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Dua Lipa - 'Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition'


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Kinda hoping for a 'Total Moon Eclipse' version to come down the line featuring even more new tracks a Studio 2054 DVD/Blue Ray  and a boxset with a Vinyl set featuring everything


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Ahh legend yes increase those strihms :WAP:


This also kinda confirms that they will push Prisoner harder starting after XMas :WAP:



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Lol 3 comments sorry y’all this got me hyped. But yeah I doubt she’d include all the side A tracks on side B. This seems more like a label cash grab 

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2 minutes ago, Ampersand13 said:

Can we get confirmation about If It Ain't Me though :gaycat6:

I would like this :gaycat6:


OT: Mess if this is side B :rip:

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4 minutes ago, SpaceOddity said:

I have a feeling this isn't actually side b though. 

I kind of feel the same way, hopefully is just a deluxe version to end 2020 and to celebrate Levitating's world domination after the Christmas bomb, I really wanted a B-Side :monkey:

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1 minute ago, NotAvaMax said:

She really said idk Fever, lemme use a song that's on someone else's album :gaycat1:

Fever is on this probably.

11 original + Fever + Levitating Remix + these 6 just announced = 19

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8 minutes ago, mystery said:

Why are Prisoner and Un Dia there instead of unreleased tracks that we know are far better? She will get deservedly dragged for this.

My favorite part is the gays were fed so well this year and it still is never enough - how gays respond to this will show exactly how whiney entitled and annoying you all are

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10 minutes ago, Augmented said:

Prisoner and Un Dia already taking up 2 spots for actual new tracks. A mess.

Right omg:rip:

where's the new new tracks


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