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RS: Female artists with most 100M+ (50M+) stream weeks

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1 hour ago, Feanor said:

Monthly update, and in the past 4 weeks, Taylor Swift was the only female artist who got 100M+ US streams in a week.


These were her US streams in these past few weeks...



108.4M – Jan. 15, 2021

106.9M – Jan. 22, 2021

101.4M – Jan. 29, 2021

100.9M – Feb. 05, 2021


.... bringing her total to 17 weeks so far.


Omgggg she made it to another week I thought she was gonna miss it by a hair but I guess the 16 hour announcement on thursday pushed it over 100m :WAP:


Btw this thread deserve more recognition :chick3: 

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