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World Eater's Best of 2020: Dump Edition

World Eater

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y'all really thought there would be a best of without me huh? this year I'm keeping it extra short – no music videos, no album covers, no eps, just album and song lists. one thing I've learned from my last two best ofs is that I have no mental energy to keep this thread going for more than a week so I have decided to dump everything at once. don't expect anything too elaborate from me tho, I figured it would be more fun to me to write some loose thoughts (if I had any) rather than try to come up with a complex analysis of each song and album, like who has the time for that. anyway, both lists below and in the meantime I'll try to finally catch up on y'all's best ofs in the upcoming few days

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Caroline singing in a different language count: 4 5 (correct me if I'm wrong tho)




Believer 2021, save the date




I only listened to this album because someone on reddit said that the guitars remind them of Beach House's Bloom and 1) they lied 2) the very first and last lines of this song made me cackle 3) Bill is a fantastic storyteller and for something so simple at face value this grabbed my attention almost immediately




maybe too repetitive but I don't mind that at all




their best song in like...8 years?




something about this weirdly reminds me of Bowie even though it doesn't sound like him at all and I LIVE for that random ass chorus




he may be a talentless hack but he's really onto something with this new material... and he's sitting on better stuff too




last minute addition, but man, that LOOP




it's all about 2:12




her vocals at times remind me of this polish classic




this has been really doing it for me lately




a party staple this could have been...




I loved the idea behind DP's eps from this year and compiling them in a big album and the very first offering basically shows why it worked




I was unsure about this at first but it really grew on me over time




the most unexpected bop of the year




Essentials was one of my fav albums from last year so I'm def ready for her 4AD debut, also Erika was my very last concert before the pandemic hit




I love you Claw




never knew I wanted to suck Charizard off




I thought they were lying about the you don't underSTAAAAAAND me part being too catchy when they first introduced this song but now I feel like it's been engraved in my mind forever




it was between this and I'm Waitin (Just 4 U), but I feel like this has a better payoff, also as I said no ep list this year but if there was one For You would be my #1




Adrianne is still peaking




the instrumental is so restless; side note: I live for the rough transition from the first track to Sweet on the album




the story behind this feels gimmicky but it also goes off so I don't really care




I love the the contrast between the uplifting music and the powerful lyrics




probably my favorite post-Queen Nicki appearance




this is some shoegaze-britpop-dream pop hybrid which proves yet again that The 1975 are great at appropriating different genres and they can get away with it




before XS there was this




his vocal harmonies are mesmerizing




dream pop tingz




that bridge!!!




I love the song structure and I'm absolutely here for the drum and bass revival in pop music




everybody say thank you Shameika




this lands somewhere between Brittany Howard and Michael Bublé and I'm okay with it




the world would be at peace if this was as big as Blinding Lights... OPN's mind








I think I knew the lyrics by heart even before this came out, def one of my favorite sing-along songs of the past few months




okay, these two are somewhat inseparable even though they are completely different, no? anyway, the improvisation is making me INSANE every time I hear it and "fat baby in the back of my car" is my favorite line of the year




she just gets it




this feels like cheating but guess what, I don't care




this was my introduction to her and I think I would be such a stan if she had more lounge-like songs like this




first acid ambient cloud pop rap song since Nicki's Your Love




.gmagik'd reggaeton




it's Bey's okay that does it for me




this is so intense it sort of pushes the edges of radio pop




thank you Brandon Stosuy




this feels as bombastic as the early live version unlike one of the other songs that could have been my soty otherwise




the way this BLOOMS, it really feels bigger than life




someone calling this city pop made me cackle a bit but then again did they lie?




okay I'm a sucker for self-references and the fact that this isn't just a big pile of nothing but a beautiful semi-autobiographical story about something I wanted to learn more... there are no words, take it away Johnny




yup, I'm already sweating and precumming, also this is the closest thing to I Feel Love we'll ever get


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I sure will! this is a long shot but I keep wanting to come back to it despite its length which really says something. oh and I just love the fact that they gave Karen O a chance to record another song over the phone




this is too interlude heavy but man, the songs really do slap




I think I called this a mix of Cass McCombs, Elliott Smith and Helado Negro which for better or worse can be somewhat true since Cass is actually on this record? anyway, this is stupid but one of my pet peeves is mentioning coffee in lyrics (thank you Tumblr poetry) and yet I don't mind him doing that on Never Forever since the song feels honest and doesn't try too hard with being both prosaic and poetic




this got a second wind after I saw her live at a socially distant, seated, open air concert, which was an interesting experience itself, but I definitely started appreciating Lyra's techniques and vocal layerings the more I listened to the album




sometimes it be like that and some other times you make gorjiss ambient with birds




maybe it's just me but this is really moody and feels like somewhat of the opposite of last year's ep, either way a satisfying debut from her




criminally overlooked, the melodies really stand out and his songwriting is pr3tty




I'm yet to hear Act II but this one has a classic quality to it idk and I really love Jay on this




here's a short story: right before the pandemic I went to pick up some records and on my way to the store a heavy rain started pouring the exact moment Lilac reaches its climax. chilling experience




