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Joanne Tour | $94.9M final gross


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Just now, wesleywalrus said:

she can tour the south now because of her country album :cm: 

Depending on which way she swings at the Super Bowl, she can either became a patriot in the eyes of Dump's supports or they'll want to arrest her like they want to do with Madonna :cm:

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I don't think she'll come here but if she did I'd love to go again, ArtRave was a great experiment :jonny: 

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7 minutes ago, WEEKND said:

That's such an ugly name for a tour.

people are speculating its gonna be named after Diamond Heart. We shall know more on Sunday/Monday.

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43 minutes ago, XIAN said:

artrave better humble her and not have outrageous ticket prices

cheapest were $35 and floor tickets were $80-90. It wasn't that expensive tbh. 

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