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Keyshia Cole Talks New Album: 'I Was Broken'

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Keyshia Cole is officially back. A month after Instagramming her signing of a long-term contract with Epic Records, the Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter is now promoting her first single with the label. “You,” featuring Remy Ma and French Montana, was released last Friday (Jan. 27). And tonight (Jan. 30), fans can watch Cole perform the single for the first time on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. 

“I feel like I’m just now getting over the fact that my marriage didn’t work,” Cole explains as she checks periodically on her young son playing in the next room. “I’m healing, however. And I’m not looking for any kind of substitute -- another man, or alcohol -- to help the healing or mask the pain I’ve been experiencing. I stopped drinking seven months ago, which is purifying my vocals. And" -- she concludes with a laugh -- “there’s been no sex either.”

“I’m trying to put everything into this album,” says Cole. “This is serious music; not something to just throw out there.”

In the meantime, the singer/reality show star (Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, Keyshia & Daniel: Family First and Keyshia Cole: All In) says she’s appreciating this forthcoming album more than her last few.

“Those last few … People didn’t know how miserable I was,” Cole relates. “I was broken and pissed on my last album and had to get a lot of that out. As I work on this album, God is doing a lot of altering in my life. I’m just moving with the flow, living my life as I sing and create. And I have my son, so I’m good.”

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You is her best single in years, so I'm excited!


I think L.A. will point her in the right direction. 

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