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Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue Cover (Zendaya, MBJ + More)


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Lakeith, Sacha and MBJ are studs!


Maya, Charlize, Zendaya and Michaela look great as always. 


I wish Dan was smiling. Spike looks slightly uninterested. 


Love purple on Awkwafina. 


Overall, great photo! 


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1 hour ago, X~MoviePoP said:

Wow iconic poc cover. Slay.


Why is charlize on this? And Michael hasn't done much last year? Daniel Kaluuya should be there and Nicole Kidman 

Charlize had a hit The Old Guard last year, was nominated for an Oscar for the 3rd time and this year has Fast & Furious 9, the QUEEN is where she deserves to be!


54 minutes ago, campelo said:


MBJ is a terrible actor :rip: looks get you anywhere

Interesting LIES. Michael is a good actor, he just happens to be hot as well :WAP:


1 hour ago, RULES said:

Zendaya is in pictures with legends and y’all want to say she’s not bigger than Miley.

Zendaya is a BIG star and will only get bigger. Imagine if she didn't turn down The Little Mermaid role :jonny5: She just needs to continue to pick challenging and interesting roles and she also needs to get a BIG role where she'll be the lead, like for example Batgirl, Wonder Girl or Hawkgirl. She's too big to play a love interest like MJ. 


OT: GODDESSES Charlize and Zendaya, KING Michael B. Jordan and QUEEN Aquafina :jonny5:

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Wow I was not expecting that 

the pop Colors, the diversity , it’s cute 


its so cool to see Michaela Cole , she deserves her flowers 


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