I feel like I still haven't connected with this record but it's only a matter of time. also i finally understand sounds like a stripped down version of Party at a Rich Dude's House lol




okay this is VERY uneven, the spoken interludes are borderline unbearable and I don't care for a few album cuts but the rest is basically all career highlights and I gotta give IOU a special shoutout




still no Dear Tommy on the horizon so we had to settle on this (jk). I dig the unexpected direction she went in with this album




it sort of flames out towards the end but that was his artistic vision I suppose? if so, I like how this album equally focuses on carrying a certain aesthetic through sounds as on the actual songs




he's a straggot* but I'm an enabler, so who's really worse huh

straggot* noun Slang. straight person who does all of the typical clownery we associate with f*ggotry, but without the attraction to the same sex (credits: Sbbmsve, Prince Tommy)




at this point I'm convinced that them, Ariel, Rostam, VW, Tommy, Buddy and probably a few other people too are the (well, for the most part) white Soulquarians




hmm I feel like his songwriting got a little sharper but funnily enough the songs feel more blurred and shapeless than ever which is quite ironic since his last album was called No Shape. and I LOVE Jason




yeah, Boys Will Be Boys may be embarrassing and Good in Bed serves bonus track material but everything else is fantastic. Don't Start Now and the title track would have made my soty list if I wasn't a dumb bitch but I panicked and deleted all late-2019 entries




quite random but this is my most played album of the year thanks to my distorted listening patterns caused by me catching up on Survivor (I should add that at some point my only year-end list was a season ranking). but anyway, what stands out the most about this is the eccentric and often hilarious lyrics and if you're looking for an engaging, eyebrow raising, easy listening album, this is the one




this is EXACTLY what I wanted from her and the fact that we have an album's worth of extended mixes pushes it over the edge




the biggest surprise of the year for me, I was already an occasional Savage fan, but this is just on another level and the replay value is insane. p*ssy




this just hits the spot. also Corner of My Sky is still too ahead of the times, one day we'll be able to have that conversation




isn't it crazy how this is basically a pop album but on her terms? I know right




look, he's getting self-aware now




this really felt like an event and even though it may not be even her best record it already feels like a classic




moms like to have a good time too x


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  • ATRL Moderator
10 minutes ago, World Eater said:

still no Dear Tommy

thank god. 


you served tho but you don't need me to tell you that :clap3:

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25 minutes ago, theblackestday said:



39 minutes ago, Tsareena said:



40 minutes ago, Eeveelution said:

You snapped. Perfect soty and aoty kropka. 


51 minutes ago, Navyofbadgals said:

Yes Physical and FN yes talent :clap3: cute picks overall


55 minutes ago, Unoriginal said:

thank god. 


you served tho but you don't need me to tell you that :clap3:


55 minutes ago, Darkseid said:

bitch its the serve



never too late to replace gae with ichiko


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#1 album, gorgeous, deserved, future classic

#2, ""

dont listen to microphones but i now love arca so #4 is good


roisin machine too low!


#1 song, perfect jessie choice, the correct one.   great top 10, thank u for including ela minus shes very underrated.  wrong dua choice.

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1 minute ago, Madame X said:







Because Dula both saved and ruined my 2020 because I barely have anything to make a list of besides FN


and I’m lazy



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1 minute ago, Navyofbadgals said:

Because Dula both saved and ruined my 2020 because I barely have anything to make a list of besides FN


and I’m lazy



ill mail you a list to post so my fave underrated songs and albums get more publicity.




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Just now, Madame X said:

ill mail you a list to post so my fave underrated songs and albums get more publicity.




Which ones do I need to try out then



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  • ATRL Moderator
3 minutes ago, Madame X said:


xx and xx add me too xoxo


sorry for promoting in your thread WE xx

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1 minute ago, Navyofbadgals said:

Which ones do I need to try out then



ela minus


i break horses

too free




1 minute ago, Unoriginal said:

xx and xx add me too xoxo


sorry for promoting in your thread WE xx

ok, the lists are good, wow both of you have #1 and #7 being the same.  luv ur position for positions

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  • #FreeBritney Activist

Well! Fine, recycled graphics too, but they are great so werk x

SO happy to se La vita nuova instead of PIBS, both are amazing, but LVN has Caroline :fan: 

Swap After Hours / Scared to Live placements and its perf

Swap KLK / Mequetrefe placements and its perf

Swap Spotlight / What's Your Pleasure and its perf (however both deserve the win yup!)

Very happy to see Dua so high on both, same with Roisin (and Muprhy's Law perfect pick from the album)

Jessie sweep deserved

Inner Song great however I'd appreciate it more if she did more vocal songs, but On absolutely the best yup

Also no shade and no invalidating, but Moses straight my ass...

Bless Me good but I'd pick Virile unless it was on your list last year and I don't remember :mandown:

I feel like I should get into Annie, I'd probably like her


SO yes great list honestly :keir:




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Sunderland 4ever

The Avalanches, Ela Minus, Westerman, Kelly Lee Owens, Dua Lipa and Jessie Ware, so happy to see them here. :clap3:

Edited by Sunderland 4ever
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We love a list :clap3:


Lots of great stuff and new stuff for me to check out


Special mentions: After Hours :clap3: Worth It, I Know Alone, Claws, Physical :clap3: Kerosene!

Let me peruse the rest/albums list for ideas

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5 hours ago, Unoriginal said:

xx and xx add me too xoxo


sorry for promoting in your thread WE xx

Adding you xo


Also girl slow THE **** DOWN I need like a full day to digest all of this brb


World Eater

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see, I know a bestie when I see Annie 

:WAP: :WAP: - us when they're dropping the bomb


Roisin, Annie, Jessie, Fiona, Ela, Arca, KLO, US Girls, Yves, Ana, and more snaps bops slays yes



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