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Armie Hammer quits role due to leaked messages


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So everything was real? :ahh: 

But ATRL convinced me that it was fake lmao


He literally sounds like those creepy old guys on grindr who always messages you about how much they want to **** you

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21 minutes ago, Pans Labyrinth said:

They weren’t. 


  Reveal hidden contents











BuT it'S juSt a FAntAsy :isudumblmao: There's absolutely zero connection between this fetish and his actual attitudes to women :isudumblmao: Pearl clutching! :isudumblmao:

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I'm so torn on this one.


Consent is so important, and it's hard to tell if these text messages are also a part of their playing with the line of consent. Given that these conversations are now public, it doesn't seem that way. But again, looks can be deceiving. It's a disturbing story to say the least, and it needs more investigation. His stepping down from roles isn't necessarily an admission of guilt, granted it makes him look that way.


Be careful whom you play with. Some people don't know how to act and, when in a position of power and influence, feel they can waltz right over the line of decency and do horrible, horrible things. I hope this woman will be okay.

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I came to defend my vampire daddy and his kinks BUT I just saw those screenshots of her admitting that she didn't want to continue when he did. 


That's a no no.

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19 hours ago, Delirious said:

If anyone is here defending him...BIG YIKES. He is most definitely homophobic but because he's in Hollywood, he suppresses his homophobia.

So a homophobic accepting a gay role ? Make it make sense pls

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12 hours ago, CosTaSsSs said:


That's what I wanted too sis! But some people on BB told me that I wasn't right wanting him to give up his role :gaycat2:


BB has 0 taste. WBK! That's we're here sis. :gaycat2:


10 hours ago, insomniac said:


Ready for the recast!!


If not Ryan Reynolds then Chris Evans




Now this is a good choice! 



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On 1/13/2021 at 6:33 PM, vamp said:

I appreciate him acknowledging his sickness. Hopefully he gets the help he needs before things get even more out of hand than they already are and change his ways.

Isn't the scandal that he was just engaging in sexting even though he is married with kids?

On 1/13/2021 at 6:28 PM, Trent W said:

While it’s embarrassing, and somewhat sick(imo) it’s something personal that got out there, he didn’t post it publicly.


So technically he doesn’t have something to be feeling guilty about, he wasn’t hurting anyone.


He does seem to need help.

What help does he need? You don't need to go to a rehab for being a cheater lol

On 1/13/2021 at 6:28 PM, Joesuxx said:

He's not an idiot - he didn't choose to do it. There have been reports for days that JLo was having none of it and that she wanted him gone. 

Unless that's confirmed let's not assume

On 1/13/2021 at 6:24 PM, Petty Bourgeoisie said:

I'm still not over him wanting to hold a beating human heart in his hand :deadbanana4:

...wait what 😳 

On 1/13/2021 at 6:20 PM, rta1913 said:

So much for “fAkE ScReEnShOtS”


Call Henry Cavill queen JLo! And have him shirtless half of the movie!

Could we spam him and her to make this happen please! I need Cavill to be exploited and worshipped. 

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