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Azealia Banks undigs dead cat and cooks it


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whoever keeps enabling this behaviour in her life should be ashamed of themselves, she clearly needs HELP and isn’t getting any. it’s depressing watching someone ive loved since i was 11 go on such a downward spiral into insanity. 

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18 minutes ago, everything I wanted said:





Not one of the comments asking her to put a spell on doja cat





isnt that why she did it? she is doing some voodoo on megan and doja



anyway... 3 months isn't that long for it to have been dead before cooking it. chill guys. 

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24 minutes ago, RideOrDie said:

I didn't care about this woman until now cause she wasn't publicly causing violence except the whole chicken thing.

I don't stan her and I don't listen to her music?

Oh sorry thought you were one of those dumb stans who pretend she’s never done or said anything and just go like oh I thought she was changing after 9 damn years 

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