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Charli XCX - 24 hour album leaks


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14 minutes ago, SpaceOddity said:

Jesus, how many versions of Party Party are there? :skull:

Just 2? Maybe you’re thinking of her other similar titles like Party 4 U or Come To My Party?

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11 hours ago, artangel said:

the way she has now like 4 studio albums, 4 mixtapes, 2 unreleased leaked albums, 1 self-released album and 1 EP eye-

Plus the unreleased catalogue which is double the amount of what you listed. My Charli folder is MASSIVE  

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the way everything is really good but the worst quality:noparty:


in my arms > everything > i don't wanna know > 20 steps > happy now > dreams >  party party > i got it > 7 days (HA HA HA HA.. .chill)

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12 minutes ago, Music Xclusive said:

Hope the 2017/18 songs leak next :

1000 Times

Next Life

Mona Lisa

Don't Call Me

My Heart

Someone New


The Party's Never Over

Only Selena is rare :cm:

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13 hours ago, likefoxesdo said:

I love this cover! Could you share please?

1 hour ago, dangerousalex said:

link this cover art pls :duca: 

it's kinda badly edited but yeah


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6 hours ago, DevinWylde said:

God, sometimes I forget how good I Don't Wanna Know is. When she uses the autotune to hit the high note in the chorus 🥺

Her BEST song :weeps:

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Yo how did I miss this *_* This is legit amazing for an album made in 24 hours , she can legit do no wrong! The past few years she has just killed it in the studio <3 


I need Everything in better quality asap, and party party demo is cute af! 20 steps is fire too, damn she did this in a day...nuts

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