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Demi debuts nipple piercing!


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2 hours ago, gloamingtheplain said:

That's good! As long as it's for that reason, rather than trying to disassociate from herself, that's good! She's very hard to read, it's just these patterns before have meant something bad. Pretty sure she dyed her hair randomly just before her overdose, and in the past she's coloured her hair or changed her look when she's feeling less "herself" so that's all I was worried about :) 

Although she's already addressed the hair change on Ellen and in the doc trailer, it wouldn't be surprising if she were trying to distance from herself considering her old team forced her to look certain way to be successful. She probably wants to prove that she can do well despite not being that girl.

It's sad that everyone wants that Demi back even though she was miserable. 


She looks amazing. Not a fan of the eyes make up tho.

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