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Katy Perry X Pokemon collab is coming


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6 minutes ago, Rodrighost said:

:jonny5: we need a Groudon vs Kyogre themed NTEOTW video!

With all the popgirls who will join the campaign thruout the year riding Rayquaza who will land to stop them after defeating Deoxys (the virus Pokemon who'll represent Corona :eli: ) in space

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2 hours ago, Plague said:

Omg this can be big

She better deliver some kind of nostalgia otherwise it will flop


2 hours ago, *-ChriZ-* said:

Katy be like: "Yall were trying me these past 5 years. Let me show u how to comeback in full force."

Y'all setting this poor woman up. :deadbanana: Stop it.


Her team just throws her on anything these days. 

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17 minutes ago, arceus said:

So Katy is not the only musical guest I guess? 

We don’t care,  she is the most important for Pokémon and Nintendo company that’s why they announced her first :giraffe::heart2:  an iconic legend 

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