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DaBaby under fire for calling Jojo Siwa a b*tch

Bethenny Frankel

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2 hours ago, sickening said:

I feel like I should add that he wasnt calling Jojo a bitch, but insulting someone and using her as a punchline. Her whole thing is rainbows, kittens, that big ass bow, and dubstep and **** (idk i dont listen to her music) its seen as soft and femme hence "bitch" 


Pls stop act like yall dont say bitch in this context either chile :deadbanana2: "why are you acting like such a bitch?" code for "dont be a snowflake" and so on and so forth. Im not big on DaBaby, he has his ups and downs but I doubt he'd call a girl in herself a bitch. Like I said, her name and bitch shouldnt be in the same sentence but after thinking about it I think yall are too excited a black rapper is getting lashed in here :biblio: the way yall RAN in here and James Charles pregnant ass crying for 14 year old white girls to kiss his ass give me a break :rip: learn how to make your eyeshadow match on both eyes weirdo 


Also this. I think I can name a few times rappers refrenced Katy 


its for his weirdo followers that still say "and i oop-" and bring starbucks to class late and shake the cup around full of ice so people notice that they have it. insufferable



GET THEM :clap3:

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On 2/20/2021 at 3:03 PM, SickLove said:

Literally beefing with a teenage girl who's like 11 years younger than him :rip: Like what's the point?

I thought he was like 20-22... :deadbanana2:

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23 hours ago, Blackthorn said:

Can't believe this thread is still going. It's like people love to act dumb. :deadbanana4: It's damn clear he has nothing against her. 

Right :rip: but the way he obvious found a pic of her on google and it zoomed in on her face has me visting the video its such a kii :bibliahh:

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