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Cardi B Album Breaks A New Record (150 Weeks on The BB200)


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15 hours ago, zasderfght said:

I have a hunch this album isn't as well-liked since this is a pop forum, but coming from a person who doesn't care much for hip-hop/rap, I gotta say Invasion of Privacy still slaps. And I'm excited for Tiger Woods (or whatever the 2nd album is called). 

Tiger Woods is such a good title, I didn’t even know it’s going to be called that. :duck:

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4 hours ago, Delicious said:

you know damn sure there ain’t ever no relaxing :rip: 


Right? Only hard work :clap3:

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7 hours ago, Stepfon said:

The fact that Cardi stopped promoting IOP in October (or November) 2018


I need them to stop playing games and just add Money, Please me and Press to IOP already.


You got 700k-800k SPS for WAP by the time the album comes out and 200k-300k SPS for UP


just add at least Please me and Press to IOP and let this stay in the top 100 longer.


no way atlantic will throw away that much SPS.



I think she will make it to 200-250 weeks tbh.

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On 2/22/2021 at 5:48 PM, DavidSMateus said:

Another stupid record :priceless:

Cant wait for 151 week record thread

Its about too enter the top 20 longest charting rap albums and could possibly surpass "Stoney" as the longest charting debut rap album. Nothing about this is stupid. :celestial4:

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