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Olivia is Helping Other Hits.


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US Spotify 
Thursday 1/7

Good Days: 1.053M

34+35: 784k

Without You: 702k

Whoopty: 693k

Dakiti: 689k

Levitating: 599k

Blinding Lights: 592k

Therefore I Am: 547k

WAP: 540k

Body: 534k

Laugh Now Cry Later: 531k


Thursday 1/14

Good Days: 1.310M

34+35: 907k

Without You: 729k

Whoopty: 749k

Dakiti: 689k

Levitating: 643k

Blinding Lights: 649k

Therefore I Am: 592k

WAP: 548k

Body: 541k

Laugh Now Cry Later: 541k



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Radio stopped playing the year end songs and people started listening more to the current songs.

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That’s great but these US Spotify figures are still kinda tragic sans Olivia of course.


Exactly one year ago the whole top 11 got 1m updates on US Spotify. :deadbanana4:

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Oh wow maybe Driver's License smashing isn't a bad thing after all :clap3:

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