black they would have only compared her to Janet. 


Rihanna Gaga and Miley  are the definite Madonna. VERY UNAPOLOGETIC. Tough. EDGY. 

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On 4/7/2021 at 1:02 AM, Gagaretha said:

Is that why Britney was singing Madonna songs in her movies? 




On 4/6/2021 at 6:58 PM, Sugar-Rush said:

I love Britney, but it irks me slightly that when she uses Black songwriters and producers, it's called being "influenced" by Black art, but when other White artists do it, it's called "cultural appropriation". :biblio: The double standards by the media and pop culture "experts" is annoying.


Reminds me of how Madonna got away with blatantly copying female movie stars by calling it an "homage", but whenever Gaga was inspired by Madonna, it was considered "stealing". :rip:

Holy **** this thread had nothing to do with Gaga yet you two managed to shoehorn her into this topic. 

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